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Invisible Lines (Novella)

Head Games
© 2002 by Robert Buckley

Who in hell was hitting the door with a sledgehammer? All he wanted to do was sleep.  Six straight 12-hour days had finally come to an end, and he had planned to sleep right through his three-day weekend.

The banging resumed.  Someone was trying the break down the damned door.  He groaned as he rolled out of bed and pulled a robe around his nakedness.  He stumbled toward the front door mumbling, "The fucking place had better be on fire."

He yanked the door open to find... "Dave?"

"You slimy, fucking, sneaky, rat-shit, motherfucker, son-of-a-bitch bastard prick!"


"Back-stabbing piece of shit...  you fuck, you lousy bastard..."

He closed the door, counted off two seconds and opened it again.

"...Low-life scumbag..."

"Dave...  What the fuck are you going on about?"

"Yeah, right.  Pretend you don't know."

"Dave, I'm so fucking tired I can't see.  I'm not going to play puzzle games.  What's your problem?"

"You! You're my fucking problem.  Backstabber!"

"What the hell's the matter?"

"You fucked my wife."

He shook himself like a wet dog. "You're drunk, Dave.  Or you're on something.  Sniffing glue maybe.  I don't know, I don't give a shit.  I'm going to bed."

"Is that where you fucked her? In that bed?"

"Where the hell did you get the idea I fucked Denise?"

"She told me, you shit!"


"Yeah, she confessed.  She was all broken up about it, said she never wanted it to happen, until you seduced her.  My pal, my buddy...  lousy prick."

"I'm closing the door, Dave.  I'll talk to you later.  I'm going back to bed."

"You ain't getting away with this, you—you..."

"Yeah...  later."

He slammed the door, turned and shuffled back toward his bedroom.  What the hell was that all about? Dave must have gone nuts.  He'd think about it again when he woke up in a few more days, but not now.  He craved sleep.

The phone rang. "Ah, shit" he whined.




"Is Dave there?"

"He just left."

"Oh, dear.  I was hoping I'd reach you before he got there."

"Denise, I'm exhausted.  What the hell is going on?"

"Oh, Tom.  I did something awful.  I feel so guilty."


"You know, I love Dave more than anything.  I wouldn't ever want to hurt him."

"Denise, please, I'm fading here."

"Well, the thing is, Tom...  things haven't been real good between Dave and me in, you know...  the bedroom..."


"Tommy? Are you still there?"

"Huh? Uh, yeah.  Denise, please, come to the point."

"Tommy, I had sex with another man."



"I mean...  you did?"

"Yes.  My boss.  Oh, Tommy, I didn't mean to.  It's just; I guess when you've been married for 13 years things get kinda stale.  I mean, every night...  well, not every night—not by a long shot—but, when we do it's just so routine, you know? I rub his dick and he rubs my tits and then..."

"Yeah, Denise, okay...  routine."

"Yeah, well, my boss is younger than me and just full of life and snazzy...  like Dave used to be.  And Friday he took us all out for drinks after work because we landed a big account, and I had some drinks and then the other girls left, and we were by ourselves and then he said he'd give me a ride home, but when we got to the garage...  oh, Tommy, he fucked me in his car.  In the garage.  It was...glorious."

"Denise, why does Dave think I screwed you?"

"Cause I told him you did."

"Uh-huh.  Sweetie, I'm really, really, really tired.  I can't think too much.  So tell me straight out, okay? Why the fuck did you tell him that?"

"Well, when I came home he was up waiting for me, and he wanted to have some sex, and before I could clean myself up...  well, the thing is, James came in me about four times and, see, I was pretty sticky.  Like, his come was kinda oozing out of me.  Well, Dave's not blind, you know."

"Denise? Hon? You still haven't told me..."

"Aw, Jesus, Tom.  I'm so sorry, but Dave just demanded I tell him who fucked me and I, well, I just blurted out the first name that popped into my head...yours."


"Tommy? Hello?"

"I'm going to sleep, Denise.  I'll talk to you later"

"But, Tommy?"

He hung up the phone, and walked with eyes half-closed to his bedroom.  He let the robe fall off his shoulders and tumbled into the bed.  As sleep enveloped him one thought trailed off: 'Fuck Denise? What, are they kidding?'

