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Invisible Lines (Novella)

The Exchange
by Robert Buckley © 2005

He was angry—at himself. He had caved in to them so easily. Why didn't he speak up, express his misgivings? Or did he really want to know what it was like? He cursed his perverted curiosity.

Ann's keening sigh reverberated from the room at the opposite end of the suite. He folded his arms across his face. He wanted to brace the pillows against his ears and shut out her cries and moans.

Mercy stroked his erection. "You're not going to let this go to waste, are you?"

She waggled his cock and mocked him. "Are you going to let them have all the fun? There's a wet willing pussy here begging for attention."

"Why—Why'd he insist on leaving our doors open?" he asked.

"Because half the experience is listening to the other couple fuck." She closed her hand around his cock. "You're hard as steel, Danny, so it must be having an effect. Listening to your sweet wife's moans, knowing she's being gloriously fucked by another man's cock."

"Damn it, Mercy."

"C'mon, give in to it. It's a turn-on, enjoy it."

"I'm not like ..."

"Like what?"

"Like Greg ... or you. This was a bad idea."

"Why didn't you say something last week?—'Cause it's obviously too late now."

"I—I wanted to. You and Greg ..."

"And Ann ..."


"She wanted this, Danny. She was excited, looking forward to it. Nobody drugged her and tossed her into Greg's bed. Is that what's really bothering you, Danny? Is that what's—turning you on?"

"Fuck you, Mercy."

"I wish you would. Ann's had three orgasms already and we're just making small talk."

"Yeah, well, maybe I'll be a disappointment, ever think of that?"

"Guys are different, but no one's ever disappointed me. You just need some encouragement. Now, this big, beautiful rack of mine usually does the trick, but Ann tells me you're a legs and ass man. She says you like small tits. Must be true, judging by those mosquito bites of Ann's."

Ann wailed like a creature in pain.

"Christ!" Mercy said. "That's four; we're never going to catch up."

"Mercy, please ..."

"I bet I know what you're thinking."


"You want to know if she thinks he's better than you. You're wondering if you'll be able to satisfy her once Greg's done her."

"Shit! What's with you?"

"Does she let you fuck her in the ass?"

Dan's face pinched into a frown. Mercy grinned.

"Oh, wow, she doesn't, does she?"

"She—she's afraid it'll hurt. What am I supposed to do, force it on her?"

"You mean in her, don't you? And the answer is yes. Now you're only going to be the second man to take her ass."

"What are you talking about?"

"Oh, Danny, you're such a babe in the woods. Women talk; they tell each other everything. Ann told me she wouldn't do anal with you. I told Greg. That's why Greg was so looking forward to taking her ass cherry. He must have been an explorer in another life. He loves being first. And you, Danny, what do you like—sloppy seconds? When Annie raises her pretty pink cheeks from now on and asks you to pump her ass, is it going to get you hard knowing that another man, that Greg broke her in with his big cock."

He clenched the fabric of the pillow in his fist, then swung it in a wide arc, catching her in the head and knocking her back on the bed. He rolled over her and straddled her, pushing her thighs apart.

"Bitch!" He used his cock like a cudgel, a blunt weapon, stabbing it into her cunt, pinning her hands down at the wrists, trying to drill himself into her belly. Mercy responded by clamping her legs around him, yelping at each rapid thrust.

"God! You're hurting me, Danny! Hurt me! Hurt me!"

He didn't want to come in her. He wanted to fuck her hard for hours, take it all out on her cunt. But then she came hard and raked her nails down his back. The pain sent electricity to the base of his cock and he exploded in her womb.

The tension dissipated and he rolled onto his back. It stung, and he thought he felt blood trickle onto the sheets.

Mercy exhaled a long sigh then rolled against him, laying her cheek on his chest.

"You really hurt me, Danny. You're such a fucking brute. My poor pussy will be black and blue."

"Shut up."

Her voice changed into the sing-song meter of a child. "Why'd you hurt Mercy? Do you like to be mean to girls?"

He rolled his eyes. Then from down the hall, he heard another sing-song voice. "Yes, darling, I'm your slut. I'll always be your slut."

Danny winced. Another voice, low-frequency masculine, and unintelligible, was a moment later answered by the childish feminine. "Thank you for fucking my slutty ass."

