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His Secrets
by Valarie Prince © 2004

Joshua's palms were sweating profusely by the time he'd reached the underground-parking garage to the county court house.  Dear God, what was he to do.  He was at the end of his rope.

He needed help.  He needed someone to tell him that he was normal.  That being a thirty-two year old successful corporate attorney and a virgin was normal.

He needed someone to tell him that his thoughts of kissing another man wouldn't land him on a one way train straight to hell when he died.  He needed someone who wouldn't tell his secrets.  His secrets ...

Joshua dug his hand frantically into the left pocket of his tailor made suit and pulled out the number.  Maybe, just maybe she could help him.

Natasha could hardly focus on the giant dick in her mouth.  Dimly she heard her phone ringing in the background and made a mental note to unplug the sonabitch the next time she had guests.  Nothing's worse than having one's concentration broken when one's in the middle of good dick suckin'

"God, are you gonna get that?" Asked the caramel brown skinned man who was fuckin' the shit out of her mouth. "I don't like to be disturbed while I'm being entertained." he groaned deep in his throat.

Natasha sucked harder desperately trying to please him.  She didn't want to make him unhappy.  Her hands tickled his balls and her tongue lapped his head hungrily.  She could feel his huge body shake with pleasure so she increased her efforts and his hands viced around her head as his hips pumped wildly against her face.  Then she tasted it.  That first drop of salty cum shoot its way up his cock and down her throat.  And as she had been trained to do, Natasha pulled back and dropped to all fours and arched her back and waited.

*               *               *

"Please, Mr.  Kennedy.  Call me, Natasha."

"If you're call me, Joshua."

Natasha smiled. "Of course.  Joshua, please have a seat.  I'm sorry I didn't return your call the other night but I was with another client.  Which reminds me let me unplug the phone now so that we are not disturbed." Scant moments later she returned with two glasses of iced tea and a note pad. "I very rarely take on new clients.  But your voice intrigued me and I wanted a face to go with it."

Joshua drank the tea in manly gulps. "I'm extremely nervous.  As you already know the person who referred you to me stated that you are the epitome of discretion."

"Yes, I am."

He finished off his tea and plunged in. "I've been having these fantasies, these very sexually explicit fantasies.  I can barely get my work done."

"Joshua, are your sexually active?"

He blushed. "No."

"Do you want to be?"


"Did your friend explain what it is I do and how it may be able to help you?"

"Yes, and I want to get started right away."

"I'm encouraged by your decisiveness but I want to make one thing clear.  Once we begin you will never be the same and you can never go back." Natasha's honey brown eyes pierced his deep gray ones dangerously. "Do you understand?"

Joshua cracked his knuckles and swallowed hard and answered, "Yes."

Natasha set down her note pad and stood up. "Good.  If you are ready, remove your clothes.  I need to see your body in order to know where to begin."

Five minutes later Joshua was completely naked and Natasha was circling him slowly. "Mmm, good muscle tone.  You work out I see.  Good.  Nice ass, strong calves, broad hairy chest and shoulders.  Your dick has much promise.  Walk over to that wall then turn around and walk back.  Excellent, excellent."

Natasha ran her hand over his cock and squeezed.  She tested its texture and responsiveness and sensitivity.  She prided herself on knowing every weakness of her client's body.  His cock was not accustomed to being handled by a woman.  It was nervous.  Natasha learned early in her career, that cocks had minds of their own. "I see it doesn't like me.  Well, we will see if we can change its mind."

Slowly her tongue slipped passed her lips and circled the head of his cock.  It didn't respond right away but after about five minutes it swelled and grew to a delicious size. "Good," she sighed. "Now we can get down to business."

*               *               *

"This new client of mine has great potential." Natasha explained to the dark, quiet gentlemen sitting across the table from her.  Her eyes lowered as she continued. "If it pleases you, I will make him my gift to you." The quiet man with haunting dead double black eyes continued to stare at her as if waiting for her to say something interesting. "At the rate he's going he will be ready in time for the Lunar ceremony."

Slowly the gentleman smiled. "The ceremony is very important to me, Natasha." His voice was rippling deep and always caused Natasha to fight back her reflex to shudder. "I take great pride in the gathering.  It's a time honored tradition of pleasure through pain." Suddenly his hand shot across the table and twisted into her hair forcing her bodily out of her chair and across the table.

Instantly she went limp in the presence of his power.  His tongue darted out to savor her strained fear.  As he turned her and bent her over the table, he continued, "Can you guarantee that this client . . .  this Joshua will be perfect for the ceremony?" He stretched her arms parallel across on the table and untied the knot in his robe and let it drop to the carpeted floor.

