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Penelope Street

Mrs. Desario and the Nanny Whore
by Penelope Street

For the first six months I worked for Margaret DeSario, I thought she'd hired me to take care of her two preschoolers. I had no cause to think otherwise. She had ALS and was by then confined to a wheelchair, so I ended up taking care of her a bit too. Because it was a round-the-clock job, I couldn't even think of a social life. Not that I minded—my social life hadn't been all that before and I enjoyed being a pseudo-member of the family. Plus, living in the secondary suite that was their basement allowed me to save almost all of my already generous salary.

At my three-month-review, Mrs. DeSario sang my praises and gave me a raise, so I had high hopes at our six month meeting that I might get another. It wasn't as if she and her husband were hurting for money.

But my hopes turned to alarm when the first thing she said was, "Remember in your interview when I mentioned being picky and never having kept a nanny beyond three months?"

I tried to imagine what I might have done wrong. "Yes?"

Mrs. DeSario smiled. "Well, Sandra, I don't want you to suppose I'm any less picky when I say I'm pleased with your performance so far."

"Thank you," I replied with a sigh of relief.

"But I'm afraid I still can't keep you unless you're willing to accept some additional duties. Of course, we'll increase your pay too."

My relief was over just that fast. I assumed she wanted me to tend more to her than I had been, but I wasn't a nurse and anyone could see that she might need one soon. "What did you have in mind?"

She twisted the fingers of both hands amongst one another. "What I'm going to say will probably be something of a shock to you, so I want your word beforehand you're not going to overreact and make a scene?"

"Ok," I agreed, wondering if she was worried about asking me to bathe her or something like that.

"So you'll listen calmly to my proposal?"


"Good. I want you to seduce my husband."

My eyebrows dropped into a line. "What?"

"You heard me. I want you to have intimate relations with my husband, with a substantial increase to your salary, of course."

I tried to blink away my disbelief. "You're kidding, right?"

She shook her head. "Not in the least."

My eyes narrowed. "You're going to fire me if I don't sleep with your husband?"

She shrugged, then nodded. "Yes."

I leapt from the sofa. "You can't be serious?!

"Now, now, Sandra," she whispered, bringing the upright index finger of her right hand to her lips. Her left hand she extended, with fingers spread and palm downward, motioning that I retake my seat. "You agreed to listen calmly and not make a scene."

"Just how calm did you expect me to be?!"

"I'm sorry you feel that way. I had high hopes you'd be more open minded."

My heart pounded in my ears while my psyche tried to sort out what I was hearing. "You thought I'd want to be your husband's whore?"

"Whore?" With her lips pressed into a line, she shook her head. "The word has such ugly connotations. Even call-girl sounds so much classier, don't you think? But in your case I think an even nobler term would be appropriate. Courtesan perhaps? And you'd be working for me, not my husband. Don't forget that. He must never know I paid you."

My jaw fell. "He's not in on this? What makes you think he's even interested?"

She motioned again with her hand. "Do sit down and at least humor a dying woman?"

I pulled the back of my skirt to my knees and returned to the sofa. "Ok. Consider yourself humored."

"Thank you."

"You're not welcome," I replied in the calmest tone I could manage. "This is the most unjust, vulgar thing I have ever heard of. You hired me to be a nanny, not a whore!"

She laughed. "You think I'm unfair offering you money to please the man I love in ways I can't?" She looked downward and ran her splayed fingers from her bosom to her knees. "This isn't fair." She turned her suddenly moist eyes back to me. "And I always had in mind extending your duties beyond those of just a nanny."


"Carl hasn't been intimate with me in over a year. He's a good man, but he has needs I can no longer satisfy. And a year is a long time. Of course, because he's a good man, he'd never take advantage of you. That's why I need you to seduce him."

I crossed my arms and leaned backward. "Why don't you just hire a professional?"

"You mean an actual prostitute?"


"I'm not letting any disease-ridden tramp into my home, let alone near my daughters. I need someone I can trust."

"So I'm a disease-free tramp?" I rolled my eyes. "I'm so honored."

"In an odd way, you should be. Carl deserves the best."

"Never mind what I deserve."

"You'll be compensated."

I shook my head. "You know this is totally illegal?"

"Of course it is," she admitted. "But you don't seriously expect anyone would believe you if you told them, do you? Besides, if it was legal, I wouldn't be willing to pay you ten times what we've been paying you."

I inhaled a crisp breath and sat upright. "Ten times?"

"Yes," Mrs. DeSario said with a nod. "I wouldn't want you to imagine I value your services lightly."

Leaning forward, I planted my palms on the cushions beside my knees. "How often do you expect me to do these, uh, services?"

"For that kind of money, anytime he wants."

My gaze dropped to the carpet beneath her wheelchair. What woman hasn't wondered if she would do it for a million dollars? Of course, it wasn't that much and it wasn't just one night, but another six months at that rate would still cover four years of college and then some. I snapped my eyes upward again. "Can I think about it?"

"Of course." A smile spread across her face. "Why don't you sleep on it?

About Penelope Street

The middle child of three born to a career soldier, Penny followed her father and older brother, enlisting in the military, where she met her husband. The birth of their daughter compelled Penny to leave active duty as a soldier for the even more active duty of being a mom. Though their marriage would not last, the couple parted as, and has remained, friends. Penny currently lives in the American Midwest with her partner of a dozen years. With her daughter now in college, she has time for her leisure pursuits, including writing, quilting, and not cleaning the windows.

Books by Penelope Street

Mrs. Desario and the Nanny WhoreMrs. Desario and the Nanny Whore

When Sandra meets with Margaret DeSario, her terminally ill employer, for her six month performance review, the young nanny hopes for a raise similar to the one she previously received. Margaret does offer Sandra an obscene increase in pay, albeit combined with an obscene increase in her duties; the dying woman expects Sandra to become Mr. DeSario's mistress, with the stipulation that he mustn't know Sandra is being paid.

Sandra is naturally stunned and offended at first, but after her shock subsides, she doesn't need to contemplate the illicit offer long; Mr. DeSario is a pleasant enough man and she needs the money. Thus the two women form an unlikely partnership with Sandra attempting to seduce Margaret's husband, but when their plan works, the nanny learns what a double-edged sword seduction can be.

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