Pink remnants of sunset glowed off the walls as his eyelids broke the seal of sleep.  He stretched and rolled out of bed.  Standing, stretching again, he glanced at the clock.  Enough sleep.  Time to enjoy the weekend.

Under the shower he chuckled to himself.  Funny what fatigue will do to your head.  What a fucked-up dream.

As he emerged from the shower he heard soft knocking.  He retrieved his robe, stopping to knot the cloth belt before opening the door.  Dave and Denise nodded, but said nothing.

"Hey, guys, funny you should drop by...I had this screwy dream that..."

"We need to talk, Tom," Dave said.


"About this morning, Tommy." Denise added.

"This morning?"

"I was pretty hot this morning," Dave continued. "I've calmed down now."

"Oh, shit.  It wasn't a dream."

They stepped past him.  He motioned for them to sit down.

Dave began, "Tom, I was wrong..."

"Oh, good, I..."

"Don't interrupt..."

"Huh? Oh, sure.  Sorry."

"Anyway," Dave continued, "I talked this out with Denise and I hadn't realized how...  well...  how our intimate life had deteriorated.  It's mostly my fault..."

"Oh, Dave, darling, no it isn't..."

"Now, Denise, please.  I let things get to the point they are now.  I've been negligent to your needs, there's no other word for it."

"I love you, Darling."

"I love you too, Denise." Dave smiled and looked at Tom. "And that's why I want to apologize to you, Tom..."

"Oh, hey, think nothing more of it..."

"Tom, please, let me finish."


"You see, I understand now.  I haven't been attentive to Denise's needs.  And, to be honest, I'm not sure I ever did...completely...  satisfy her, you know, intimately..."

"Oh, Dave, Darling," Denise smiled.  A tear rolled down her cheek.

Dave smiled back. "So, understanding my, uh, shortcomings, I also understand why Denise would seek affection from someone who has been our friend, well, from the beginning."


"Tom, rather than curse you, I should be thanking you..."

"For what?"

"For giving Denise what she needed, when she needed it.  She went to a trusted friend, and like a friend you helped her..."

"Now hold on a minute..."

"Tom, it's okay.  I think it's wonderful what you did.  Do you think I'd feel better if she turned to a total stranger?"

"But, I didn't..."

Denise stood quickly and stepped over to Tom. "Oh, Tommy, yes you did.  You're the most wonderful friend a girl ever had.  And now, Dave understands that too." She gave Tom an exaggerated wink.

"Yes," Dave said. "You're a good friend, Tom.  You've been a best friend for 15 years, and you've continued to be our friend throughout our marriage.  That's why, Denise and I have decided, we want you to become a part of our marriage."


"Tom, I'm man enough to accept the fact that I don't satisfy all of Denise's needs.  And I adore her so much; I would do all I could to see that she is completely happy.  We decided that means opening our marriage bed to a third partner, and who better to open it to than the best friend any couple could want."

"Tommy?" Denise smiled. "Well, say something."

"Okay.  You're both fucking crazy."

Denise giggled. "Dave, could you let me and Tommy be alone for a little bit?"

"Uh, sure, Babe.  I'll wait out on the deck."

Denise waited for Dave to step outside.  She kneeled in front of Tom and took his hands. "I'm sorry, Tommy.  I don't blame you for being, well, confused."

"Confused? Jesus, Denise.  Why didn't you tell him it was your boss..."

"Tom, you just heard what he said."

"Yeah, he thinks I fucked you."

"Okay.  First of all, I can't tell him about James.  I have to go away on a business trip with him for three days next week.  If I told Dave, no trip, no job.  We can't afford to lose my job."

Tom swiped a hand over his forehead. "Okay, I can almost see the logic in that.  But what the hell is this about him inviting me into your bed? What the hell is he talking about?"

Denise's smile widened. "Isn't it great? It's just the most perfect thing that could happen..."

"Perfect? Denise, either I'm crazy, or Dave just said it was okay for me to fuck you.  Hell, not just fuck you, but fuck you in his bed.  Christ, maybe fuck you in his bed while he's in bed too."