*               *               *

Danny didn't sleep much that night. He let his anger and anxiety well up and overflow, then took it out on Mercy. And the rougher he fucked her, the more she liked it. He finished near dawn fucking her in the ass while yanking her thick, blonde hair like reins.

Mercy actually cried after that. In ways unspoken she let him know that was her goal, her payoff. Then she made it explicit. As the sun turned the morning sky pink she stroked his cock to hardness and smiled. "You made me cry—you're so cruel."

Her mouth closed over his cockhead and her head bobbed. Her tongue slithered and coiled along his length and he could not resist if he wanted to. His come rocketed into her throat as she gulped and gagged.

Her eyes glazed as his spent cock slipped from her lips, trailing a tendril of semen. She laid her cheek on his chest, and then her breaths steadied and became deeper.

*               *               *

He woke with Mercy's face nestled into his shoulder. She was peacefully oblivious to the world. Carefully he slid from beneath her. Sunlight leaked around the opaque blinds.

"What the hell am I doing?" he whispered to himself, then glanced at Mercy. She looked angelic, he thought, and almost laughed. He thought of the girl she was in college, a free spirit, willing to do anything on a dare. She was exciting and dangerous, and that made her sexy—a sparrow he couldn't grasp.

He was full of doubt and bereft of confidence when he started college. It took him a week to work up the nerve to ask her out. Her answer "I'm kinda seeing someone." He shrugged, accepting rejection like the routine it had become, when she said, "You can play too—wanna?"

She introduced him to Greg, his mirror opposite. Greg was the epitome of cool, full of confidence. Fear, rejection, doubt? He had no concept of these. Danny envied and loathed him all at once, but Greg was gracious and Danny found himself adapting to the role of sidekick. It was something he resented, but tolerated because being with Greg was exciting, and being with Greg and Mercy together was like plummeting off a cliff, scary and exhilarating.

One of Greg's favorite games was "Naked Runner." It was simple enough. One of them would strip just out of sight, in an alley or hallway. The others would take the clothing and drive to another location. The naked runner had to reach the location traversing public space.

Danny refused the dare the first time. So Greg took up the challenge. Danny remembered watching Greg dash through a public park past necking lovers and families enjoying picnics to reach them while Mercy cheered him on.

More crazy dares followed. Mercy challenged them to go to a gay bar and try to get picked up. Danny bolted, but not before having his ass pinched by a guy in chains and leather.

And Mercy wasn't exempt. Greg challenged her to dress like a prostitute and stand on a street corner. It was a charade Mercy enjoyed, even when she was challenged by a real pimp who demanded to know who she was working for. Greg pushed the situation ever closer to the danger line when he casually negotiated a price for Mercy's ass with the pimp.

Danny was so scared for all of them he nearly tossed his lunch.

"Jesus, what if he pulled a gun or a knife on you? What if he pulled Mercy into a car and drove off?"

Greg and Mercy just laughed. It was the thrill they were after.

Danny didn't always feel good after one of their adventures, but thanks to Greg he got laid, and often. But then he couldn't get over feeling dirty about it. Still, being friends with Greg and Mercy was like a drug and Danny was reluctant to give them up.

Then just before their senior finals Mercy asked him to come to the apartment she and Greg were sharing with another kinky couple. The door was always open and when he called out to her she answered, "I'm in the shower—join me."

"But, what about Greg?"

She peeked around the curtain. "Oh, c'mon, I need someone to soap my back."

He didn't think, he just stripped and piled in after her. Greg was standing there too, grinning.

"Got you both now," Mercy laughed. She grabbed both their cocks and began pumping each in her fists. "Who's going to shoot first?"

For Danny it was too much. Mercy's body was lush and shimmering in the shower, her heavy breasts jostled with each other as she pumped their cocks. He came and his cream splattered over Greg's thigh. Then Greg came, spattering his come on Danny's stomach.

"Can I aim a gun, or what?" Mercy laughed. Greg laughed too.

Danny left with as much grace as he could muster. When he got home he scrubbed himself an hour before he was satisfied he'd removed the tacky trail of Greg's dried semen from his lower abdomen.

Graduation came and Danny broke free of their spell. They kept in touch on a casual basis, and Danny followed Greg's business successes. He established four companies and sold each for outlandish profits—a guerrilla entrepreneur, the financial rags called him. Danny knew that Greg had married Mercy, but he wasn't invited to the wedding and he was grateful for that.

