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Kiss of Peace
by Dominic Santi © 2006

As always, I gave Carli the kiss of peace first.  We were in church.  Sunday morning's 10:00 o'clock Mass was packed. Even though we'd been married nine years and had three kids sitting in the pew between us, I leaned over and whispered "peace be with you" against her warm, soft lips. I kissed each of the kids on the top of the head. Then I turned to shake hands with the people around me.

I didn't care who knew how much I loved my family. They were the greatest gift God had ever given me. I'd cried when each of my kids was born—two sons, 8 and 6, who looked nothing like each other, despite how much they resembled various and sundry of my brothers' kids, and a 3-year-old hellion who was the mirror image of Carli's great-great-grandmother in the picture taken when the surviving members of the O'Neill clan disembarked at Ellis Island.

Sometimes, I had trouble believing how blessed I was. Just yesterday, I'd walked in the door after a 24-hour shift to find my wife and kids wrapped together in a quilt on the couch, watching Saturday morning cartoons. Meggie sucked her thumb as she rested her face against Carli's breast. She'd only been weaned a few months, so she cuddled at the times she used to nurse. I told myself it was residual smoke from that last call that had my eyes filling. We'd fought a nasty warehouse fire for hours. Veteran firefighters were too tough to cry for no reason when everybody else was laughing at the coyote chasing that stupid bird.

Firefighters weren't too tough to get an erection in church, though. Remembering Carli on the couch had my cock filling. She'd been wearing the white silk nightgown and robe I'd gotten her for our last anniversary. It was low cut enough to show off the beginning of her cleavage and complement her long black hair and bright blue eyes. With the robe's belt tightened, I couldn't see the shadows of her nipples. I couldn't rub my sooty, stubbled face against her breasts and suck her nipples to hard wet peaks through the single layer of softly abrasive silk.

That had to wait for night and privacy. This morning, as I shook hands all around me, I held my hymnal firmly over my crotch, keeping a smile planted on my face and then looking steadily up at the altar as the priest got ready for communion. No matter how much Carli said she liked seeing me in that damn gray wool suit, I should never have let her talk me into buying anything that showed off a hard-on the way those pants did. I wasn't surprised when she quietly slid her hand into mine, and squeezed. A drop of precome leaked out of my cock, wetting the cotton of my briefs.

I knew better than to look at her, though. I was afraid she'd unconsciously do something like run her tongue over the edge of her lips, the way she'd done three months after we were married. I'd come in my pants, right there in the church. Thank God it had been winter then, too. I'd been able to slip my coat back on. As soon as Mass was over and we'd raced to the car, I'd started kissing her, ignoring the laughs and throat clearings outside as we'd steamed up the windows necking while the parking lot cleared.

I'd broken every speed record posted on the way home. We'd fucked on the couch inside the front door, our coats still on and my sticky pants around my ankles. Carli hiked her skirt up to her waist and threw her panties on the coffee table. I came so hard my teeth rattled—or maybe that was the lamp shaking when the couch banged against it.

Afterwards, we figured if she was going to get pregnant that day, it was already too late. So we pulled off our clothes the rest of the way. We fucked on the couch again, then in the bed and in the shower, and after lunch, with her straddling me while I sat on her vanity chair. I hadn't thought I had another drop of come in me. But she reached between us and guided the tip of my cock to her pussy lips. She slid slowly and sensuously down onto me, rocking back and forth with her nipples brushing against me. She cried out my name, over and over, her face flushed as she shook with orgasms. I cupped her bottom, thrusting up into her while her pussy sucked me off. I came so hard the room got fuzzy and I think I forgot to breathe.

Carli wrapped her arms and legs around me and buried her face in my neck. As her tears wet my skin, I felt the warm trickle of my semen running out of her and onto my balls. I loved her so much I was terrified, but I still held on to her tight.

Micky was born nine months later, to the day, a fact which Carli's brother duly noted when I handed him a cigar, though he had the good sense to keep his mouth shut when Father Murphy asked him how he'd earned the honor of being godfather. I told Rob that since he'd been keeping track of his nephew for that long already, I figured he'd keep an eye on him for the long haul.

