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Lord of Edocxus
© 1999 by Jacqui Adams


Nicholas hadn't really wanted to go to office party but his curiosity got the better of him.  It was to be a Gothic costume night at the Gypsy Moon Public house, organized by Marcia, his secretary, who had kept telling him he would be very pleasantly surprised.  Eventually he gave in and allowed her to hire him a costume.

Early that evening when he had opened the box and seen the white frilled shirt, skin tight trousers and the black red lined cape he had burst out laughing.  Dracula, or what! He even looked to see if there were any fake plastic teeth and was a little disappointed when he didn't find any.  However, after getting dressed and looked in his wardrobe mirror he had to admit that he looked good.  His long black shiny hair, which at work he kept in a ponytail, flowed with the cape as he twirled.

His pager beeped and he read the message. "20 minutes to countdown." Marcia.  Nicholas groaned.  God knows what Marcia had planned.  Granted she was an excellent secretary, but dowdy and plain and Nicholas didn't fancy spending the evening talking about the computer software they had been checking out that week.  Still, maybe some of the other girls from the accounts department would be there.

Nicholas was a single man, never yet finding the ultimate woman of his dreams, what ever they were, and sex for him was very infrequent.  His life and work was his computer and his main love was the Internet at night.  Here he cyber-chatted for hours under the pseudonym of Lord of Edocxus of the Dark Lands.  But he still felt that something was missing in his life.
Another beep.  He ignored it, left the flat and walked down the high street.  Somehow, he felt alive and relaxed for a change.  The night was dreek and full of mystery, the fine drizzle floating off his cape.  He wished he was wearing some fangs as he had an overwhelming urge to grin at staring passers-by.  Reaching the Gypsy Moon he could smell the alcohol and perfume of candles interwoven and as somebody came out of the door, twirling thin tornadoes of smoke followed him.

He entered, throwing his arms out wide, his cape flashing blood red in the lights.  The music of Nosferatu playing Eye of the Watcher hit deep inside his skull. "Nicholas" A voice said. "So glad you came." He turned and gasped.  This couldn't be Marcia.  Surely not.  She held out a black lace gloved arm and he bent to kiss her hand.  She looked unbelievable.  Acknowledging others who greeted him he followed Marcia to a table where several punch bowls were.  Each one had a black rimmed label in front of it.  Bloody Brain, Barnabas Collins, St Patrick's Penance, Vampire Hunter, Forever Knight.  What the hell was this place?

He chose the Forever Knight.  Lord Edocxus would drink that sort of potion he thought.  He took a small sip and recognized the vodka and something like Ribena but his eyes were constantly drawn back to Marcia.  He barely noticed the black dripping candles and table laden with food.  She had really dressed for the part.  Her long black dress, cut very low on the bodice was skin-tight and her white breasts raised high by the black laced boned bodice at the front.  The back of the dress trailed for about three feet after her and the front was short.  Very, very short, showing legs clad in black Lycra tights and black leather ankle boots.  He felt his groin tighten and struggle in his trousers which had been too tight to wear any briefs with.

He was dreaming.  His secretary dressed like this? Marcia who was known to be boring and always in tweeds.  He realized suddenly that she was a lot younger than he had thought she was.

"Nicholas.  Is anything wrong?" "No.  You just look so different." "I never mix work and pleasure." She said taking him arm and drawing him out onto the dance floor.  The music was heady and deep.  First The Sisters Of Mercy and then suddenly Siouxie and the Banshees.  Feeling a little giddy he led Marcia off the floor and they sat down at a table.  Suddenly he realized that her eyes were bright red.  She must be wearing contact lenses he thought, instead of her thick prescription spectacles.

God she was beautiful.  She had left her black purple streaked hair loose and purple glitter lipstick accentuated her almost translucent face.  Nicholas felt drawn towards her and their lips met.  He felt an instant tingle and a taste of something warm, almost like cinnamon.  Their tongues met and merged and Nicholas was lost.  They kissed passionately until cheers from the others brought them back to reality.  He was smitten, in fact surely hypnotized by her and when Marcia left to stand out on the balcony he seemed to float along with her.