"I swear he will please you."

His fingers were teasing her asshole.  Natasha shuddered and was quickly reprimanded.  Viciously his open hand slapped against her right ass cheek.  Natasha groaned from the shocking stimulation but did not cry out.  She would never cry out.  It was forbidden.

She felt his lubricated hard long fingers return to the pleasuring of her now puckering ass hole. "How can you be sure he will please me?" He slipped three fingers into her ass and started a steady rhythm.

"He's very special and extremely rare." Natasha groaned and felt her small hands form into fists as the rest of his fingers pushed into her ass and slowly closed into a fist.

"Rare how?" His fist thrust forward slowly as his other hand started to pinch her clit.

Oh God, she was gonna cum.  He'd punish her bad if she came too soon.  She focused on the client and not the overwhelming pleasure streaking through her body. "He's a virgin." The hard pistoning fist stopped abruptly.

"Are you sure?" He pulled her clit hard.  The sensation had her nodding her head frantically. "Yes, well, that is rare but not something that will please me.  I don't fuck virgins." He started driving his fist into her quivering asshole again. "As you well know, Natasha."

"Yes, I know.  But there's more," strained her scratchy voice.  Natasha wanted to move so badly.  But it was forbidden and she knew it.

"Really? What else is so special about this Joshua Kennedy?" He twisted his fist from side to side and slid it up higher into her tight ass.  Natasha whimpered from the prelude.  Her reward was coming soon.

"He's hairy." She gasped as her anal muscles started contracting around his fist. "On his arms, legs, chest, back . . .  everywhere," she began to pant and tremble as he unclenched his fist and began to spread his fingers wide inside her ass. "Just the way you like." She was whimpering as he flexed his open hand inside her. "I want to make you happy.  He will please you."

Suddenly the gentleman trembled with raw hunger.  Rapid, savage images flickered across his mind's eye and he looked down and observed that his dick was racing to a full-blown erection.  He noticed the exposed ass stuffed full with his hand and smiled. "Natasha, I know I will be pleased.  And for giving me such delicious news tonight, I will reward you now."

He slipped his hand from the tight depths of her ass and quickly replaced it with his fat, long, stiff cock.  Natasha's knees buckled but she was not punished.  Instead her hips were grasped by huge hands that steadied her as he drove into her with all the power of his lower body.  He leaned over her and twisted his hand once again into her hair as his dark words fucked her ears.

"You want to cum don't you.  You want to feel your sticky, thick juice ooze down your thighs as I fuck this pretty tight ass of yours." He yanked her back hard as he thrust.  She panted frantically. "Good girl." As his own nut was readying to crack in his balls, he finished, "And Natasha, I've decided that at the Lunar ceremony you will be gifted to me as well."

She turned her head and her mouth came directly in front of his and her eyes flooded with tears.  Natasha whimpered as she began to cum harder than she ever had in her life.  Then his mouth savaged hers . . .  he was very pleased.

*               *               *

Joshua was more relaxed than he'd been in years.  It was as if all he'd subjected himself to for the past six months (the cock rings, the dog collars, the ice baths followed immediately by paddle spankings, the deprivation of his five senses, the hot wax, the nipple clips, the spiked handcuffs, the dehydration, the constant practice with the heads of celery and sleep deprivation) was finally paying off.  It was the night of the Lunar Ceremony.  The night Natasha had been preparing him for.  The night he'd lose his virginity and find his purpose.  He could only hope that the master would be pleased.

Natasha was waiting patiently in the limousine.  Her mind churning with anticipation and excitement.  For ten years she'd served the master and in all those years he had never allowed her to be gifted to him.  Her heart was racing with trepidation.  This night would change her life forever.  After tonight she would be the highest ranked slave in his kingdom.  Her entire future rested on Joshua Kennedy.  As her mind thought of him the limousine door opened wide.

"Joshua," she crooned. "Get in.  We must be on our way."

Joshua quickly glanced the gorgeous naked woman with skin the color of boston coffee then dropped his eyes and entered the car. "I needed to wear the robe on the elevator," he said cautiously.

"Remove it.  Clothes of any kind are strictly forbidden during the Lunar." Joshua quickly obeyed and in seconds was completely naked. "Good." Natasha called to the driver to leave. "Joshua this is your first celebration and I want to go over once again a few of the subtleties that are very important and will weigh heavily against you if you miss them.  First, upon entering you must pay respect to all that make eye contact with you.  Second, you can not touch anyone unless they touch you.  And third and this one's a biggie.  No one is allowed to kiss you but the master.  He rarely kisses his gifts but on occasion he will make an allowance.  So be ready."

