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Better Than a Blow-up Doll
© 2002 by Lauren Mills

"I have a surprise for you when we get home, honey."

My husband of twenty years laid his hand high on my thigh and stroked the silky material of my dress.  We were celebrating my forty-second birthday at our favorite intimate Italian restaurant.  Sitting in a private corner, we'd been able to touch and kiss occasionally without being seen and I was eager to get home.

"Oh, really?" I smiled and trailed a red-tipped fingernail along the bulge in his pants. "You've found me a twenty-two year old for the night? Won't you be lonely?"

"You wouldn't want a twenty-two year old," he chuckled. "All stamina and no finesse."

"You're probably right." I sighed and pouted.  He knew young men were just eye candy to me, but put some salt and pepper in a man's hair and I was lost.  At 45, his full head of hair was half gray and it blended with the rich dark brown of his youth.  His mustache was mostly gray and covered two gorgeous, full lips.  I'd told him many times before those lips belonged on women.  Fortunately, our two daughters inherited his genes.  The laugh lines around his golden eyes attested to the wonderful years we'd spent together.  Just his smile could make me wet.

We met in college in a sorority/fraternity kissing line.  I took one look at his broad shoulders, well rounded ass, and his sexy smile and it was lust at first sight.  I cheated.  I French-kissed him.  You're not allowed to do that in a sorority kissing line—fish kissing only.  I was reprimanded by the "Standard's Board" the next night for "behavior unbecoming an Alpha Chi".  I didn't care.  We all laugh now.  I married him two years later and the President who'd chastised me was my maid of honor.

"OK, let's see...  You bought a new toy?" My eyes brightened.

He shook his head.  His fingers crawled higher on my leg—a spider toying with its prey. "In a manner of speaking, you might say that." He gazed across the restaurant before bringing his eyes back to me. "Think back about six months ago when we were in Hawaii.  I asked you what your greatest fantasy was.  Do you remember?"

His hand had reached my crotch.  I think I flooded his fingers.  He couldn't be serious.

Slipping his finger under my panties and deep inside, he leaned even closer to whisper. "You wanted to be tied up and worked over by two men."

I inhaled sharply and reached for my water glass.  My mouth had suddenly gone dry.  I don't think "worked over" was exactly what I said, but damn, it was close enough.

Deciding he must be kidding, I calmed myself with a deep breath. "You bought us a blow-up doll?"

"No, he's alive and has a pulse."

"David! You're not kidding, are you?"

"Grandma has the kids for the night.  The three of us will be all alone."

His fingers were slipping in and out of me, his thumb running tiny circles around my throbbing nub.  I tried squeezing my legs together to trap him, but this only intensified his movements.

"Who is he?" I asked, fighting the urge to close my eyes and lay my head back in the booth.

"No one you know, besides, you'll be blindfolded."

I could feel the tidal wave cresting as it raced toward the shore.  My eyes were darting around frantically to make sure I wasn't the focus of anyone else's attention.  I chewed on the side of my fist while my other hand gripped his thigh.

"Now, come for me, darling, so we can go home and the two of us can fuck you."

My eyes closed instinctively.  The mental image was overwhelming and I cried out softly into my hand as wave after wave crashed upon me.  My hips lifted off the seat and rocked to his fingers.  Finally, his pressure eased and the throbbing settled.  Then the embarrassment kicked in.  I couldn't believe I'd actually come in a public restaurant.

Glancing up, I saw the waiter approaching with a smile on his face.  Reaching our table, he said politely, "Would the lady like anything else tonight?"

Casually wiping his hands on the napkin, David answered as if discussing the weather. "No, thank you, I think we'll just have dessert at home."

"Very good, sir." He glanced at me. "Very, very good."

We laughed half the way home but it was still the longest twenty minutes of my life.  When we arrived, everything looked the same, yet I felt so different.

Hanging up our coats, David said, "There's an outfit and a blindfold lying on the bed upstairs." Turning back to me, he ran his hands up and down my bare arms. "Put them on."

I stood there looking at this man I'd loved forever and knew he was giving me a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. "Are you ok with this?" I asked softly.

"It's not anything we'll make a habit of but I plan to enjoy myself as much as you." His mouth captured mine with liquid heat.  He transferred his love to me through his tongue and I sank against him as I always did.  Then, he released me, swatted my backside, and told me to get upstairs before he changed his mind.