Our second son, Sean, had been planned. Carli and I made love almost every day for two months, trying to get her pregnant. I looked into her eyes while I climaxed and silently wondered which of the sperm exploding through my cock would eventually connect with her egg. Even now that Sean was six and learning to read, every time I thought about those days, every single time, I got hard remembering how incredible it had felt coming inside Carli while we made our second baby.

Meggie had been another surprise, though in retrospect, not that much of one. We hadn't been that concerned with consequences the week we'd left the boys with Carli's mother and slipped away for a marriage retreat. When Meggie was born, we were glad to have a daughter, and the boys were happy to have a sister to torment.

Nowadays, though, with three kids, a mortgage, and the kids' college funds having taken such a hit with the latest round of stock market upheavals, we couldn't afford to take those kinds of chances anymore. As I walked up to communion, I held my fidgeting daughter, thankful for the distraction as I offered up a prayer of thanks for my family, and for keeping my erection somewhat at bay as I dealt with my littlest squirming handful. I figured God understood about the physical reactions that made me want my wife enough to make children with her. And since He gave her to me, I hoped He didn't mind that just thinking about her caused my body to show its appreciation, even when I was in church.

Today, my body was in overdrive showing appreciation. Carli and I were committed to using natural family planning. Not that I wouldn't have broken all the rules if her life or health had been at stake. But they weren't. And though we'd love another baby if one came along, I didn't want to wear Carli out physically, the way both our mothers had been with so many pregnancies. Fortunately, Father Murphy's prenuptial classes had been embarrassingly explicit. When Micky was six months old, I'd bought our parish priest a beer down at the local pub to thank him for being so blunt.

Over the years, Carli and I had taken more classes. We'd prayed for guidance and strength. After a while I'd convinced myself I was a masochist to the core for coming to like the way we did things. Despite the blue balls and the wet dreams and occasionally succumbing to the temptation of letting Carli suck me off for the pure relief of it, I liked the desperate horniness of coming into her at the end of each month's abstinence.

When Carli wasn't fertile, we fucked like weasels. Two, three, four times a day, though as I got older it had been a while since four had happened. Now, when she straddled me, it was usually on the bed, after she'd massaged my whole body with hers, then sucked me until I was ready to explode.

Today, though, I couldn't have her. Carli was ovulating. If her temperature and the other indicators hadn't told us, the glow in her face would have been a dead giveaway. That, and the way she'd subconsciously squeezed her legs together when she leaned against the wall talking on the phone that morning, her nipples pebbling at the slight waft of cold air when the kids opened the front door. Carli got so horny when she was ovulating. I could smell her musk, even in church, even when I was corralling the kids and talking to the priest and it was totally inappropriate for me to be thinking how good my wife's pussy tasted. I couldn't wait for night to come so I could lick her until she screamed. I'd yet to find a serious Biblical prohibition against eating my wife's pussy.

"Earth to Michael! May we take the kids to a movie today?"

Totally disoriented, I stared down into my mother's laughing face. She was waving her heavily ringed fingers in front of my nose. I stole a glance at Carli, who winked. My face heated at the sudden possibility of having my wife to myself all afternoon. Mom squeezed my arm.

"Carli says she doesn't mind, as long as Meggie gets her nap. So if you don't have any objections, we'll bring them back at dinner time. Don, catch her please!"

"Yes, ma'am!" My dad laughed. He held out his arms and Meggie, squealing, detoured from trying to knock over a pile of church bulletins and let herself be hoisted into the air and twirled around. As the two of them waved and headed off towards the parking lot, I muttered, "sure" and Mom gave me a meaningful look.

"You two need some time together. You work too hard—both of you." With a quick kiss to my cheek, she stepped back, then kissed Carli and strode off to help my dad collect the boys. Carli walked over and gave me a quick peck on the lips.

"She saw you looking at me, and she wants more grandchildren, hot stuff." Carli rubbed subtly against me as people continued to flow out of the church and past us. I was instantly hard, and I knew she knew it, though I was horrified at the idea of my mother knowing what I was thinking. Carli laughed softly.