Meanwhile, he had met Ann. Ann the modest, the maidenly. Ann of the dark chestnut tresses and milk-pale skin. He remembered how she trembled the first time she was naked for him, and it made him crazy with lust. But never did he treat her any way other than as the magical creature he believed she was. Together they made two beautiful babies and settled into domestic life.

The day he spotted Greg and Mercy at the kids' small fry soccer game it seemed like the sunlight itself changed its tint. He had no choice but to introduce Ann. When had they moved to town? Really, their daughters were on the same team? They only lived four streets away.

Ann warmed to the new friends immediately, and Danny understood She was falling under the spell.

It was after the Memorial Day barbeque at Greg and Mercy's house that Greg mentioned that he and Mercy regularly "expanded the boundaries" of their marriage. Danny kept watching for a reaction of shock or even disgust from Ann. But instead she asked questions.

"Don't you get jealous?"

"Of course," Greg said, an eyebrow arched, "That's what gets me excited. Just thinking about a guy being seduced by my own, beautiful spouse, knowing he doesn't stand a chance ..."

Ann laughed and clasped her hand to her mouth. "Oh, my! And, Greg, what about the women you've seduced?"

"Oh, dear, dear, Annie. I am not so casual. Mercy and I don't belong to swing clubs, and we don't troll for strangers. I like to know the women I take to bed. An anonymous fuck holds no thrill for me. But ..." He held Ann's gaze with his own. "To seduce a sweet, young soccer mom, to bring her to a place she wouldn't dare go, to entice her to step into the abyss of taboo ..."

Mercy slid her hands over Ann's shoulders. "Would you like that, Annie? To be able to do something really ... bad, but still be safe?"

Danny could hardly believe it when Ann, as if in a trance, nodded, "Yes." His dick pressed against the fabric of his pants.

From that point, it was three against Danny, and he offered little resistance, just like in college. Then it was agreed, the following weekend they would reserve a suite for the four of them at a seaside resort that was a favorite of Greg.

*               *               *

Danny stood and stretched. He stepped into the lounge that formed the center of the suite and strained to listen. He started toward the open door of Greg's room, then hesitated. Could he handle seeing his bride in the arms of Greg, snuggled in sheets twisted and snarled by their passion?

He forced himself to peek in. The bedclothes were indeed twisted into snarls, but Greg and Ann weren't there.

He stalked back to his room where Mercy was just stirring.

"They're not here."

"Hmm?" Mercy yawned.

"Greg and Ann, they're gone. Where the hell are they?"

"I dunno. He probably took her out to breakfast." She sat and slid her legs over the side of the bed. Then she stretched her arms up and out, lifting her breasts like a mating display.

Danny was transfixed for a moment. "He didn't say anything about going out, what ..."

"Oh, shush, Danny. Remember what we agreed. For the next couple of days Ann isn't your wife—she's Greg's. A man ought to be able to take his wife anywhere anytime he wants. Did you really want to hang out together today? Did you want to see your sweet Ann kissing and necking with Greg like a pair of newlyweds? Well, did you, Danny?"

"I—damn, this is all so crazy."

"Lucky you," she laughed. "I get to be your bride this weekend. Like you always wanted."

"I wanted?"

"Sure, Danny, you wanted me all through college. Now you have me—for a weekend anyway. And I'll do anything you want me to."

"Let's get out of here."

"I need to shower first—wanna join me? All alone?"

"Okay, in a minute."

Mercy stumbled toward the bathroom, shaking out her blonde mane. Then Danny heard the shower water.

"Come in, it feels great. Nothing like a hot shower after a night of good fucking."

Danny couldn't keep his mind off Ann. Where had Greg taken her? Did it still matter?

"Danny? What do you suppose he's doing to her—right now? Maybe he's running his hand up her thigh, under the table in a public restaurant. Maybe he told her not to wear panties today. It would be just like him to bring her off right when the waiter is taking their order. Whatcha think?"

Danny stalked into the bathroom and pulled the shower curtain back. It was useless to try to suppress his erection.

Mercy looked down and grinned. "Is that for me? God, Danny, it looks lethal. Please don't hurt me."