I gazed deeply into his eyes one last time to make sure he was telling the truth and then skipped up the stairs like a child expecting Santa Claus.  Of course, I was hoping my Santa Claus was naughty, not nice.

As I opened the door to our bedroom, I gasped.  The bed had been turned down, Yanni was playing softly, and candles lit the room.  Shadows climbed the walls in the flickering candlelight.  Four of my husbands ties were lying across his pillow waiting to secure me to the bedposts.  A sterling silver tray held an ice bucket with a bottle of champagne and three elegant flutes.  Our crystal vase had been filled with a dozen red roses and the smell permeated the room.

For just a moment, I was taken aback realizing that someone else had been in my bedroom.  But then I quickly banished the thought as the reality of making love with two men inflamed me.  I glanced over to the closet door where someone had hung up a sexy gown.  I quickly removed my clothes, threw them on the floor in the closet, and closed the door.

Slipping the satin material over my head, I smiled.  My husband knew me so well.  The outfit was half corset, half gown.  He knew I was overly conscious of my protruding belly and would know I'd want it shaped into place.  I tied the laces tightly over my large chest.  My breasts weren't as firm and high as they once were, but they were still full and round.  The bottom of the corset came to the top of my thighs and from there multiple scarves of white, baby blue, and sea foam green hung and swirled around my legs.  A beautiful pair of white, strappy sandals with three inch stiletto heels fit perfectly.

I turned to study myself in the mirror.  The heels made me 5'8" tall and my legs appeared long and slender.  The twenty extra pounds I carried were bundled into the corset and my breasts were begging to spill free.  My shoulder length blonde hair curled invitingly at my neckline.  The last thing left to do was to put on the blindfold.

I hesitated, running my fingers across its satin surface.  I was incredibly nervous and for a moment I faltered.  The soft knock on the door made me jump.

"Are you ready for us, Lisa?" David asked.

My nipples tightened and my knees grew weak.  I slipped the blindfold over my head and turned toward the door.

"Yes, I'm ready."

The minute I put the blindfold on, my senses went on high alert.  Every sound, every scent, every touch was magnified.  I heard the door open and their movement into the room.

"Rick, this is my wife, Lisa," David said.. "Lisa, your other lover for tonight only, is Rick."

"You look beautiful, Lisa." His voice was rich and deep.  It was both strange and exciting to have another man see me this way .

"Thank you," I whispered quietly. "You have me at a disadvantage since I can't see you but you can see me."

David's arms cradled me from behind and pulled me against his warm body, his hands firm on my hips.  He was naked.  His chest warmed my back and his proud erection nestled against my bottom. "I want it that way," he growled, gently nibbling my neck.

I felt a strange pair of hands cup my cheeks and lift up my face.  He was close enough now that I could smell the woodsy scent emanating from his skin, so different from David's musky smell.  His hands were larger and rougher and I wondered if he worked outside.  He slid these warm hands slowly down my neck and across my shoulders, resting there.  His hair brushed my cheek as he bent to dip his tongue deeply into my cleavage.  The heat and the velvet texture sent shivers through me.  David steadied me as my legs weakened.

"I think we better move her to the bed, don't you, David?"

I stiffened and felt a moment of panic but David's voice was in my ear while he guided me to the bed. "It's ok, I'm here...  I love you...  Relax and enjoy this." He helped me to sit on the side of the bed. "How about a sip of champagne?"

"Yes...  Good, champagne would be good." He wrapped my hand around the glass and I drank deeply loving the bubbles dancing on my tongue.  I heard movement around the bed.  I knew they were taking the ties and securing them around the bedposts.

"How much freedom of movement do you want her to have?" Rick asked.

"Enough to be comfortable and to raise her knees."

"Hello, would anyone like to ask me?"



Their soft laughter filled the room.

I drank the rest of my champagne is one large gulp.  The glass was removed from my hand.

"Lisa, I want you to move yourself to the middle of the bed, lift your arms above your head, and spread your legs wide apart." It was Rick's voice, and it was sharper than before.  I shuddered and froze in place. "Do it now."

His tone was a surprise and it both frightened and aroused me.  I slid across the bed feeling the cool sheets against my bottom and laid down on my back.  My arms rose above my head as if manipulated by a master puppeteer.  Two sets of hands secured them and David's lips kissed my right wrist.