"Don't worry, she didn't say anything specific." Carli wrapped her arm around mine as she turned us towards the parking lot. "She and your dad just exchanged one of those looks—you know, the look that got you five brothers."

My face heated again as she surreptitiously pressed her breast against my forearm. Once more, I was thankful for my heavy winter coat. My cock couldn't decide if it wanted to deflate at the whole idea of my parents knowing how badly I wanted to have sex with my wife—and at the thought of how I'd gotten so many brothers—or if it wanted to get even harder remembering each of the times Carli had gotten pregnant. My hard-on won. As the wetness on my underwear pressed against my cock tip, though, I once more stopped and stepped back, this time to the edge of the sidewalk.

"Another baby?" I asked quietly. Part of me wanted to scream, yes, yes, YES! But a very loud voice that wasn't being governed by my throbbing cock was asking that question in a much more serious tone. Carli's eyes sparkled warmly as she reached up to rub her mittened hand over the side of my cheek.

"Part of me would love to have another baby with you, Michael," she said quietly, standing on tiptoe to kiss me. I held her closely, vaguely remembering that day so long ago when people had also been clearing their throats and laughing as they walked past us. But this time, Carli pulled back and stared seriously up into my eyes. "We've talked about this, though, when our libidos weren't screaming quite as loudly as they are right now. Is that really what we want to do?"

Carli's face was flushed with how turned on she was. My cock was so hard I hurt. But she was right. I shook my head, willing my cock to behave, trying to think about anything but how much I wanted my wife naked and reaching for me. I lost the battle when she leaned up and whispered in my ear.

"How about we go home and indulge in some good, hot ‘alternative lovemaking' that won't get me pregnant? I want you to lick my pussy so bad."

Once more, I fought to keep from coming. I choked out, "yes, ma'am!" and let her lead me to the car.

Carli drove. She said she figured I'd get a ticket. She was right. I would have figured it was worth it, even though by now, I knew all the cops in town, and I would have heard about it for nine months and then some afterwards.

We took our coats off this time, but Carli and I still didn't make upstairs. We had a bigger house now, two stories, and over the years we'd made love in every room. I kicked the front door closed and threw my coat on the thickly carpeted steps. Then I stripped my wife naked, kissing my way down her neck and shoulders as I slowly unzipped her dress and pulled it down to her waist. I slid the top of her slip down and lapped across the tops of her breasts, dampening the lacy cups covering her hard nipples. She sighed contentedly when I released the catch of her bra. Her breasts fell warm and heavy into my hands. Her nipples were larger and darker now, the tips longer and so much more sensitive on my tongue than they had been before the babies.

"Harder," she whispered, wrapping her arms around my head as she stepped out of her shoes. She moved up onto the stairs, her feet sliding on the satin lining of my coat as she situated herself so I wouldn't have to bend my neck. "That feels so good, Mike. It makes me so hot." She pressed her chest to my face, moaning as I licked slowly over to the other breast and sucked the whole areola into my mouth.

Her groan of pleasure had my cock ready to split my pants. I suckled one side, then the other, back and forth, smiling as she held my head ferociously to her. I slowly worked her dress and slip over her hips. She was wearing lace-topped, thigh-high stockings rather than pantihose. I hadn't thought my cock could get harder, but it did as I peeled her panties from her hips and let them drop over the lacy bands.

"You'll have to lie down for me to get your stockings off," I growled against her, nipping her swollen nipple as I ran my hands down her silky thighs.

"You're pretty overdressed, yourself, pal." She arched an eyebrow at me when I shook my head.

"If I take my pants off now, you're going to get pregnant," I said, my chest heaving as my cock strained against my pants. I eased her down onto my overcoat. "Spread your legs and come for me, woman. I want to feel you orgasm under my tongue."

Carli leaned back on the stairs, giving me a sultry look as she opened her legs wide. She grabbed a rung of the bannister in one hand. With the other hand, she rubbed her pussy. Her dark pubic hair glistened with her juices. She touched her finger to the apex of her slit, and shivered hard.

