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This Desolate Eden
by G. Russell © 2005

Lisa fed the few remaining sticks of furniture to the fire.

"Guys, we're the last three survivors on this sorry-assed world, so we'd better decide once and for all how this is going to work."

Jerboa nodded. "Although I'm older than this upstart here..."

"Older by about sixty years, pops," Derek said. The flames of the hungry fire inside the tiny lean-to made Derek appear even bigger, more muscular; like a mythic warrior from ancient times.

"As I was saying," Jerboa stirred the embers of the dying fire. "Although I'm older, my one leg is lame, and my sense of sight eroded by the radioactive winds, I am, with no doubt the better man."

Derek laughed. "That was a compelling speech. What do you do for an encore, break wind?"

"If you'll allow me to continue, you guttersnipe, I am older granted, but with age comes experience and knowledge. I can build a lean-to, and I'm good at hunting for rats."

"And making ratatouille, no doubt."

Ignoring Derek, Jerboa turned to Lisa. "I can hunt dogs, cats and other animals that survived the fallout, and," his voice took on an unusual softness, "Lisa, I can satisfy you like only an experienced man can."

Jerboa folded his arms, and looked at Derek.

Derek dismissed Jerboa with a cursory glance. "Lisa, while these things Jerboa says may be true, I have something he doesn't. Unlike this dotard, I have all my limbs, all my faculties, and there's my beauty to match yours."

He paused, adding, "What's more, I'll never age or become senile, because I'm no ordinary man; I'm practically indestructible. I'm an android."

"Hah." Jerboa gave Lisa a triumphant grin. "I thought as much. By his own admission he's an android. A robot! What use is he for continuing the human race? How do you plan to do that, metal man? Splice source codes? Write a programme?"

Derek smiled coldly. "Lisa, this dim-witted oldster is stupider than he looks. If he had a quark of brain left in that misshapen head, he would know that androids, the last series, my series, can reproduce as any human can."

Lisa raised an eyebrow. "I'd read such things, but didn't believe it could be true."

"It is true. Furthermore, I have the works of Sir Richard Burton, Kinsey, Frank Harris and Georges Bataille in my memory banks. I can make love in more ways than this ugly turtle can compute."

Jerboa laughed bitterly. "Compute! You can't compute sex, you damned talking abacus. You've been programmed, all right. Programmed like a fricking washing machine."

"Shut up, both of you. You've been at each other's throats for days now and it's driving me nuts."

"Then end this. Choose now. Which of us will it be?"

"As if there's any doubt."

"It won't be you, you tin can," Jerboa snapped.

Lisa glowered at both of them. "Shh. This is what I've decided. For the future of porn kind, I'll sleep with both of you. After, I'll make my decision."

Jerboa and Derek looked at one another.

"No competition," said Derek, after a suitable pause. "If you have no objection, Lisa, I'll go first."

Lisa nodded. "Jerboa, would you mind waiting outside."

The older man hesitated, nodded. He raised the tattered cloth that served as a door. "No doubt this won't take very long. I'll be back in five minutes."

Derek turned to Lisa. "Take no notice of that old fool, it's just sour grapes."

Lisa smiled. She took the band from her long, blonde hair and shook it loose. "Don't take Jerboa too seriously. He's just on edge. I guess we all are."

"Are you afraid, of me?"

"Yes, aren't you? A little?"

Derek shrugged. "Am I afraid of you? My whole future depends on you. Without companionship, my life means nothing. But it's not just that. Loneliness I can live with. It's you, Lisa. You really are very beautiful. I'd hate to think I might never see your beauty again."

She wrinkled her nose and laughed. Beautiful? She didn't know about that. It had been a long time since she'd last seen her reflection. She knew that her brown eyes and pouting lips dominated her face rather captivatingly, and she supposed men might have found that beautiful. Her figure was lithe, large breasted and her legs were shapely. But she didn't know if she were beautiful. The word, 'beauty' had lost all its meaning.

"You look like an angel, Lisa."

"A grubby angel. I spent the last month crawling through conduits looking for stuff to salvage."

"Did you find anything useful?"

"Not much. A few skulls, was all. Oh, and a ballgown of all things. It was red silk, and very soft to touch."