"Do you think I'm worthy of such an honor?"

"The master will decide and then you will know," was her stern reply.

The limousine stopped at a dirt road.  The driver flashed the lights of the car and in the far distance lights flickered back then stopped then flickered again.  Slowly the car rolled forward.  A few moments later bright lights were noticeable just over a small bridge. "This is where we get out.  All celebrants of the Lunar must cross the bridge on foot." Natasha said.

Joshua quit the car and assisted Natasha.  As they headed for the bridge the limousine slowly pulled away.  As they crossed over Joshua noticed that the full moon above them was so bright that it reflected off the water below causing the bridge to glow.

"Joshua," Natasha said as she kept her eyes straight ahead. "Once we cross this bridge we are in his kingdom and at his will."

"I understand.  I've been waiting for this moment my whole life."

*               *               *

Fucking was going on everywhere Joshua looked.  He could literally smell the scent of decadence all around him.  The ceremony was in full swing.

A man was gagged and tied to a tree with a noose around his neck and below him were two women slowly dropping hot wax onto his dick as a third carelessly poked his bulging cock and balls with a sewing needle.  Whenever the man cried out one of the women pulled the noose tight around his neck.

He saw a woman staked to the ground blindfolded.  Her body trembling from the brisk night air.  Then suddenly she was screaming in pleasure as a head of celery was forced into her mouth as a man climbed on top of her and slammed his giant cock into her waiting wet pussy.  He was thrusting wildly as she pumped her hips up.  Her mouth never freed the celery as she greedily tried to fuck it as her pussy fucked his big dick.

A few feet away two men were on their knees busy finger fucking each other in the ass as a third was kneeled before them sucking wildly on their cocks as a fourth was pinching their nostrils together as they kissed each other hungrily feeding the other air with every swirl of their tongues.

Next Joshua came upon a woman dangling from a tree branch by her arms as one man rammed into her dripping cunt from behind as another sucked violently on her breast while being fucked up the ass by a third man as a fourth sucked on his glistening wet cock.

Then a man and a woman came running past him only to be tackled to the ground.  Both were immediately handcuffed (the man behind his back, the woman in front) and dragged over to a huge boulder and thrown across it.  Two men emerged from the dark trees and turned the woman onto her back.  Her arms were placed around the neck of the man who'd been captured with her.  Then her legs were placed on the shoulders of her captor and he plunged deep and hard into her tight pussy.  With each thrust into her body her arms pulled the captured man to her mouth and he kissed her deeply as their second captor positioned behind him and slid his thick long meat into his vulnerable waiting ass.

Suddenly, Joshua noticed something . . .  no hair.  As far as he could see not one person in the gathering had one speck of body hair.  Every single person was smoothed skinned.  He felt his skin tingle.  He eyed the ceremonial tent and started for it.

Once inside all verbal communication stopped.  Natasha surfaced quickly and stood beside him. "It's time, Joshua.  I will now present you to the master." Both joined in the receiving line and were greeted with lusty anticipation.

As Natasha had trained him, Joshua gave respect to all that gave him eye contact.  A blond woman with full luscious lips approached him and he immediately pulled her left breast into his mouth and sucked hungrily.  The woman purred and petted him gently on his head.  A tall very muscular man stepped behind Natasha and she instantly turned as he dropped to his knees and swiped her moist clit with his long tongue.

The receiving line moved briskly and suddenly Joshua saw him.  The master.  The king of all his wild imaginations.  Just before him sat a man of immense proportions.  His body was that of a god.  Muscular and completely hairless.  Even his head was shaved.

His skin was the color of sun-kissed copper.  His jaw was square and precise.  His lips were thick and full of erotic promise.  His thighs reminded Joshua of baby oak trees.  His chest moved harshly as he caught the master's eye.  Eyes so brutally double black and shimmering they almost appeared to be glass.

And then Joshua saw it.  The reason for everything he'd put himself through over the last several months.  He felt his stomach muscles tighten. . .  the master's cock.  Between the king's thighs rested a beast of unimaginable size.  An organ so unbelievable, Joshua eyes watered as his thoughts flew back to all the practice he'd done with the heads of celery.  He dropped to his knees before his king.