"Put your tongue on my pussy, Michael. I want you to lick me—right here."

With a loud groan, I sank to the stairs and lowered my head between her thighs. Carli knew how much her talking dirty turned me on. Her musk filled my nostrils as I nuzzled her slippery pussy lips. I licked her juices from her while Carli leaned back against the stairs, her fingers sliding from her crotch to dig into the carpet. She moaned and raised her legs. I turned my head and kissed her thigh, peeling a stocking off and dropping it onto the floor. Then I took the other one off.

"I don't want you wearing anything but your wedding rings," I growled, feasting my eyes on the sight of her flushed, curvy body. Her eyes glowed. Her well-sucked nipples perked up wet and dark and hard. Her glistening pussy quivered, waiting for me to eat her into ecstasy. I sank down onto the staircase, my cock once again pressing desperately into my precome wet briefs and the edge of the stair. I lifted her thighs to my shoulders and spread her legs as wide as I could. Then I buried my face in my wife's pussy and commenced to eating her to my heart's content.

It felt good to be able to be loud. I growled and demanded, slurping as I told Carli in graphic detail the things I usually had to whisper, how I loved the smell and taste of her cunt, how I loved licking inside her to slurp her slippery juices, that I knew they were flowing to ease the way for my cock, even though today she was only going to get my tongue and fingers. I flicked the little nub that made her shake and cry out, licking until my tongue was almost numb, then panting against her as my fingers, two and then three and then four, pressed deep into her, rubbing up towards her belly button. Shortly after Sean was born, Carli had stunned me by blushingly admitting that sometimes, if I pressed just right, she came so hard she could feel her juice shooting out. Once I'd learned where to press, I'd also learned how to position myself so her clear, slippery juice squirted onto my face.

"Mike!" Carli gasped, arching up so hard she banged her pubic bone on my face. "Yes! Oh, God! I'm going to come!" Carli stiffened, keening as the tremors began deep inside her. Grinning, I lowered my head again, flailing her clit as she bucked up, her cunt muscles tightening almost painfully against my hand. She screamed and I sucked her clit into my mouth, still flicking mercilessly as I ground my cock against the carpeting and pressed my fingers up harder inside her. As the next scream left her lips, her juices spurted onto my chin.

I came in my pants. I rocked helplessly against the stairs, sucking Carli's clit and fucking her with my fingers until she finally pushed my face away. I kept my fingers in her though, pressing and rocking until she groaned and quivered again, her pussy once more spasming quietly over my hand. She tenderly pulled me up to her and kissed my face until I tasted her juices on her tongue.

We left my coat and her clothes on the stairs as we shakily took hands and stumbled into the bedroom. Carli peeled my shirt and socks and my come-soaked pants from me, laughing as she kissed the tip of my now quiescent shaft and drew me down onto the sheets with her. I barely remember her pulling the covers over us. When we woke up, we cuddled and talked and laughed. I ate her pussy and she sucked my cock, not enough to get off again, but enough to feel really good and let us both know how hungry we'd be for each other all over again when this month's fertile cycle had passed. There was just enough time to take a shower and get our clothes off the stairs before the kids came home.

My parents will be disappointed when there's no baby nine months from now. And like I said, if there's an accident somewhere down the line, they'll have another name to list in the family Bible, with no regrets on our part. No matter what happens, though, I know the passion I share with Carli is the greatest blessing I'll ever have on earth. I intend to keep nurturing that passion. And if that means I have to deal with hard-ons in church, well so be it. God gave me Carli to love. I figure He'll understand.

© 2006 Dominic Santi. All rights reserved. Content may not be copied or used in whole or part without written permission from the author.

Bio:  Dominic Santi is a former technical editor turned rogue whose latest erotic book is the German language collection KERLE IM LUSTRAUSCH (Bruno Gmunder, 2004). Santi's fiction is available in English in Best American Erotica 2004; various volumes of Best Gay Erotica, Best Bisexual Erotica, and Friction; Bi Guys; Sex Buddies; His Underwear;; and many dozens of other smutty anthologies, magazines and websites.

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