Danny stepped behind her and bent her forward.

"Please, Danny ... Oh, God ..."

He reached for a tube of gel and squirted it into her ass crack, pushing his finger and thumb past their knuckles into her anus."

"Jesus, Danny ... Jesus, Danny ..."

He slapped her ass and she yelped, then he drove his cock inside her, pushing steadily as she panted, then all resistance dissipated as the walls of her rectum relaxed. He slid into her bowels up to his balls.

"Oh, God, oh, God, Danny ... hurt me."

Danny fell into a pounding rhythm.

"Yes, Danny, harder ... hurt me ... hurt me like he hurt Ann."

Rage mingled with a powerful need to complete his sodomizing of Mercy. He brought his hand down hard on one cheek and Mercy cried. A spasm gripped his cock as he emptied himself inside her. Mercy fell to her knees as his dick slipped from her ass and bounced like a drooping springboard, trailing a string of come that dribbled onto her shoulder.

"Did you like it, Danny?" she sighed. "Did you like hurting Mercy?"

Danny felt like he was floating outside his body. Then his senses began to return and he looked down at the woman curled in a half fetal position.

"Jesus! Do you want me to piss on you now?"

"If you want to."

Danny rinsed himself off and stepped out of the shower.

*               *               *

Mercy took him to a restaurant on the touristy town's main drag. They took the stairs to a roof patio that was shaded by a fabric awning. They were shown to a table in the corner that allowed them to view the crowds filling the street below. It was a typical tourist trap, Danny thought. Everything made to look quaint, if not downright tacky.

"Breakfast or lunch?" Danny asked.

"Oh, I don't know. Order me a mimosa while I visit the girls room. My asshole is still tingling." She giggled and headed for the stairs.

Danny ordered the drinks and waited. He scanned the faces of the other customers, and those of the tourists on the street.

Who's married to whom?—he thought. Maybe the whole bunch of them are swapping.


Right below on the street Greg was grinning up at him.

"Be right up," he said.

Danny scanned the street for Ann. Where the hell was she?

Greg bounded up the stairs to the roof and strode over to Danny like he owned the place.

"Where is she?" Danny asked.


"Who else?"

Gregg chuckled and sat down. "She's being fitted for some new things."


"I thought I'd take her dancing tonight. I know a place where an audience will appreciate her ... assets." He grinned again, lifting his sunglasses onto his head.

"Greg ... damn it, if you put her in any danger ..."

"Oh, c'mon, Danny. Who are you talking to? She's in very secure hands—believe me."

"I know how you like to push the limit, Greg. Don't—not with Ann."

Gregg shrugged, then peered intently at Danny.


"Talk about pushing the limits—Daniel, my old friend. You got that look."

"What look?"

"The look of a man who's spent a night with Mercy. Uh-huh, no mercy from Miss Mercy. No prisoners taken. Has she been pushing your buttons?"

Danny sipped his drink and looked down at the street.

"Has she been playing with your head while she plays with your balls? I'm assuming this morning you know she's a bit of a pain slut. Have you hit her?"

"I would never ... that is ..."

"Hmm, a little slap across the face?"

"Jesus, no!"

Greg shrugged again. "She get's off on it. Just a little open hand slap. You don't want to damage her."

"Greg, look, I don't want to do this. I don't care what we agreed to, this is nuts, this is ..."

"Are you really going to disappoint Ann?"

"Greg, don't ..."

"Don't what? Your pretty little bride is having the time of her life; she's experiencing things she's barely had the courage to fantasize about. And you gave her the green light, Daniel. She wouldn't have done this without your blessing."

"My blessing?"

"C'mon, Dan, you had a chance to speak up. You didn't."

"I couldn't say ... I mean ..."

"Danny, you wanted to know too, you wanted to know."

"Know what?"

"Let me tell you, Danny boy, the mother of your children is one horny, sex-hungry vixen. By the time you both get back home you'll thank me for opening her up. And you'll thank me for making your own fantasy come true."


"Mercy ... you had something for her from the first day you met."

"That was a long time ago, Greg. We aren't in college anymore, we aren't kids anymore. Jesus, I have kids, you do too. You think I obsess over some crush I had 12 years ago?"

"If you say so."