"Did you wear it?"

"I didn't dare."


"It would've been too painful."

"I think I understand."

"Can you?" smiled Lisa. "It's like now the war is over, everything has been lost, the past and the future. There's nothing left."

"Except us three."

"Yes, us three."

"There may be no past or future. But we still have the present to enjoy."

Derek sat down beside her on the bed of animal furs, and Lisa's stomach tightened. "I have to admit," she said, "you're more pleasing to the eye than Jerboa."

"I should hope so. A wart hog would be more pleasing to look at than Jerboa. Probably better company too."

Lisa smiled. She fell silent. When their eyes met, she became thoughtful and looked away. Derek was very handsome. He looked like the men she'd seen in old magazines she sometimes found.

"Is this real hair?" she asked, daring to touch Derek's blonde locks.

"Of course. It grows too, like human hair."

"It smells like human hair, like I think forests and birds and things would've smelled."

"Nothing compares to your perfume."

"That's nice." Some of the nervousness melted from her limbs. She liked Derek. He was charming, regardless of what Jerboa said. She felt she could trust the android. She was secretly glad that it was him instead of Jerboa, who was to take her virginity.

They smiled at one another, shyly; Lisa reached for his hand. It felt warm, strong. Holding Derek's hand, Lisa was still not entirely convinced he was an android. But then, she'd never seen an android. She'd spent the first decade of her life hiding from them. She smiled again. He had such nice, white teeth, and his hands were firm, and friendly.

Their lips met in a kiss, their tongues flickered and met. She sighed and pulled him tighter into her embrace. A thrill of excitement caused her to tremble. She closed her eyes to delightful sensations lingering kisses on her neck, eyelids, her lips, his hand gliding over her bared body, gliding with a soft strength, as though he knew her intimately, knew exactly where to touch, how to excite.

"Derek." She fingered his tunic. " I've been on my own for a long time, I've never known a man, uh, intimately."

"You don't have to worry about anything, Lisa. Just relax, and let me show you how good it can be."

She still felt odd, but in a way freer, less inhibited.

"You really are beautiful, you know. Your body is soft, sexy." Derek traced Lisa's lips and skimmed down to the wolf skins she wore. With a gentle tug, the animal fur came away from Lisa's body, and he ran a finger over the downward curve of her bared breast. At the hard, pink nipple he circled slowly, barely touching the shivering crest.

Lisa gave a low moan. She'd never imagined that another's touch could feel so good, so right. Replying, she traced the muscles in his back, felt them ripple as his arms wrapped themselves around her, caressing, enveloping. Lisa moaned again as his palm washed over her hip, her thigh, then explored higher, causing her to shudder, gasp.

"Just relax, Lisa," Derek breathed into her ear.

"It's difficult, every time you touch me, it's like, it feels, oh, wonderful."

Wonderful! There was no other word to describe it, she thought. She allowed her legs to part under the coaxing pressure of his hand, continuing along the taut path of her inner thigh. She jumped as he brushed her cunt. He retreated. They kissed again. His touch returned, insistent, rubbing, slipping over her responding body until she sighed, and thrust her hips in reply, urging him to go further.

"I like that," she sighed. "Whatever it is you're doing, I like it."

"I'm stroking your cunt, feeling your pussy clench my finger. You're so tight. You feel divine."

Lisa threw her arm across her eyes. The night air touched her naked body, pinpricking her breasts into tightness. She felt like a child again, safe and alive. She groaned. This was beautiful, everything she had hoped, imagined. It was exciting and relaxing, an awakening. This must have been what it as like for the porn worlders, she thought, melting.

Her bosom rose and fell, her legs spread wider. Now all thoughts of Derek being a robot were forgotten. He smelled like a man, was warm and hard like a man, and his hand, thrusting in and out, was making love to her, as a man.

"Oh God," she sobbed.

"How was that?" Derek asked, watching as her body subsided, melted over the animal skin bed.

"What happened?"

"You had an orgasm; caused by the release of Oxcytocin, a neurotransmitter synthesised by the hypothalamus."

"It was wonderful," she replied dreamily. "It was like being outside of time."

"Did the earth move? This is the most commonly used expression when a woman experiences orgasm."