"Now your legs, Lisa.  Spread your legs for us.  Let me see how much you want this." Rick's voice was strong and demanding and clearly David had decided to let him lead.  My legs began trembling.  I knew I was soaking wet and a new pair of eyes would feast on my glistening flower.  It was too late for modesty but still, I hesitated.

"I can't," I whispered.

"Yes, you can.  And you will.  Despite what you may be feeling, you're the one in control here.  I won't do anything you don't want me to."

David squeezed my hand but said nothing.

"Now, let me see how beautiful you really are." His grip was firm but gentle as he wrapped his hands around my ankles and moved my legs up and then open.  The scarves slipped down into the valley.

They looped the ties around my ankles and stretched me further open tying my legs to the bedposts.  The heels on the shoes were so tall that my pelvis was arched upward slightly.

"These scarves are hiding the view, honey.  They've got to go." David brushed the silky material away, his fingers grazing my soft curls.  He blew softly on my exposed areas.

"Please..." I whimpered.  He knew what I wanted and I moaned softly at the heat and silky texture of his mouth between my thighs.  His hands slid sensuously from my hips to my buttocks and back.  His lips and tongue began a slow exploration.

I felt the bed dip on my left and the warmth emanating from another body so close.  Rick's hands began firmly caressing my breasts through the satin corset.  He rubbed his thumbs unrelentingly over my nipples and they rose to his touch.  Soft lips, so different from my husbands, kissed the swell of my bosom above the corset.  His hair smelled like faint pine, his skin was scented like the outdoors, his touch was foreign.  I had forgotten the excitement of a new lover.

"Your skin is so soft...  I need to see more of you."

He untied the laces of the corset, pulled open the bodice, and pushed it down to my waist.  Then his hands were on my bare flesh, kneading and rolling my breasts, thumbing and pulling my nipples gently.  I was moaning and struggling against the ties.  David's mouth moved from playful exploration designed to arouse to a focused mission of pleasure destined for release.  His tongue began a seductive dance where I needed him most.

My world was turning to black when I heard David say, "Be rough on her nipples, she likes it."

Rick's hot mouth surrounded one stiff peak and squeezed while he pinched the other one tightly.  A jolt of pleasurable pain electrified me from my nipples to my core.  Still sucking gently at my sweet spot, David thrust two fingers inside me.  The intense sensations collided and erupted, launching me higher and higher.  I thrashed my head and cried out.  Stars exploded and I came harder than I ever had...vibrant waves of color and feeling swamping me.  Gradually, it ebbed and warmth flooded every nerve ending.  I was limp, exhausted, sated.

They moved off the bed.  I couldn't speak...I couldn't move.  David wet my dry lips with his champagne-coated finger.  I lapped it up.

"Did you like that, my love?" He sat on the bed next to me.

"God, yes, David." My breath was still thready. "Thank you.  It was everything I could have imagined." I smiled marveling at my languid limbs.

"I'm glad you're happy, honey, but Rick and I are still sporting serious ragers.  I think we need a little relief too, don't you?" His tone was playful and he kissed my wet lips.

His remarks penetrated the sated fog that had engulfed me.  I giggled. "Really? I...didn't know how far you wanted to take this..." I felt desire starting to rekindle the doused flames.

The bed sank on my left.  Rick's fingers tickled their way from my knee to the top of my thigh. "I know I'd like to take it a lot farther...somewhere else you've wanted to go."

I stiffened.  His fingers continued upward and he stroked my swollen labia.  Sliding them down, he coated them with my wetness before moving even lower.

"David told me you'd like to explore anal sex. "

I gasped and flushed crimson.  Heat radiated from my face and chest.  I was mortified, speechless.

His fingers continued to trail moisture, which was flowing quite freely again, down to the tight opening below.  He rimmed the outside slowly.

I couldn't help the breathy cries escaping me.

"Don't say no.  I'm very good with beginners." He gently slipped the tip of his finger in and rimmed the inside.  I groaned loudly.

I was so excited and so scared, my legs shook like a flag in a stiff breeze.  David knew I was curious about anal sex but had no interest in it himself.  Clearly, he was offering me another way to experience this side of my sexuality.  The question was whether or not I had the courage to take it.

I hadn't said a word, but my body spoke volumes.

David lightly bit me below my ear. "Lisa, I love you...I want you to have the ultimate sexual experience...two men inside you at the same time."