"Master," Natasha recited proudly. "I present my gift, the virgin." The whole crowd purred with envy for none of them could present their king with anything close to perfection as the slave before him now.

"Rise." Joshua did so immediately. "Come closer." He stepped forward with eyes cast down. "Natasha has gifted you to me and has assured me I will be pleased." The master gripped Joshua's chin and forced him to make eye contact. "Has she lied to me?" The master demanded.

"No.  I am for your pleasure and your pain.  Use me, master."

The master leaned his head to the side and eyed Natasha. "Gift accepted." He turned his attention to his gift. "Such promise I sense in you.  I find the color of your pale white skin arousing.  I have need to taste it." He stood from his throne and towered over Joshua.  Roughly he clasped Joshua's head in his hands and lifted his mouth to his own.  Savagely he thrust his long tongue into mouth beneath his.

Joshua responded helplessly.  Desire raging through his veins as the master twisted and tangled his tongue with his own.  The harsh, rough hands trapping his head moved over his back and forced him into the iron grip of the master's arms.  Suddenly he was released.

"Your taste pleases me," growled the king. "Now I will sample your skills." Before Joshua could react he was pushed forcibly to his knees before the king's most dangerous weapon. "Show me what you have learned slave."

Joshua stared at the granddaddy of all cocks and licked his lips greedily.  Wasting not another second he opened his mouth and spit on it and pulled the giant head inside with his tongue.  His master groaned loudly and the gathering in the tent gasped in awe.

Joshua focused all his efforts and skills into the pleasure he was inflicting.  Back and forth rolled his wet straining mouth over the wide cock before him.  His suctioning lips worked frantically down the length of his master's most valued prize.

Suddenly, Joshua felt a blistering slap across his ass and sucked harder.  He'd remembered Natasha training.  Remembered that the master's slaps signaled his sublime pleasure and Joshua doubled his efforts hoping his commitment would be rewarded with more rapids attacks to his backside.

Right on cue, he felt a series of violent stinging slaps across his ass and back.  His skin was red and heating up from his reward.  He could feel his blood rushing under the sensitive areas of his flesh.  He almost fainted from the arousing lust coursing through his body.  He'd never known such fulfillment, never felt so worthy of the pleasure and pain.

Abruptly he was snatched away from his work by the master's hand tangling in his hair. "Enough!" panted the king.  He snapped his fingers and two slaves took Joshua by the arms and pulled him back. "Prepare him for the sacrifice." He turned to Natasha. "Well done." He approached her and collected her nipples between his fingers and pinched. "Ready yourself for the sacrifice."

Natasha dropped to her knees, her heart pounding in her ears. "Thank you, master.  I will endeavor to be worthy of such an honor." She stood and followed behind Joshua.

Though only a few moments had passed it seemed like an eternity.  Joshua was being painted with hot wax dipped strips of thin cloth all over his body.  He lay unmoving, his mind racing with thrilling excitement.  Natasha had been emerged in a barrel of ice water and was looking into his eyes.  The ceremony was about to begin.

The addictive smell of fucking had permeated the tent.  Bodies were engaging in all manors of sexual acts.  They were devouring each other, gorging on excess and lust.

The master observed his people with great satisfaction.  He walked to the center of the tent where a small circle had been prepared for the ceremony. "Be still!" he cried.  On command all gathered into the outer circle. "Tonight we celebrate the Lunar.  The full moon of lust, excess and pain.  Tonight I've been gifted a rare slave and all here will take witness to his branding.  But before the branding begins he will be gifted to Natasha."

The entire crowd whispered frantically.  They knew after tonight Natasha would be second in command.  A position that no one had ever achieved because it could only be obtained one way.  To lose one's virginity to another virgin! "Silence! It is time."

Natasha was lifted out of the ice water and placed on her back at the feet of her master.  He smiled down at her and stepped to the side as Joshua was brought forth. "After experiencing the pleasure of your mouth, my cock is itching to slam into your ass.  It will accept nothing else.  But first you must be christened.  Natasha will be your first and you hers." He began to circle the two of them waiting for Joshua to begin.

If he could master the next few moments he'd be rewarded beyond his wildest dreams.  Slowly he sank to his knees and opened Natasha's thighs.  His head buried instantly into her cold pussy.

He pulled her clit into his mouth and sucked hard.  Natasha cried out as her hands disappeared into the dark strands of his hair.  He sucked her off four times, feeling her cum squirt into his waiting mouth.