Kissing again, Nicholas had an overwhelming urge to touch her breasts but touched her pendant instead. "Jet?" He said tracing its delicate pattern with a finger. "No.  Ebonite." She said moving his hand down to her breasts.  They felt so full and lucious and Nicholas knew that before long he would not be able to control his rapidly growing erection.  He gasped out aloud as Marcia's hand slid down his trousers to his groin. "Why.  Mr Dracula you have a big problem here.  I think we should go.  Your place or mine." She said slowly drawing her long purple nails up and down his bulge." "My flat is nearest." Nicholas gasped still wondering if he was dreaming.

One minute they were at the door going out of the Gypsy Moon and then suddenly they were in his bedroom.  He had no idea how they had got there or how they had entered his flat.  As Marcia touched him again he really didn't care.

"Beautiful.  Very uncluttered and real skin floor rugs.  Not what I expected.  The computer in the bedroom yes but not the mirrors." Marcia commented.

"Spreads the light around when I am chatting on line at night."

He dimmed the lights and Marcia's dress contrasted darkly against his pure white linen bedding.  She stood by the side of it watching him and then very slowly undid the laces on her bodice.  Her breasts tumbled over the edge and Nicholas almost split his trousers.  He threw his cape dramatically onto a chair and undid his bow tie.  She came across and began unbuttoning his trousers. "These have to go back tomorrow.  We mustn't damage them." Slipping his shoes off he kicked the trousers away.  His erection sprung upright like a young sapling that had been tied down by a larger branch.  She bent down and kissed its cut head then tickled it with the tip of her tongue. "Mmm." I love to do this.  Nicholas could no longer contain himself. "Are you sure Marcia?" Oh yes Nicholas.  This was meant to be." He pushed her back on the bed gently and undid her boots quickly.  He ran his hands up her legs to the waistband of her tights and began to pull them down.  As she raised her bottom he realized that two things.  She had no panties on and was totally shaven.  He had never had sex with a woman who was totally unshaven and his penis twitched suddenly as she opened her legs slightly.  Marci squeezed his penis quickly and said. "Oh no.  Not yet Nicholas.  I want to show you what you are here for."

She turned so he could undo the hooks and eyes on the back of her dress and suddenly she was naked.  Suddenly, an overwhelming urge hit both of them and he hurriedly entered her thrusting hard and fast.  Within seconds they had both come, with Marcia howling almost in animal lust as she orgasmed.  Laying back down to catch their breath Nicholas thanked her. "I needed that.  It has been so long." "It's not over yet.  The night is young." Marcia said as she got off the bed moving like a Black Panther stalking its prey.  She took a CD out of her beaded bag and put it in the computer.  Nosferatu Requiem filled the room and the words 'Farewell my little Earth.  Hello my Biggest Dream' filled the room in quadraphonic sound.

She came back to the bed and knelt over Nicholas.  Very slowly teasing his penis and then his scrotum with one fingernail, her other hand tweaking his nipples he began to slowly respond again.  Then, she knelt over his legs and flicked his penis with the tip of her tongue.  He became instantaneously erect.  He was sure he had never been so hard as this before.  Flinging her hair back over her shoulders she took the head of his penis in her mouth.  He felt the slight burning sensation he had felt earlier on when he had first kissed her but forgot it as her lips slowly moved up and down his penis.  She ran her tongue in the most exquisite circles around it performing the butterfly kiss perfectly her tongue licking each ridge and bump.  Nicholas was powerless to move.  He just lay back gasping.  He was aware that the music had changed to 'Thrill Killer' but knew he was close to coming again.  She let his penis drop from his mouth and he saw the glistening precum on its end and moaned. "Please Marcia.  Finish me off."

She began to suck him again but this time it was not quite so gently and he murmured in disapproval.  She stopped and looked at him.  Her eyes were flashing red streaks and suddenly it was as if an invisible force pinned him down to the bed.  Marcia was sucking faster, almost swallowing his penis.  This was no longer pleasant and Nicholas was unable to move to stop her.  His gasping reached the point of no return and as he ejaculated violently he felt an excruciating biting pain in his penis and the sound of Marcia laughing.

Just managing to raise his head he saw his semen spurting high mixed with gushing blood from the tip of his severed penis and Marcia's face smeared in it.  No beauty there now.  Just pure evil.  She laughed again and he saw her teeth.  Huge fangs dripping with blood and just before he died he heard her voice say.

"Lord Edocxus.  Welcome to our underworld."

Copyright 1999 by Jacqui Adams. All rights reserved. A visit from an unearthly creature will be your punishment if you think of sealing my copyright!
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