I found my voice. "How?"

"You'll straddle me...  and bend low over my body.  Rick will penetrate you from behind when you're ready."

Rick pushed his wet finger deep inside me.

"Oh, my god!" I cried softly.

My wildest fantasy couldn't compare to the visions he was creating.  Rick slowly removed his finger and I felt empty.  I wanted it back and arched my hips in silent protest.

"Lisa," I felt Rick untying one of my hands. "I need to know how much you've explored.  You took my finger easily.  Have you used a dildo or a vibrator before?"

Was it possible to self combust from embarrassment? If so, I would have done it right then.  Solo anal sex was not something discussed in polite company, or any company, for that matter.

"You don't need to be embarrassed.  If everyone knew how good it was, there'd be no procreation.  It's God's way of keeping the earth populated."

His light tone had me smiling and I heard David's soft laugh.

"I...yes, I've used a vibrator..." My voice trailed off.

"Did it hurt? Or did it feel good? Or both?"

He was rubbing my palm with the pad of his thumb while David's fingers played along the tops of my breasts.

"It hurt...and then it felt good," I whispered.

"That sounds about right.  Lisa, I want you to feel me and see if I'm close to the size of the vibrator you used.  I don't want to hurt you."

He brought my hand down to his erection and I circled the base and stroked him slowly, gauging his width and length.  He was hot and hard.  It felt wonderful touching another man after so many years and I took advantage of it, exploring and caressing every inch.  He clearly enjoyed my touch.  He grew harder and his breathing deepened.  His head was not as large and plump as David's but he was a good size.  I envisioned him behind me and fought to keep from squirming against my bonds.

"You're longer and just a little wider," I finally responded.

"Then it sounds like we'll be a perfect fit." He wet kissed the palm of my hand and set it down. "I'll be wearing a very lubricated condom so you'll have nothing to worry about.  David, why don't you untie her and I'll get ...everything ready."

"Wait!...What if I change my mind?" I needed a safety net.  I wanted an out.

He came back to the bed.  His hand covered my slippery mons and rubbed sensuously before sliding down and lightly tapping my puckered star. "Then, I'll stop.  But you and I both know that won't happen.  You're ready for this."

He slipped inside and gently flexed his finger.  I would have ridden it to heaven had he not withdrawn it with a soft laugh.  I heard him walk off to the attached bathroom.

David was busy untying my other hand and my legs. "I've got to tell you, honey, seeing you stroking him was actually a major turn on for me.  But I'm feeling really lonely right now." He was rubbing my legs to make sure they didn't cramp after being apart so long.

I took pity on him and welcomed the chance to reciprocate. "Then, lie down, my sweet lover, and let me play with you for a minute." The weight of his body sank on top of mine and we kissed passionately, then he rolled onto his back, pulling me on top of him.  I kissed his eyes and his cheeks.  I dove my tongue in his ear.  He shivered deliciously.  I nibbled my way along his neck, inhaling his musky scent. "I love the way you smell."

I heard Rick come back from the bathroom and I knew he was watching me love my husband and it excited me even more.  I knelt between David's legs and took his marble staff in my hands and squeezed, knowing the beautiful head would plump and swell.  I circled his luscious plum with my tongue before covering it greedily with my mouth.  I loved his deep sigh.  Sucking hard, I stroked him with one hand and cuddled his balls with the other.  He liked a firm mouth and a soft hand; the contrast drove him crazy.

I was so focused on David that I didn't realize Rick had moved behind me until the mattress sank and I nearly lost my balance.  Rick's hands secured me with a firm hold on my rib cage.  The corset was still bunched around my waist but no one seemed to care.  I released David from my mouth as Rick captured my breasts and pulled me upright.  His chest was a solid wall against my back.  His hands caressed me tenderly and his arousal brushed against my cheeks.  My breath caught and I grabbed his thighs to steady myself as a burning desire spread through me.  I couldn't help pressing my bottom into him and my head fell back to rest on his shoulder.  David's fingers found me wet and swollen.

"David, take a couple of pillows and put them under your hips so Lisa will be at a better height for me."

I felt David shifting the pillows underneath him .

Rick trailed his warm tongue from my collarbone up to my ear.  His voice was husky. "Lisa, straddle your husband."

"Oh, God," my voice hitched, "I don't know if I can do this..." My whole body was shaking with a need that consumed me and a fear that paralyzed me.

