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Fucking Money
© 2001 by Mike Kimera

I've always been an ugly man but I haven't always been rich one.  Wanna know the difference? Pussy.  Lot's of pussy.  Pretty pussy.  Like yours.

I'm sorry, that was crude and offensive wasn't it.  I could tell from the way you had to concentrate not to curl your lip in disgust.

I'd hate you to think me ignorant as well as ugly and rich.

Let me re-express myself.  It is a fact universally acknowledged that an ugly man in possession of a fortune must be in search of some pussy.

Is that better? I think Jane Austen would have agreed with that - in private of course - in those arse scratching, nose picking, moments of honest humanity.  I think she still liked men when she wrote "Pride and Prejudice." She'd turned bitter by the time she got to "Mansfield Park".  What do you suppose happened to her to make her into such a dried up bitch? Maybe some man disappointed her.  Has a man disappointed you? Is that why you're here?

Very good.  You remembered our deal.  You'd be amazed how many women can't shut up even when it costs them £500 a word.

Now open your legs wider.  Show me some pink.  And smile.  Good.  Very good.

What do you think your class would think if they could see you now? They're favourite butter-wouldn't-melt-my-mouth English teacher getting ready to fuck the money?

Except of course we're not going to fuck are we.  Not quite.

I used to have a pretty little English teacher.  Not as pretty as you and of course I never really had her.  Not Like I'm going to have you.

Ugly poor men have a lot of time for reading.  A lot of time for watching pretty girls go by.  A lot of time to wonder what it would be like, just once, to screw one.

When I won the lottery I was 36 years old and I'd only been with a woman twice.  Well, look at me, it's not surprising is it? I SAID LOOK AT ME.  Do you like what you see? The rounded shoulders.  The pot belly.  The small head with the long nose and the slightly bulging eyes.  Oh and the small cock that bends slightly to the left when its up.  As you can see.

You really are very pretty.  Now show me how wet you can get.  Work one finger on that prominent clit of yours.  I want to see your slit glisten.

The first girl did it for a bet.  A little hell raiser who would even fuck the freak.  I was 22 and a virgin.  She tried hard.  But she lost it when I finally got it up.  She broke up laughing.  Did I mention her friends were holding me in place? I still remember their faces.  Everyone one of them.  She said "a bet's a bet" and she fucked me anyway.  Me on my back, her on top.  She got off early, just before I came.  It was still dribbling onto my belly when they ran away giggling.

What do you think she'd make of our deal? Do you think she could even count £500,000?

The second woman was older than me and very drunk.  Her thighs were like tree trunks but she spread them for me, bless her.  When she woke up in the morning the first thing she saw was me bringing her a pot of tea.  She said, "Bloody hell, I've fucked Quasimodo".  But she let me do her one more time before she threw me out.

I told you I wanted to see your cunt wet, not your eyes.  Don't you dare cry for me.  I'm not the one earning half a million on my back.

Now look.  My erections gone.

Better try harder my pretty little miss, if you want all that money.  You know the deal.


I'm sorry.  That was tiresome of me.

Please stand Miss Prendegast and show me how you walk in those heels.  You used to do ballet didn't you? How often did you primp and preen in front of a mirror and bar like this one? Go ahead.  Show me how you can stretch you legs on that bar.

Why is it that all you ballerina types have no tits? Not that I mind.  I like small tits and hard nipples.  The big ones look fine when they're still but they look ridiculous once they start to bounce.

You're still very supple aren't you Miss Prendegast, though the heels bother you don't they? Well never mind, they make your arse much more fuckable.

The doctor said that there are no signs that you've ever had anal sex.  You did read that part of the contract didn't you? But you signed anyway.  You really want this money don't you?

I know what that feels like.  I wanted it.  Then I won £30 million.  Do you know how many whores that will buy? Do you know how many women are suddenly willing to kneel and suck just on the chance of being my mistress? And I loved fucking them.  I had two or three a day for the first month.  I'd make them do each other while I watched.  For a few hundred dollars an hour you get some women to do almost anything.

Mmmm you look good covered in sweat like that.  You can stop now.  It's time for the toys.  Please come this way Miss Prendegast.  Come this way.  Don't you think that's witty? No.  Neither do I.  But whores would laugh at that.

I'd been fucking whores for almost a year before I realised that they were the ones fucking with me.  Milking me like a cow.

Climb up on the bench please Miss Prendegast.  You understand how the equipment works? Check it out while I set up the video camera.

I stopped fucking whores then.  But I needed an outlet.  Something I could control.  It was the begging letters that gave me the idea.  All those losers out there who thought I should help them pay for their kids operation or get involved in charities to help save the planet.  I was reading them one day and I got hard.  They were so desperate.  More than hungry.  I could smell their need in their words.

The first one was such a proper little thing.  Churchlady let down by her God and her husband.  Of course I hadn't got it worked out then.  I actually fucked her.  Made her bark like a dog while I fucked her from behind.  She was still crying when she left.  But it wasn't enough.  I realised that what I wanted was to watch.  To watch closely.

Smile for the camera, Miss Prendegast.  My but you've put a lot of lube on that dildo.  Just as well with a tight arse like yours.

But you and your little lipstick fem lover must get lots of practice with these toys.  Or did that stop once she became ill? You know that, when you spend this money, some other poor wretches will be selling a kidney each to keep your little darling alive.  Morally repugnant don't you think?

OK, you know the drill, squat over the dildo so that your arse hole is just touching it.  Rest there and tell the camera your name and age.  Explain that you are here of your own free will.  Tell the nice people what you are being paid and what you will use it for.

Excellent.  Excellent.  Such a clear well modulated voice.  And such a touching tremor in the voice as you got to the end.

Now fuck the dildo Miss Prendegast.  Fuck it slowly.  Lift up your face.  I want my cum to catch the light when it hits your face.  It will make a great tape.  Maybe I should mail an mpeg to some of your friends?

That looks painful.  I like that.  See how my cock swings to the left?

Oh yeah.  Oh definitely yes.

Head back and keep your damned mouth open

Here it comes...

Thank you Miss Prendegast.  You look so endearing with your face streaked with tears to match my cum.  You can get dressed now.  The check will be waiting with your clothes.

You know, just once, I'd like one of you to spit in my face and tell me to fuck my money.  But you never do. You never do.

Now get out.

I have a video to watch.

© 2001 by Mike Kimera

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