"And another thing ... guys, that is, normal guys don't lend their wives out to be fucked by friends—or anyone else."

Greg laughed out loud. "Oh, Danny, I won't even get into what you think is normal. But, damn it, the truth is, I envy you."

"What are you talking about?"

"I envy your shame—I envy your guilt. I envy the humiliation you're feeling now."

"You're fucking nuts."

"No, it's true. You see, Dan, I really enjoy taking a sweet, innocent young mom like Ann by the hand and leading her to the edge of what you call normal. I get off on her realization that she's doing something ..."—he winked—"...really bad. But ..."

"But what?"

"There's no shame in it for me. But you, Danny, you experience shame, you really feel it. And that humiliation, that tickle in the pit of your stomach, the flutter every time you hear me talk about turning Ann into a slut—your precious, pure, PTA chairman Ann—that has got to be ... so wickedly delicious. Your bloodstream must be saturated with endorphins. Damn it, Danny, I do—I envy you so."

"Hey!" Mercy clasped her arms around Greg's neck.

"Watch it, you unfaithful bitch. The man sitting in the corner with that funny look on his face needs your attention."

Mercy sidled over to Danny.

"Catch up to you later," Gregg said and waved.

When he had gone, Mercy purred, "Did he make you crazy? Did he tell you what he's been doing to Ann?"

She squeezed the erection that tented his khaki pants. "Ooo, yes. You are a naughty boy."

*               *               *

They ordered a light breakfast. Danny sat sullen until Mercy began to play footsie.

"C'mon, Danny, stop worrying about that little slut of a wife of yours."

She answered his glare with a laugh. "But, that's what she is—by now anyway."

"Whatever happens, she won't ... she won't ..."

Mercy's face softened. She reached across the table and took his hand. "Yes, Danny, it'll be all right—whatever happens."

Danny shook his head and signaled the waiter for another round.

"Hey, Danny, tell me about—oh, what was her name? Yeah, tell me about Thuy."

Danny had put the name entirely out of his mind, but with Mercy's query all the disgust and humiliation came roaring back.

"God, Danny, you just went pale and red all at once."

"I ... I'd forgotten about her, that's all."

"I kinda remember her; she was an Asian girl, right?"

"Vietnamese. I suppose Greg told you about her."

"He said he and you and she had some kind of threesome, but he left out the nasty details. Was it nasty, Danny?"

"She was ..." He hesitated, as if he couldn't bring the words out of his throat. "She was a nice girl. She was quiet, and smart. She was dainty too, in the way that Asian girls are."

"Hmm, and I bet you had a major crush on her. You had such a thing for quiet girls."

"Mercy, for Christ's sake, I was in college. I had a crush on every girl I met. Even fucking crazy sluts like you."

He meant it to be harsh, but she laughed.

"But, what happened with Thuy? It was right around graduation time. Greg said it was about the time you started avoiding us. Wow, it must have been really traumatic for you—c'mon, tell Mercy the gory details."

"I hadn't let Greg know about her. I wanted something ... outside of my relationship with Greg and you. I wasn't feeling good about myself then. Some of the things I did, things I went along with for Greg ... I just wanted something else."

"Oh, I get it, something, or rather, someone who was pure?"

"Yeah," Danny said with emphasis. "Someone like that."

"Was she?"

"I thought so. She was sweet and shy." He smiled. "She wore glasses."

"And then Greg found out about her."

"Yeah, he came across us talking together in the quad one day. I introduced them, then I told him to stay clear of her. It was the worst thing I could have said, of course."

"You should have known Greg better by then. No way was he going to leave her alone. It was a challenge."

"Yeah, well ..."

"Well, what? C'mon, tell me."

"I got a call from Greg one afternoon. He said he was calling from Thuy's room and told me to join them. I ran over there, not knowing what he'd done. I hoped ..."


Danny shook his head. "When I got to the dorm I ran up to her floor. There were people in a hallway giggling and laughing. I got to her door, it was partway open. I know the sounds of fucking when I hear them. I should have walked away, but I went inside and closed the door behind me."


"Thuy was on the bed, on all fours, Greg was doggie fucking her. Jesus, she still had her glasses on. They looked like they were smeared with come."


"Greg never skipped a beat. He says, 'Thanks for dropping in, Danny; Thuy's been wanting to tell you something."