"I'll take good care of you," he whispered, still nuzzling my neck.

"David?" I asked.

"It'll be good, Lisa." His voice was reassuring.  He pulled me forward from Rick's grasp and positioned himself at the center of my heat. "Sit on me ...I need you."

My body ached with longing...with curiosity...  with trepidation.  I sank down on top of him and gasped.  He felt so large, so hot, and he filled me completely.  My muscles throbbed around him.

"I knew you could do it.  Come here love..."

I kissed him deeply as my full breasts tantalized his chest.  He loved it when I ran my pebble hard nipples along his sensitive skin.

The pillows lifted his hips so that as I leaned down, my bottom was higher than my chest.

As I was kissing David, Rick was rubbing a slippery gel around and between my cheeks.  His finger slid up and down my slit slowly and repeatedly.  It felt sinful and naughty and sexy as hell.  His touch was so erotic; incoherent moans and whimpers escaped my mouth.  Desire flooded through me.

His large warm hand settled low on my back.  He rubbed the tight muscles there, slowly attempting to calm my trembling limbs.

"Ok, Lisa, relax for me..."

He gently pulled my cheeks apart and I thought I'd come right then.  I felt the head of his sex nestle at my tight opening and I know I clenched but I couldn't help it.

"It's ok." His voice was low and silky. "Just relax..."

He gently rubbed and prodded making every nerve ending tingle.  I took a deep breath, let it out slowly, and willed my body to accept him.

His hand pressed into the small of my back again, holding me still.  I cried out as his head penetrated slowly but firmly.  A bright flash of pain was quickly replaced with an urgency...  a hunger...  a blind yearning.  He stopped for a minute to let me adjust to his penetration.

"You're doing great, Lisa, are you ok?"

"Yes," I whispered.  A brush fire was consuming me.

Slowly I was stretched as inch after inch filled me until his balls cushioned my bottom.  I couldn't move away...I couldn't breathe...  I couldn't think beyond the burning need inside me.

He positioned his hands on my hips and slowly pushed me away and pulled me back.  The movement rocked me on David's staff as well.  Two steel rods invaded, two steel rods retreated.  It was torture...the clouds of heaven licked by the fires of hell.  Sweet pain and blissful pleasure fought for dominance.  Our movements quickened and I lost all sense of time and space.  I rode these two men, screaming as I clenched and milked their firm members.  I climaxed hard and fast, soaking David.  They both came shortly behind me, and I laid exhausted, collapsed on David's chest.  Rick's head was heavy between my shoulder blades, his breathing ragged.

Our bodies rested in a tangled mass of heated limbs while we recovered.  After a few minutes, Rick withdrew and I winced slightly.  He gave one of my cheeks a last fondle.

"Happy Birthday, Lisa, I hope you had as much fun as I did," he said.

I smiled, laying spent on David's chest, but I roused myself enough to respond. "Thank you, you're much better than a blow-up doll."

His deep, rich laughter filled the room. "I'm what?"

David replied, "Never mind.  Inside joke."

I heard the door open and close.  He was gone.

David removed the blindfold and I lifted my head to gaze into his loving eyes.  He was smiling and looking quite pleased with himself.

"Don't look so smug," I said, grinning.. "You're still not getting the 20-year-old twins you wanted for your birthday."

He just wrapped his arms around me secure in our love. "Happy Birthday, honey."

© 2002 Lauren Mills.  All rights reserved. Content may not be copied or used in whole or part without written permission from the author.

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Caitlin Comes Clean
by Jerry Rightson

Something To Make...
by Jim Parr

Melanie and Jay Go...
by jtallen

Peeping George
by Jude Mason

It's Lovely. It's Horrible.
by Kathleen Bradean

The Temp
by Kaye Heche

A Husband's Lesson
by Kim Bax

Better Than a Blow...
by Lauren Mills

Page 12 - No. F
by LilyOrchid

In The Name Of...
by Michael Michele

The Classics
by Nettie Kestler

The Wounded Healer
by Nicholas M.

by Nick Santa Rosa

The Cabin
by P. E. Brink

Post Mortem
by Riccardo Berra

Newly Reformed Woman...
by Seneca Mayfair

by Sybil Rush

by Teresa Lamai

Alter Christus
by Teresa Wymore

Shadows of De La Rosa
by Tori Diaz
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