"It quaked! On the Richter scale I'd give it eleven out of ten. I feel like going to sleep now."

"That too is usual, after orgasm."

"But I won't." Lisa stirred. "What about you? I want to see if it's true what you say about androids being the same as men."

Quickly, she unbuttoned his leggings, and his penis sprang into view. She gasped at the first sight of an erect penis. Her eyes widened. Derek's penis was much larger than the illustrations she'd once come across in the ruins of a library. It was larger, she compared, than the length of her hand. She could barely close her fingers over it. It was veined, but pretty, in a gnarly way. She peeled back the foreskin, noting that the revealed glans was dripping silver liquid.

"What do I do to make this work?" she asked, wetting her lips with her tongue.

"Continue rubbing it, the friction is enjoyable."

"It's getting so big."

"Would you like to pop it into your cunt, to warm it up?"

Lisa raised an eyebrow. She took his penis in both hands. It looked even bigger, poised at the entrance of her cunt. Stroking, she separated her swollen labia, baring the glistening pink hole beyond. She pushed her hips downwards onto his erection, gasped.

She paused, her naked body briefly frozen. She needed to control the speed of penetration. This wasn't like when she frigged herself with her hairbrush, with the thrust of its thin handle controlled by the angle of her wrist. She waited for the pain she expected, but there was none—a slight, pleasurable ache as her vagina stretched to accommodate his cock, but she found the gentle see-sawing soon eliminated the discomfort.

"Oh, yes. Harder," she cried.

Derek's cock seemed to twist and turn, touching every part of her. The textbooks said women had no feeling in the deeper parts of their cunts, but she felt his shaft—felt it against the mouth of her womb, and soon, she felt him ejaculate, and the warmth of his orgasm trickled down her thighs. They rested upon one another for a while. She brushed her hair out of her eyes, and kissed him gratefully.

"Thanks for showing me," she said, huskily. Her voice was hoarse from screaming, and she felt light-headed and achy. She felt glorious. For the first time in her life, Lisa felt truly alive. She wanted to hold onto that feeling, to keep it warm, nurtured. She wondered if Derek was ready for more lovemaking. Outside, she heard the shuffling of feet, and a polite, 'ahem.'

"Darn, I forget about Jerboa."

"Who's he?" Derek got up and dressed; Lisa untangled the burrs in her hair. Jerboa was leaning on his crutch, staring. She pulled the animal furs up to her breasts. How ugly he was, she thought. He looked like a giant snail, with his baldness, bulging eyes, humpy back and missing leg. A half-man, not a true man at all.

"Well, Jerboa? What are you waiting for? This is what you wanted isn't it? For three days you've been eyeing me, groping me. Well, here's me now. Just like you wanted."

Without a word, he unbuttoned his shirt, revealing a sunken chest, and a morose potbelly. His arms were like sticks, and his torso was pockmarked with old wounds and scars. The left nipple was missing.

"Not a pretty sight, am I?" he said, taking off his trousers. "Not as handsome as Derek, but he's just a boy, a boydroid. What does he know?"

"He knew a lot about how to please a woman," Lisa replied.

"I'll have none of your hoity-toity. You ought to be ashamed, acting like a whore for that thing. It's worse than that; it's like sleeping with the enemy. It was the androids who started the war. And you just let one fuck you. How could you even consider such a filthy thing?"

"How dare you! It wasn't like that at all."

"I'll have less of your answer-back, too. You're young enough to be my granddaughter, but you're not too old that you can't be taught a lesson in manners."

Grabbing her arms, Jerboa dragged Lisa from under the furs and threw her over his knee. "And naughty girls deserve to be punished."

"What do you think you're doing?" she cried, trying to hide her naked bottom with her hands.

"You've been asking for this, strumpet. You might be the last woman left alive, but a good spanking wouldn't go amiss."

"I'll call Derek!"

"In this wind? Go ahead, he wouldn't hear you."

"Don't you dare hit me," she said, throwing him daggers with her eyes over her shoulder.

"And don't you presume to tell your elders and betters what to do, you trollop."

Lisa wriggled on Jerboa's lap. Horrid man. Beast. Pervert! The thought made her blush—he was staring at her uncovered bottom, the disgusting old man. She groaned in despair. She should have listened to Derek. Derek was right. Jerboa was a beast.

