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Bug Hunt
© 2000 by Sidney Durham

I pulled my chair up close behind hers and reached under her arm to cup her breast.

"Tony, stop!" she said.

"Why, baby? We're a team.  We're the Y2K team.  How about a little Y2K bonding?"

"Tony, this team will get fired if we don't find that bug tonight.  Get your hand off me.  We don't need any bonding."

I squeezed her breast a little. "It's been too long, baby.  You know how a guy gets."

"I'm not here to solve your problems, Tony.  I'm supposed to find the bug in this program.  This program that you wrote, Tony.  I'm here to clean up your mistakes."

"Well, make no mistake about this, baby," I said, tracing a finger around her protruding nipple, "I'm feeling very object-oriented and these are pretty nice little objects.  Inheritance is a great thing, isn't it?"

She twisted away. "Quit, Tony.  I mean it!" She pointed at the screen. "Where did you initialize this pointer?" she asked.

I grabbed her breast again. "They've got persistence, too," I said. "Stand right up by themselves, these babies."

"You're the one who's persistent, Tony.  Where did you initialize this pointer?"

"I've got a pointer for you, baby.  It's always initialized."


"Okay, okay! Which one? What pointer?" I asked, leaning forward, hooking my chin over her shoulder. "Your hair smells great," I added.

"Forget my hair.  This pointer you dereference right here.  Where do you assign a value to it?"

"In the initialization function," I said.  I slipped my hand under the bottom of her sweater. "You're not wearing a bra, are you?" I asked, finding a bare breast.

"Tony, stop! Where do you initialize this pointer?"

I stopped squeezing and stroking her breast but didn't move my hand. "Look at the file named `initial.c,'" I said.

She pulled up the file.  I reached around her other shoulder and pointed at the screen. "Right there," I said.

She studied the screen while I slipped my other hand under her sweater.  She clamped her arms down on mine. "Quit, Tony!" she said. "I can't concentrate!"

"You just need a little pre-processing," I said, ringing my fingers around her nipples. "That's the secret."

"I wish you wouldn't do that, Tony.  We've gotta find the bug by morning, or we'll both get fired."

"I can help you concentrate," I said, nuzzling and kissing her neck.  I felt her nipples contract as I did this.

"Tony, this code never gets executed," she said, pointing at the screen again. "You've branched around it with this `if' statement here."

"I'd like to get between your branches, baby."

"Tony, be serious! It's right there.  There's your mistake."

"No way," I said, freeing one of my hands and slipping it under the edge of her skirt.

She trapped my fingers between her knees. "Get out of there, Tony.  Look.  This expression always evaluates to false.  The code gets skipped."

I looked at the screen for a moment. "Damn," I said, "you're right." I reached around her to type, correcting the expression. "Try that," I said, sliding my left hand under her sweater again.

She leaned forward to click on the "Build All" button with the mouse, and as her knees parted a little I slipped my hand up between her thighs. "Quit," she said, clamping her legs together again.

"It'll take ten minutes to recompile all the modules," I said. "What do you say we do a little compiling of our own?" I pressed my hand up, reaching her warm crotch.

"Tony," she said as I started moving my fingers against her panties, "we could get fired for...  Oh." She scooted her bottom forward in the chair a little bit and opened her legs another fraction.

"It's four AM," I said. "Nobody's here." I got a finger inside the elastic of her panties swirled it around in her soft hair, finding her tiny love button.

"Shit, Tony," she whispered.

"Here, stand up a sec," I said. "That's it.  I'll just get these things out of the way.  Oh, baby, I just love your little dialog box! Here, I'll just get my pants..."

"Wow, Tony! I see what you meant about your pointer! Just look at it! I've never seen it so initialized!"

"Yeah, it needs to be dereferenced real bad, baby.  Why don't you turn around? I think you can sit back in my lap and we can put my pointer in your little dialog box with that cute button...  Yeah, that's it.  Jeez, baby, you're wet!"

"Ogod.  Well, I like my work, Tony.  Ooh, do you have any idea how far you're in there? I love debugging code.  It's a real turn-on for me.  Oh shit -- don't forget my breasts," she panted, bouncing in my lap.

"Don't go too fast," I pleaded. "I'm about to execute." I kneaded her breasts as she fell back against my chest and rocked her hips on me.

"Not yet, Tony.  Please? I'm still compiling...  Ogod."

"Well I'm about to have a fatal error, I think.  I don't know if I can hold it back.  Jeez your breasts are soft!"

"Tony, please? Ooh..."

I slipped a hand down under her skirt and found her clitoris and began stroking it. "I'll just click on this button here, baby..."

"Ogod, Tony.  Click it again! Compile me hard! Oh, Tony!"

"I'm about to dereference, baby! Ofuck..."

"Oh, Tony, I don't think I've ever been compiled better.  You certainly have a way with that pointer of yours."

"And you keep it initialized all the time, baby."

"Bug Hunt," copyright 1999 by Sidney Durham.  All rights reserved.

Sidney Durham is the author of two fine collection of stories, Loveseat Stories and Butterflies on a Mirror. Both available at Renaissance E Books.

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