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Wynter O'Reilly

The Wingless Fairy
By Wynter O'Reilly

Eiry gazed around as Derian set her down on a bed. The room surrounding them was black marble, blood red curtains hung separating doorways.

Derian stood before her his black eyes taking in every inch of her being. After a moment, he asked, “What are you?”

She swallowed the lump of fear in her throat. “I was an Ice Fairy

“Was? How did you lose your wings?”

“The Darigan…”

He smiled and actually laughed. “My pets enjoy having fun at the expense of others.”

Eiry’s heart quickened it’s already fast pace. His pets? The creatures had held her down and tortuously cut her beautiful wings from her. Leaving her this shell. Fear iced over into anger and rage.

Launching herself from the bed she attacked him with all she had. Still laughing he caught her, pinning her to him. Her small fists did nothing so she slapped him. The sound resonated throughout the room.

Derian let go of her suddenly and she stumbled falling to the floor. He’d stopped laughing but grinned down at her rubbing the cheek she’d slapped.

“So a fairy doesn’t lose all their powers with their wings.”

Eiry swallowed, trying to rid herself of the fear that had returned and balled in her throat. Something flashed in the Gods dark eyes, but was gone before she could grasp what it was. Kneeling down he took her chin in his hand making her look at him.

“I’m going to teach you how to find pleasure in pain, my little wingless fairy.”

Letting go of her chin, he scooped her up in his arms and gently laid her back on the bed. Slipping his hand under her robe he caressed one of her breasts. She gasped but didn’t pull away.

“Let your lessons begin.” He pinched her nipple applying pressure till she whimpered.

Eiry gazed up into his hard black eyes. The sensation of his hand on her chest was new. It warmed her to her core. She shifted, as he continued to pinch and tug at her nipples. His other hand slid down between her thighs. A moan found its way out of her mouth as he began to stroke the soft skin there.

“Are you enjoying this?”

She nodded. Grinning he gave her nipple a sharp, yet not unpleasant tug. “Yes Master.”

“Yes Master.” She repeated, as his fingers pinched the small bud between her lips. She moaned, her hips arching toward him.

He leaned toward her, placing his mouth on her breast. He suckled it, as his fingers strayed lower brushing her opening. Suddenly he bit down hard on her nipple, causing her to cry out as pain radiated out. It only lasted a moment, as he then laved the area with his tongue.

She found the sensations confusing, painful and pleasurable at the same time. His finger touched her entrance. She gasped and tried not to jerk away.

He pressed slightly, and Eiry found herself opening to him. Her body stretching to accommodate his finger.

Derian pulled his mouth from her breast and removed his finger.

Looking up she wondered if he was done with her. If perhaps she hadn’t pleased him and he would be rid of her. She found his clothing had disappeared. He kneeled on the bed between her legs. “You have never had a man.”

It really wasn’t a question but Eiry replied, “No, Master.”

Placing each of her legs over his shoulders. He asked, “Why not, you’re of age?”

“I…” She forgot what she was going to say as his tongue flicked a crossed her clit. Closing her eyes she tried to focus on his question. “I was part of the Seasons. We are not allowed…” Her words trailed off into a moan.

His tongue danced down to her entrance, then plunged inside. Eiry gasped as her hips arched on their own accord. She didn’t know what he was doing to her. Her body felt strange as if something was building.

Eiry groaned, as Derian slid her back down to the bed. “I think you’re ready.”

He didn’t give her time to think on his words. She felt the head of his member enter her. When she tried to pull back, he held her hips and thrust. A painful tearing had Eiry crying out, yet it only lasted a moment. The full feeling it left behind was more good than bad. She clutched the blankets as he thrust in and out of her. Bring back the feeling of being so close to something… then her world exploded. Tiny lights dance behind her closed eyelids. Her muscles spasmed, squeezing on him. For a moment he paused then returned to moving within her. His pace quickened, causing her body to writher and thrash as she cried out. Finally he stopped buried deep in her. He groaned and sighed.

For a long moment neither moved. Eiry’s body was a mass of twitching, spasming muscles.

Finally Derian removed himself from her. Smoothing her hair back he kissed her temple. “I was right about you.”

He smiled when she gave him a confused look. Lifting her into his arms again, he carried her through the curtain into the next room, which was a bathing room. Dark marble decorated this room as well. In the center was a deep pool. Over it was an opening in the ceiling letting in sunlight.

Derian carried her over and waded into the pool. Warm water lapped at her as he walked to a small ledge jutting from the side of the pool and sat down keeping her on his lap.

“These are your rooms, this one will become whatever you need or want.” His hands ran over her breasts and down between her thighs as he spoke.

It was strange how she had gone from being afraid, angry and ready for death to feeling … sated.

About Wynter O'Reilly

Wynter O'Reilly lives in the Adirondack Mountains with her husband and mutt Hemi. She spends most her free time writing or reading, when not doing either of those she spends her time outdoors hiking, kayaking or various other actives. Wynter's love of books is what inspired her to start writing and with her active, some times over active, imagination it seemed like a good outlet.

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