"I know.  Isn't it amazing? I couldn't believe it when he suggested it.  He's so wonderful."

"Denise! You can't be saying it's okay with you."

"But, of course it is, Tommy."

"But—but, we've been friends since high school."

"I know, the best of friends.  I knew you for years before I met Dave.  I even came to you to ask you if you thought I should marry him, remember? And then you were best man at our wedding and..."

"Yes, so, that's what I mean...  why?"

"Tom, didn't you ever think about me...sexually, I mean?"

"Huh? Denise,, not really."

He wasn't prepared for the hurt look on her face.  He hastened to add, "I mean, maybe, when we first met.  But, then you became my best friend."

"Uh-huh," her smile returned. "And you used to tell me about your dates, and I'd tell you about mine.  Sometimes, I got so jealous of those girls, but I thought, maybe, you got jealous a little bit too, of the boys I dated."

"Denise...  Honey, you've always been my best friend.  Jesus, fucking you would be like fucking my sister."

Dave knocked and let himself in. "You guys had your talk?"

"Yes," Denise said and stood. "Let's go."


"Now, David."

Tom shrugged as his friends left.

It was all crazy.  What had gotten into his friends? These were people he'd known forever.  Maybe if Denise had just confessed to him about the affair with her boss, it wouldn't seem so odd.  Such things happened in the best of relationships.  But this crazy through-the- looking-glass madness about him becoming a third partner in their marriage had pulled the rug out from under him.

His head hurt.  He decided to go out.

Valeria was working behind the bar at the Pour House.  She was a big-boned Russian beauty who was fond of low-rise shorts with crotch-high legs.  She flirted carelessly with Tom, but his mind kept returning to the scene in his apartment.

Valeria cupped his chin and squeezed. "Hey, Joe!" She called every male "Joe."

"Huh," Tom reacted to her green-blue eyes as she held him firmly in her right hand.

"What's matter with you? I show you my ass all night.  I lean over and let you see down my shirt.  See, no bra.  And you? You got as much life as Lenin.  What, you drink so much you embalmed?"

"Ah, hell," Tom shook his head. "Sorry...I just...well, have you ever had a friend? I mean, a friend you had so long you thought you knew them like you knew yourself? And then, out of the blue, they do something that just...I dunno, makes you wonder if you know them at all."

"I think maybe you get new friend, then everything be okay: Big, beautiful Russian girl, with great tits, and long legs, and ass, like you say, to die for, Baby.  I get off at 1."

"I hate myself already, but I wouldn't be much company tonight."

"Humph, I don't give many second chances, but for you I make exception.  You better come by tomorrow night." Valeria winked and Tom answered with a smile.

Tom flipped the light switch as he entered his apartment and leaned against the door as he closed it behind him.  After a long sigh, he shook his head and said, "What a fucking day."

The fatigue had caught up to him again.  He didn't want to think any more about his friends or anything else, except a quick visit to the bathroom and then sleep.  He had just noted the time: 2:30 a.m., when the phone rang.  He let the machine answer.

"Tom? Tom, are you there? C'mon, pick up." It was Dave.

Reluctantly he lifted the receiver. "What?"

"Jesus, what did you say to Denise?"

"What now?"

"She's been in her room all day since we got home.  She's crying her eyes out.  Damn it, Tom, I thought we had an understanding."

"What understanding? I don't understand any of this."

"So, you treat the best friend you ever had like a casual fuck? Get her out of your system? Is that it?"

"Man, I can't believe you're saying this.  Aw, hell, listen, Dave: I did not fuck Denise.  I don't care what she told you.  It would never occur to me to fuck Denise..."

"That's cold, Tom.  That's so unlike you."

"Mother of Jesus! What do I have to do to prove to you..."

"Tom, don't say another thing.  I just want you to know that a very sweet girl is suffering right now.  Frankly, I'm scared.  I've never seen Denise so depressed.  Look—you have to come over here.  We can deal with everything else later, but, please, come over here and talk to Denise."

"Oh, god.  Okay, I'll be there in 15 minutes."