His concentration was so focus on his duties he barely noticed the captivated attention of the crowd.  Natasha's thighs had viced around his head twice before he'd noticed that they had returned to their normal body temperature and had actually started to get hot.  She was almost ready for him.  Soon he'd plunge into her and they'd both explode.

His cock was readying as well.  It remembered how Natasha had played with it and made it heavy and wanting for release.  Joshua felt it grow hard.  As she spasm under his mouth again he slowly lifted his head and eased his rock hard aching cock to her puffy cunt.

Both were panting with need and the crowd seemed to catch the scent of their hunger for many began sinking to the ground around them seeking to relieve the sudden lust flowing in their veins.

Joshua slipped the head of his cock into her trembling pussy lips.  Natasha gasped as she felt him enter her with his scorching hot dick.  He shuddered as her body welcomed him and throbbed around his head.  Joshua leaned into Natasha's face. "You feel incredible.  I thank you." Next he plunged full and deep effectively breaking her hymen.

Natasha cried out as her legs clamped around his hips.  Quickly she reached for a patch of cloth on his chest and snatched it away.  Joshua hissed from the shocking sensation and slammed his dick fiercely inside her.  As he plunged wildly, the master moved closer to the fucking couple.

He leaned over Joshua's pistoning back. "When I was in my mother's womb I had a twin." Joshua thrust harder, faster. "My mother said when I came out my brother was gone." The master straddled Joshua's hips. "I know he's not gone.  He's always with me.  I absorbed him while in the womb and he became my first taste of male flesh." Joshua hissed and gasped loudly as the master ripped off the cloth covering his back taking all the hair with it.  The stinging pain was so shocking Joshua forgot Natasha was beneath him and he slammed into her and she screamed from the impact.

The master continued. "I want you so raw that I can taste your pain through your skin." He snatched another cloth from his forearm and licked the sensitive flesh.  Joshua trembled as the master moved closer to his ear and whispered, "When the last strip of cloth is snatched away and you are as hairless as a newborn baby, I will fuck you in the ass and make you scream."

Joshua was lost.  Lost to his passion, his lust, desire.  Nothing mattered but reaching the climax of his life.  With arms locked, his lower body drove viciously into Natasha clinching cunt.  He could feel her trembling beneath him on the brink of a heart stopping orgasm.  With every thrust into her body, another strip of cloth was ripped away until there were only two.

The master was coming up behind him.  Teasing his puckering, twitching ass hole with his long hard practiced fingers.  Joshua's eyes rolled up into their sockets.  Faintly he heard Natasha panting and gasping as her orgasm rolled over her and her pussy spasm around his quivering dick.

Natasha cried out and convulsed as she reached for the last strip.  The master covered her hand and together they yanked it from Joshua's chest as the master drove his cock (the width and length of a head of celery) cleanly into Joshua's palpitating tight ass.

He screamed and collapsed on top of Natasha.  As the master drove in and out grunting like a mad animal he added, "Your ass is perfect.  So deep and tight, you will bring me many moments of pleasure." He sank his teeth into Joshua's shoulder as he pounded him mercilessly.

The double weight of the men on top of her made Natasha light headed because she couldn't breathe.  But to see her dreams come true through the eyes of her master was worth the discomfort of unconsciousness.

As she stared into Joshua's pleasure and pain stricken eyes she knew he would come soon.  His dick was still buried deep inside her and although he was pinned as she, the master's thrusts were pushing his stiff cock deeper into her.  So with her last remaining strength, she gyrated her pelvis up to bring his juice down.  The master cried out wildly, followed by Joshua as both shot their rampaging loads.

The master rolled off of Joshua and onto his back.  Quickly his slaves lifted him and carried him away.  Scant moments later, Joshua was pried off of Natasha and she too was carried away.

He lay on his back panting and dizzy.  His whole body was alive.  His skin burned everywhere.  His dick and ass had been deliciously used and had never felt so sensitive.  As he gazed at the full moon through the opening in the roof of the tent, he felt himself being lifted and carried away.

*               *               *

Joshua awoke the next morning sprawled across his master and Natasha.  The ceremony had been a night that he'd never forget and the beginning of his new life.

As he watched his master open his eyes he smiled inside and before his king could blink, Joshua was taking he giant cock into his mouth to worship.  Natasha soon joined in and both greedily paid homage to their king.

The rest of the world waited for Joshua just outside their tent.  But for now he was in the one place where he felt normal, the place where his secrets were a labor of love instead of a burden of shame.  He was home.

© 2004 Valarie Prince. All rights reserved. Content may not be copied or used in whole or part without written permission from the author.

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