"He is such a bastard."

"Thuy looks up at me as Greg is pounding her from behind, then he says, 'Go on, baby, tell him.'"

"Tell you what?"

"She says ... 'You want suckee? ... I suck you long time ... I number one fuckee-suckee girl."

"You're kidding—he made her talk like that?"

"He just didn't seduce her, he made her humiliate herself. How do you make another human being do that?"

Mercy shrugged. "Danny, poor Danny. She had it in her all the time. Greg just has a way of ... I dunno, tapping those dirty desires. And, Danny, everyone has them."

"Why'd he do that to her—to me?"

"Maybe he did you a favor. Maybe he's doing you a favor now, with Ann."

"Maybe in his twisted mind he thinks so."

"Twisted? What did you do once you saw your meek little Vietnamese virgin had been reduced to a craven slut? Did you run off and cry somewhere?"

"Worse than that; I pushed my cock into her mouth. Made her gag on it. But she couldn't get enough. God, we fucked that girl every conceivable way for hours. Someone finally called the campus cops because she was making so much noise. When they showed up, Thuy called them a bunch of fucking bastards for interrupting us. She was standing in the doorway naked shouting at them, streaked with come. Greg was laughing his ass off. But when the cops left, so did I. Yeah, she consented, but I felt like a fucking rapist."

"We didn't see you much after that."

"I had to break free of you two. But I guess I never did. And here we are."

"Yup, here we are."

*               *               *

After breakfast they sampled the shops, just like any tourist couple. Mercy led him to a shop that advertised leather and vinyl club wear.

"I love this place," Mercy said. "They have really cute T-shirts, see?"

She moved to a stack of shirts and held one up OWNED. Another said SLUT. And another I like to fuck around.

"Jesus, people wear things like that in public?"

"I wouldn't be surprised if Greg bought one for Ann and she's wearing it right now."

Danny cringed. "So, this is the place he took her to be 'fitted'. Christ!"

He looked around and spotted a mannequin sporting a strategically shredded vinyl bra and a crotchless thong. He didn't want to think about what Annie would be wearing that night.

They left the shop and wandered along the Main Street and just past the outskirts of town.

"Hey, where are we going?" Mercy asked.

"I don't know. I just feel like walking."

"Hey, look." They were walking past a house with a large pool at the bottom of a slight slope from the road. A couple of pickets in the wooden fence around the property were loose and askew.

"I bet the local kids sneak in at night and use their pool." Before Danny could react, Mercy slipped through the fence. He called to her, but she ignored him. He went in after her. She stopped at the edge of the pool and stripped off her clothes.

Danny stopped in his tracks when she jumped in. He trotted to the edge and watched Mercy do a backstroke, her tits proudly jiggling with each stroke. She stopped and treaded water at the deep end. "C'mon in, it's great."

Danny looked at the house. Only one light was lit on the second floor. There was no dog apparently. He took off his clothes and plunged in. He let himself sink and then pushed himself off the bottom. Mercy swam to him and clasped her arms around his neck, pressing her hard-nippled tits into his chest.

"Kiss me, Danny. I'm supposed to be your wife this weekend."

Why not?—he thought.

His lips sealed with hers and their tongues danced. Mercy reached down and tugged at his hardening cock. "Ever fuck in the water?" she asked.

"Goddamned dirty kids!"

They turned to see an elderly man shaking his fist at them. A woman stepped around him.

"They're not kids, Angus. Disgusting! I'm calling the police."

"Oh, don't call the cops on us, Angus," Mercy pleaded in her little girl voice. "I'll give you a nice blow job."

Angus looked like he was going to have a stroke as his missus denounced Mercy as a "filthy tramp."

They swam to the edge. Danny lifted himself out and tried to haul Mercy out, but she slipped and fell backward laughing.

"Disgusting pigs!" Angus shouted.

Danny gripped Mercy's arm and lifted her out of the water. They scooped their clothes and made a break for the fence. They hadn't even dressed when they saw the flashing blue lights, and ran into the woods at the edge of the road. They waited for the cops to leave before walking back into town.

They entered their suite. There was no sign that Greg and Ann had been there all day. Mercy spun around and hugged Danny. She stood on her toes and kissed him.

"That was fun ... just like the old days."