Thwack! A stinging pain rocked through her bottom. She yowled. She beat the floor with her fists and kicked out with her legs. She felt his hands grasp an ankle. His other hand, hard as stone, hit her bottom again, harder.

"Ow! Jerboa. That hurt."

"That was the intention."

She watched helpless, over her shoulder. 'You see what will happen if you dare', her eyes promised. Jerboa raised his arm and let it fall. The sound of flesh hitting flesh echoed obscenely loud in the little lean-to. Lisa yowled.

How dare he!

'The monster.' Lisa squirmed and wept; each blow a source of white heat and humiliation. Harder the blows rained down across her ass, patterning her bottom swift and hard. Her yells became longer, lower, descending into sobs of defeat. It stung, it hurt. Monster.

Lisa gasped. She wiped the tears from her eyes. The burning patterning her behind, was spreading, spreading outwards from her loins like warm chocolate melting inside.

"You like that, don't you?" Jerboa said. He was breathing hard. His breath creaked and wheezed. She hated him, making her feel like this, getting turned on, it wasn't natural.

"Oh God, don't stop." She wiggled on his lap, wanting that hot contact, wanting more. He complied, spanking her until she felt a force gathering, a tempest uncontrollable that couldn't be denied, and she shrieked in pleasure.

Jerboa stopped spanking as her cries died away. She felt his fingers gathering her sweat-soaked hair into a braid. "Up on the bed with you."

Rubbing her burning bottom, Lisa got on all fours and raised her bottom into the air. Her body felt as soft as butter, to be pressed and spread as he saw fit.

"Knees further apart, that's better."

She heard him hawk and spit. The saliva splashed into the cleavage of her buttocks.

"Not wishing to appear ungrateful, but I'm not keen to follow where that android's been," Jerboa said, and positioned his cock further back, where his spittle was cooling.

Lisa groaned. No. Not there. It wasn't possible. "Please, Jerboa."

"Quiet. You've had your fun, now it's time for mine."

Lisa bit her lip. She felt him pressing forward, his penis unbending; Jerboa huffed; her eyes widened. This was horrible. The thought of this ugly, bad tempered old man using her bum, using her like she was a catamite made her blush with rage. The pain intensified. She forced her body to relax, expelling his thrusts like she was trying to fart him out, and then suddenly he was all the way in, or so it seemed.

He paused, then pushed in again. In wonder, she felt more of his penis penetrate her forbidden heat. She groaned, swivelled her hips, attempting to finish it swiftly.

But Jerboa was too crafty to be caught out with such ploys, she realised. He continued. She pushed back with her buttocks, pressing him in deeper, tighter. The discomfort had lessened. The harder he fucked, the more pleasurable it was, much to Lisa's astonishment. She liked it. She groaned, climaxing and squeezing her bottom as he spurted his orgasm deep within her bowels.

Jerboa fell, gasping for breath, across her back. The couple said nothing for a while. Then, disengaging, Lisa kissed Jerboa and stroked his softening cock.

"That was different. I sort of liked it, in the finish."

"I thought you might."

"I'd read about it, but never dreamed I would have it done to me, or that I would enjoy it."

"The spanking, or the arse-fucking?"

"Both," she replied, feeling embarrassed and also at ease. Nature had given her an extra hole for a man's enjoyment and her own pleasure too. It seemed natural, not dirty. It was another gift her body could bestow to her final choice of mate.

"Have you made your mind up, girl?" asked Jerboa, as though reading her thoughts.

There was a long pause. Lisa said, "Yes, I have, but I'll speak to both of you together. Can you call Derek for me?"

Jerboa raised himself up on one elbow. "I hope you've made the right decision. For the sake of future generations—if there are to be any."

Lisa's face gave away nothing. She wiped her bottom with a scrap of cloth and wriggled into her fur loin cloth and brassiere.

"It's cold outside." Jerboa dressed and tucked his gun into the waistband of his trews. "Snowing too. With any luck the ice has frozen his circuitry."

"Hell will freeze over first, old man," said Derek, coming back in.

"I thought you might have had the good sense to get stuck in a snow drift."