Tom parked in the driveway and made his way around back and past the pool.  The sliding patio door was open and he slipped in.  Dave sat in the living room with his head in his hands.


He looked up. "Thanks, Tom.  Please, she's in the bedroom.  Just go in and talk to her."

"I don't know what to say..."

"Anything, anything will be fine."

Tom nodded and strode along the corridor to the bedroom door, knocked lightly and let himself in.  Denise lay under the sheets on her side.  Her face was buried in the plush pillows.


"Tommy?" She turned her head to look at him out of one eye. "Know what? I've been lying here all day, soaked in my own girl juice, finger-fucking myself, wishing it was your cock inside me."

"What? I—but..."

Denise rolled into a sitting position.  The sheets fell from her shoulders revealing her naked breasts.  Tom stood like a mute, riveted at the sight of her hard, dusky red nipples.  A sense of unreality enveloped him.

"It's true, Tommy.  God, I want you to fuck me so badly."

"D-Den-Denise...Jesus, what's with you? Dave's just outside."

"Dave wants it too.  He loves it when a real man's cock fills me up.  He always has."

"But, Denise.  God, what are you saying?"

She kicked the sheets off altogether and spread her thighs.  Her pussy was bare, glistening, as she playfully fingered her plump labia.

"You see, Tommy.  Dave isn't really—adequate.  But, nothing turns him on, nothing gets him as excited as when another man is having me.  I knew it before we were even married.  It turned me on too."

She giggled. "Tommy, our honeymoon? I think I fucked the whole island of Jamaica.  Room service, bartenders, guys at the pool.  And Dave got to watch.  He was so happy...well, he made himself sore jerking off."

Tom's head was spinning.  He wondered if Denise was having some kind of breakdown.


"Shhh, Baby.  It's okay.  We joined clubs.  You have no idea how many couples are into the same thing."

She laughed again. "You wanna know how many times I've been auctioned off to some guy for a weekend?"

"Jesus, Denise, I had no idea..."

"I know.  You're sweet.  You couldn't imagine your little Denise could be such a...slut."

"I-I have to go.  I can't..."

She crept toward him, panther-like on all fours. "You want to fuck me, don't you, Tommy?"

"No—no, I don't..."

"That bulge in your crotch is telling me different.  You do want to fuck me, don't you? Do you still think it would be like—how'd you put it—fucking your little sister?"

She sniffed his crotch and giggled. "Actually, that would be kinda kinky, too," she purred as she rubbed her nose against the bulging fabric.

Tom didn't answer, except in ragged breaths.

"Give me your cock," she ordered sharply.

"Denise, don't do this..."

Before he could finish she deftly opened his pants, like she had had years of experience, and his cock sprung from its confines.  He tried to speak, but her mouth closed over the head and her tongue slithered along the underside.  Tom felt blood coursing through his head as white pinpoints of light exploded across his vision.  Denise sucked him deeper into her mouth and he could feel the tip graze the back of her throat.  A low groan escaped him.

Denise languidly withdrew her head until Tom's cock plopped out of her mouth.  She spun around and lifted her ass to him.  Her plump pussy lips beckoned. "Now, fuck me.  Damn, I said, fuck me!"

Tom's pants dribbled down his thighs.  Reason faded like a tiny voice down a long canyon.  He gripped her hips and thrust his cock between those honey-glazed lips.  He immediately fell into a brutal rhythm, slamming his pelvis into her pink, freckled buttocks.

"God, yes! Fuck me harder," she shrieked. "Damn, you're huge.  Fuck me, fuck the slut...fuck..."

Tom was in a zone of utter carnal desire that her words stoked until he thought he would burst into flame.

Denise growled like a beast, thrashing her head, whipping the air with her red mane.  Her exhortations shifted into third person, "Fuck her...fuck her cunt...yes, yes...her cunt..."

Tom felt wild, brutal.  Denise cried, "I'm a whore, a filthy whore...fuck me like a whore.  God, fuck this filthy whore..."

Tom felt his scrotum tighten and the electrical charge begin at the base of his cock.  He cried out as he launched, almost painfully, a stream of cream as her cunt clenched him in a wet, fleshy vice.