Danny grinned. It was fun, and a wave of affection made him hug Mercy tighter. She slipped out of his arms and stripped her clothes off.

"Oh, Danny, eat me up."

He stripped out of his own clothes and backed her up to the sofa. She lay back on it and he kneeled on the floor. Then he began to kiss and nibble her body in tiny portions, over her belly, then up her arms, over her legs and down her thighs, then back. Her nipples hardened and stood out. He suckled each one. She sighed. He resumed his kisses and nibbles that were becoming nips and Mercy began to pant. He spread her pussy lips and lapped up her fluids letting his tongue course just beside but not touching her clit. He didn't have to; she gasped as her hips rocked from the effects of the orgasm.

"Damn, no one's ever made me do that just from licking."

He laid his cheek on her stomach and grinned at the sounds emanating from deep inside her. For the first time that weekend he felt some peace he didn't think he deserved.

Mercy sat up and cradled his head in her fragrant lap.

"Danny—do you love me right now?"

He started to lift his head, but she gently pushed him back into the cradle of her lap.

"I mean, right now, right this second—not forever and always."

"I—just feel good—maybe."

"Do you get Ann off like that?"

"Huh? No, she only comes after a long fuck. She comes hard, but she's just a one time a night girl."

"Not anymore."

Danny pulled away from her lap, kneeling, watching her expression change from angelic to the Mercy he knew too well.

He stood up and she giggled at his erection bobbing just above her tits.

"I think I know where he took her tonight. He took me there once. I ended up on a pool table with some guy up my ass and a huge cock in my mouth while Greg bought drinks for the house."

Danny could hear the blood rushing through his veins. A picture of Ann spread out like some carnal sacrifice in some dirty gin mill entered his head and wouldn't fade.

"How many times do you think she'll come tonight? How many times do you think she's come already?"

"Okay, Mercy, enough, okay?"

Mercy stood up, speaking to his back as he turned away from her.

"God, she'll be so crazy for cock, maybe pussy too. Wouldn't it be something if she just begged the whole PTA to put her out of her misery?"

A red hot bubble burst in Danny's head. He spun around and the back of his hand caught Mercy across the cheek. The sound shook him back to his senses.

Tears rolled down her cheeks.

"Christ—oh, shit! Mercy, I'm so sorry, I didn't mean it."

"Hurt me, you fucker! Hurt me—don't stop!"

Her eyes were wide, crazed. Danny hesitated, then he grabbed her arm and yanked her into the bedroom.

He tossed her on the bed. "Okay!"

Mercy turned over on her back, mewing like a frightened kitten. There would be no preliminaries. Danny kneeled between her thighs and plunged his cock into her cunt.

She clasped her legs around him, but the hard rocking he gave her broke the clench. He grabbed her ankles and forced her legs up and back.

"Ow! God!"

He stabbed her relentlessly with his cock. "Fucking cunt! Is this what you like—bitch!"

Mercy was crying, wailing, but it just made him crazier to fuck her hard.

"You would have sucked that old bastard. We should have given you to that pimp when we had the chance. How about bums, Mercy? You wanna fuck a gang of dirty bums? You fucking come bucket ... bitch ... Christ!"

Mercy's body rocked and her eyes rolled back as he emptied his balls into her. He pushed himself away as she curled into a fetal position, sobbing. He turned and stumbled into the lounge and collapsed on the couch.

He sat in the dark, listening to Mercy weep. "I don't care," he whispered to himself. Whatever he had become, it no longer concerned him. Maybe this was who he truly was.

He was nodding off in the dark when he felt her hand on his shoulder.

"I'm sorry, Danny. Hold me, please."

She didn't wait for an answer, but set herself in his lap and laid her head on his shoulder.

"It's just—it's the only way I can feel anything, except ..." Her shoulders heaved as she sobbed again.

"What, Mercy?"

"When you kissed me tonight—kissed me all over. Just kissed me, and I came, and it was beautiful. I got so scared."


"Scared I'd love you."

Danny shook his head. He wouldn't try to make sense of it. He lay back and she curled up with him. They fell asleep.

*               *               *

The door to the suite opened startling him awake. Then Greg and Ann were standing over them.

"Well, isn't this adorable, don't you think, honey?"

Ann looked into Danny's face, then followed the line of Mercy's naked body as she began to stir.