"Believe me, watching an old pervert like you abusing this innocent lovely, I was very nearly tempted."

"Enough! Both of you. This is awkward enough as it is without you two squabbling like two horrible kids," snapped Lisa. "If you can't be civil, I'll be on my way and you'll have naught but one another for company."

Derek folded his arms; said nothing.

"What's your decision?" Jerboa asked.

Lisa stared at both of them for a long time. "It wasn't easy, but I've made my choice."

The two men looked at one another.

"It's plain to see that there's no way you two will ever do the sensible thing and share me, as I would have preferred. You're both so stubborn and mean to one another that life with the pair of you would be intolerable. I'd rather go back to the caverns than live with that option. But, I've made my choice."

She looked at Jerboa, and shook her head.

Catching her look, Derek grinned.

"Derek, I'm afraid it could never work out between us," Lisa said. "Because your are, ultimately, a machine. You could never really love me as a man could, even an imperfect, mean-hearted bully of a man like Jerboa."

"I see," said Derek, sucking on his teeth.

"So off you go," Jerboa said. "Metal Mickey."

"What if I were lying about being an android?"

Lisa frowned.

"Don't listen to him, he's lying. You heard what she said. She doesn't want you. Scat!"

"No, wait," said Lisa. "Derek, tell us the truth, are you human or android?"

"I'm human. Here look." Derek pulled a knife and swiped it across his palm. Blood welled to the surface. "Not even the most advanced androids bleed."

"It's too late," Jerboa shook his head. "She's made her decision."

"No, I'll have to rethink." Lisa said.

"No hard feelings, eh pops?" Derek grinned and folded his knife back.

"None at all," Jerboa said. He pulled out his revolver, and shot Derek in the face. Derek fell down, dead.

"Oh, he was a human after all," said Jerboa, stirring the corpse with his foot.

"Was there any need for that?" Lisa said. "I still would have chosen you anyway."

Jerboa shook his head. "Well, there's no point crying over spilled blood. It's finished, for better or worse. Here, you'd better go outside and find some firewood before the storm hits. There's a brace of cats outside I caught earlier. When you've got the fire burning you can gut them and cook us some dinner. Then, I'll warm your little belly for you, if I'm not too drowsy."

"Not yet," purred Lisa, laying back on the bed and opening her thighs. "Come and warm me up now, like you did last time." She put a restraining hand to his chest. "But this time can you use the proper entrance, please?"

Jerboa grinned. "Maybe, maybe not. That's for me to decide what hole I'll use."

Lisa pouted and turned onto her belly and waved her feet in the air. "You big old bully. I do think you enjoy hurting and humiliating me."

Jerboa said, "Come on girl, it's just sensible. We'd never survive if you got pregnant. Another mouth to feed with food as scarce as it is."

"But I don't need to eat, Jerboa."


"Haven't you guessed it yet? The war and everything, the destruction of porn world. Don't you yet know what's happened, and what your fate is?


She put the revolver to his head. "I'm an android."

"Oh, crap." Jerboa swallowed. "You're one of them friendly ones, right? A pleasure droid?"

Lisa smiled. She shook her head.

"No, 'fraid not," she replied. "I've been hunting you two last humans for a while now. Do you know a prayer, last human?"

"Our fuh-father.."

"Who art in heaven.."

"Hallowed be thine nuh, name."

"Thy kingdom come, on Porn World,"

Lisa put the gun to Jerboa's head and pulled the trigger. The gun roared.

"As it is in Heaven," she concluded.

© 2005 G. Russell. All rights reserved. Content may not be copied or used in whole or part without written permission from the author.

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The Temp
by Kaye Heche

A Husband's Lesson
by Kim Bax

Better Than a Blow...
by Lauren Mills

Page 12 - No. F
by LilyOrchid

In The Name Of...
by Michael Michele

The Classics
by Nettie Kestler

The Wounded Healer
by Nicholas M.

by Nick Santa Rosa

The Cabin
by P. E. Brink

Post Mortem
by Riccardo Berra

Newly Reformed Woman...
by Seneca Mayfair

by Sybil Rush

by Teresa Lamai

Alter Christus
by Teresa Wymore

Shadows of De La Rosa
by Tori Diaz
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