He tumbled onto the bed, but she rolled him over. "I want more from you," she said, and began to suck his cock back to rigidity.  Tom winced, but his recovery amazed him.  He was as rigid as a pole again.  Denise glared with severe, glinty eyes.

"Fuck me in the ass," she ordered.  She lay on her back and lifted her legs as if she would touch the ceiling with the soles of her feet.  Tom kneeled and grasped her calves, pushing back until her anus beckoned him like a bull's-eye.  He pushed his penis against the pucker, past the tight resistance and then deep into her innards.  Again he found a rapid, industrial rhythm and plowed her bowels as she groaned and mouthed unintelligible curses.  He had only fucked her five minutes when she shuddered and cried like she was on fire.  His release came seconds later as she whimpered the last of her orgasm.

Tom's eyes winked open.  He lay on his back as his flaccid cock oozed the remnants of its last discharge.  Denise nuzzled beside him.  He felt like he had mislaid a section of time.  But, hard reality settled in.  He had fucked Denise; fucked her like he had never fucked any woman in his life.  His body told him to savor the afterglow, but that tiny, insistent voice kept calling from far away.  Something was wrong, it was all wrong.

Denise stirred and kissed his cheek. "I feel so good; so thoroughly fucked, and so good."

Tom sat up as her head slipped off his shoulder.  In the dark a tiny red light blinked at him.  He caught another in the corner of his eye. 'What the fuck?'

He stood and hauled his pants up.  Flicking on the light he investigated the shelves and dressers surrounding him.  Three video cameras were recording.  Tom flung open the door and stepped toward the living room.  Dave sat directly in front of the TV, cock in hand as his wife's ass filled the screen and the back of her head bobbed up and down on Tom's cock.

"Jesus!" Tom blurted.

Dave froze the image and turned just as Denise stepped behind Tom. "See, Tommy.  He likes it, don't you, Honey?"

Dave smiled sheepishly. "Yes, I love to watch men fuck my sweet, sexy wife."

"You—you arranged this," Tom said, his eyes searching their faces. "You played me like a cheap tune."

"Oh, Tommy," Denise grinned. "Really, I've known you forever.  I wanted you...  strangers weren't much of a thrill any more, not even my boss..."

"You mean, he knows about your boss?" Tom said, making a backhanded motion toward Dave.

"Tommy, James has been up here before.  He fucked me right on the floor here while Dave took pictures for his little collection."

"You mean all this was about getting me to fuck you too?"

"Like I said, Tommy, I know you...and I wanted you."

"Damn it, Denise.  I don't know you at all."

"I figured you'd have some problems with this, Tommy.  That's why I wouldn't just come right out and ask.  You're feeling a little uncomfortable now, but soon you'll get over it.  It'll be wonderful, Tommy.  I've already made plans for us to go away for a weekend, while wimpy-dick here can sit home alone and let his imagination run wild about what you're doing to me."

"I keep thinking I'm going to wake up," Tom said flatly.

"It's no dream, Baby."

"You're right.  It's a nightmare.  I don't want any part of this—this thing."

"Oh, Sweetie, you'll come around."

Tom glared at the woman he once knew, turned and stepped through the door.  Driving home as dawn broke, his only thought was to get into the shower, scrub himself down, get clean again.  Guilt and outrage percolated through him.  He wondered if he would ever get over it.

© 2002 R.E.  Buckley.All rights reserved.  Content may not be copied or used in whole or part without written permission from the author.

Hot, sexy, sensual to the core - A Bit of the Apple by Robert Buckley is available from Venus Book Club

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by Kathleen Bradean

The Temp
by Kaye Heche

A Husband's Lesson
by Kim Bax

Better Than a Blow...
by Lauren Mills

Page 12 - No. F
by LilyOrchid

In The Name Of...
by Michael Michele

The Classics
by Nettie Kestler

The Wounded Healer
by Nicholas M.

by Nick Santa Rosa

The Cabin
by P. E. Brink

Post Mortem
by Riccardo Berra

Newly Reformed Woman...
by Seneca Mayfair

by Sybil Rush

by Teresa Lamai

Alter Christus
by Teresa Wymore

Shadows of De La Rosa
by Tori Diaz
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