Ann's makeup was smeared and her short dark hair disheveled. She wore a mini-skirt that barely covered her crotch and a top that looked shredded, though Danny figured maybe it was supposed to look that way. It bared her stomach, which was splotchy with hickeys. She pressed her lips together then looked away.

"C'mon, baby," Greg said as he gently nudged her toward their room. "I'm exhausted."

Danny heard their door close. He stood and helped Mercy up. "C'mon, let's go to bed."

*               *               *

The couples shared breakfast in the morning, and then checked out. Each wife walked to her husband's car and slid into the passenger seat. It was like a ritual, Danny thought, signaling everything was back to where it was. But he knew that was impossible.

He and Ann didn't speak during the first few miles of the trip home.

Finally, she asked, "How did you like your weekend?"

It was a ludicrous question, Danny thought, but maybe they needed to talk.

"How was yours?"

"I—Danny, if you didn't want to do this, I wish you had said something."

"That's what everyone tells me—including me."

"Do you hate me?"

"Ann—do I know you well enough to hate you? I don't know."

She looked down at her knees and said nothing for several miles.

"Greg said you had a terrible crush on Mercy when you were in school," Ann said, watching the countryside sweep by. "I guess you got your chance to act on it."

"That's what Greg said, huh?"

"You two—on the couch. I—I didn't know what to—I think I was jealous."

"Did Greg fuck you in the ass?"

A sharp intake of breath was all the answer Danny needed. He glanced at her and noted the tremble in her chin.

He said, "You wouldn't let me ..."

"I know—but, it's okay. I—like it now. We can do it too."

"Sloppy seconds."


"Nothing, just thinking of something Mercy said to me."

"Did you—like fucking Mercy?"

"Mercy's a pretty mixed up woman."

"Did you?"

"Did you like fucking Greg?"

"Danny, please ..."


"I—I wanted to ... I mean, I've fantasized. I—wanted ..."


"You are so sweet when you make love to me, but sometimes I wished—that you wouldn't be so sweet. I didn't know how to tell you. Then Greg and Mercy came along, and they told me about, you know, things you three did in college. It seemed like—I thought it would be all right with you. And, when you didn't say ... that is, you didn't really object when Greg suggested this weekend."

"How do you feel about yourself, Annie?"

"I dunno ... I'd feel better if I thought it was okay with you."

He pushed his hand back over his head, threading his fingers through his hair.

"Aw, damn it, Ann. Maybe I wanted to see if you could—if you would ..."

"Be a slut?"


"Do you want me to tell you what we ... he did to me?"

"I can imagine. I don't need to hear it—well—not right now."

"Don't hate me, Danny."

"You should be hating me."

"No, no I don't. Please, I just needed to know."

"Yeah, me too." But, only in his thoughts he added Maybe some things should stay in the dark.

When they got home the girls ran into their arms. Ann's parents quizzed them about the weekend before they left, and were answered with innocuous small talk. It was getting late and they put the kids to bed.

Ann spent even longer than usual in the bathroom before she came to bed. Danny was already in bed letting his fatigue wash over him.

Ann stepped into their room with a large bath towel wrapped around her. Danny eyed her curiously.

"I—I have to show you something."

She turned and dropped the towel. Tattooed on her left ass cheek was the word KEPT On the other cheek SLUT.

"Jesus Christ!" Danny bolted up in bed.

Ann turned around. Her pussy had been shaved, or waxed. There was no hint of stubble. Another tattoo above her pussy in lurid red script read, Greg was here.

"They're not permanent," she cried. "They're just inked on. But they may take a few weeks to fade away. I'm sorry; I never should have let him."

"That prick. 'Greg was here'?"

"I'll have to cancel my doctor's appointment this week. Don't be angry, Danny."

He laughed. "The son of a bitch. Did he really think he had to rub it in my face?"


"Lie down," he ordered.

Ann sat down next to him then lay back. Danny straddled her and stared at her bald pussy and Greg's taunt.

"Greg's slut, huh?'

"Danny?" She trembled.

He pushed her thighs aside and penetrated the slickening gates of her pussy.

"Danny! ... Danny! ... Oh, God!"

"Do you love it, slut? Do you love it?"

"Yes! Yes, I love it!"

Danny hated himself—and loved it.

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