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Proper Etiquette
© 2001 by morgan Aine

I smiled up at him hopefully.  I didn't want him to catch on.  I was as nervous as he.  I tried to quell the butterflies in my stomach.  I could barely open my mouth for fear that one might somehow break free and launch an escape out of my throat.

It was his first social outing since his divorce six months ago.  It was our first outing together.  He seemed a bit nervous to be attending a function with a new lady when so many knew him before as a married couple but he had to do it sometime.  There was no time like the present.

I had dressed carefully for the function.  I hadn't a clue as to what his ex wife was like, nor did I care.  I truly only wanted to impress him.  I thought to myself, to hell with the others.  If they didn't like me, did it really matter? I didn't think he would leave me but there always are those little doubts.

I wore a solid black dress very simply cut.  Nothing fancy here except the curves underneath it.  A small chain collared necklace tight to my neck was the only hint of jewelry.  Sheer black stocking worked down my thighs, topped off with simple black heels.  Let them all eat me alive if they wanted to.  I ached for his mouth to be devouring me right now.  That would have to wait.

The host and hostess greeted us immediately.  I could tell her razor sharp eyes took in everything.  She stared so long I started to get a bit conscientious.  Was my lipstick smudge or did I overshadow her? Who knew? Who cared?

The conversation between them was of long-term friendship and I stood with my hands behind my back till a glass of liquor was shoved into my hand.  I sipped on it but the whiskey was a bit much for me.  I preferred port or beer but since they didn't ask, I didn't either.

John didn't seem that impressed with the conversation either but I smiled at him anyways.  I didn't want him to feel the need to include me.  This was hard enough on him.  I didn't wish to make it worse.

We made our way around the room and he introduced me to all.  I was barely aware of anyone else in the room.  All I could see was John.  It had been that way since I met him.

I was still ill at ease.  I could tell the rumors were flying.  No one in the room knew what to make of me.  Everyone assumed we had been the reason for the divorce.  I knew better but I wasn't out to make excuses to anyone.

I felt him lift my damp hair off the nape of my neck.  His lips warmed the cool air as he pressed his lips to my skin.  I wanted to sink back into him but instead I ran my hand behind me gently cupping his semi erect cock.  He inhaled quick and deep.  Um.  I couldn't wait to get out of here.

He whispered to me, "Boring bunch, eh lady?" and I giggled.  I hated to admit it but the vanilla couples that were gathered in the room were definitely not my 'cup of tea'.  I said nothing merely half turned and smiled up at him.

He abandoned me in the center of the room.  Some old friend dragged him away.  They had not seen each other in years.  I walked to the bar and leaned against it.  I was fast growing weary of this night.

Sharp words coming from the two ladies who stood with their backs to me caught my attention.  I was just within hearing range and it was obvious.  They didn't have a clue that I stood behind them.

"She is a bit showy, don't you think?"

"A bit much for him, I think.  I wonder where he found her."

"She is dressed like a slut.  Did you see the tops of her stockings show whenever she walks?"

"She is probably some whore that won't let up till she sucks him dry."

The other woman laughed, "I think his wife already did that."

I couldn't stand it one second more.  What the hell did they know about anything? I gathered my thoughts for all of two seconds before deciding.  This party needed some livening up.

I walked directly to John without stopping.  My mind was flashing almost as brightly as my eyes.  I reached inside his jacket pocket and felt around till I found it.  The leash.

I quickly gathered it up into my palm and looked him square in the eye.  His eyes lit up in amusement.  The air was thick between us but I knew the look.  He was giving me the okay on my escapade.

I made a huge production of snapping the leash onto my collar.  I figured what the hell.  At least this way, they would have something concrete to talk about.  As the hook caught to a link on my neck, I dropped to my knees beside him.  I reached up laying one end of the leash into his waiting palm.  My knees worked themselves apart.  My palm rested face up on my thighs.  His hand instinctively reached out and patted my hair.

He continued speaking to his friends as if nothing were amiss.  Truth is, nothing was amiss between us.  I cast my eyes downward and leaned closer to him.  He smiled down at me catching my chin inside his palm.

It took no effort for him to raise my face up till I was looking directly into his eyes.  I felt my knees grow weak and I was thankful I had chosen to kneel.  I probably would have dropped down there anyways as my knees turned to jelly.

"You are such a good pet, my lady," his voice was soft spoken yet proud.

The two men that John was conversing with began to bombard him with questions.

"How did you talk her into this?" and "Is she your slave?" were my two favorites.  I could hear the buzz in the room reach mammoth proportions.  If they wanted a scapegoat, I would certainly give them one.  All eyes in the room lay on us now, openly without thought of propriety.

"Gentlemen, please," John replied, "This isn't the time nor the place to discuss this.  Call me tomorrow." He smiled at their frustrations.  I almost laughed.

He tugged my chain softly till I was standing upright.  He tightened the leash gathering it into his palm till all the slack was gone.  I kept my eyes down but had anyone seen them they would have been aghast.

Just this simple scene was enough to move me.  I loved him more than ever.

"Gentleman, I am sorry to cut you short but," he laughed, "I think its time to feed the pussy at home."

It took every ounce of control I had inside me to not fall to the floor in hysterical laughter.  I was certain I would never be invited back into this home.

Once the heavy oak front door closed behind us, his voice took on a silky sweet threatening tone.

"Um, lady.  You are going to pay for this one." And with those words, he led me to the car.

© 2001 morgan Aine. All rights reserved.

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