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From ERWA Authors

La Petite Mort

Deus ex Machina
by Oxartes

Halloween Dream
by Daddy X

The Holiday Cabin
by Ian D Smith

Just a Little Taste
by B.K. Bilicki

Lady Anne's Garden
by Ian D Smith

by Robert Buckley

Power and Glory
by Rose B. Thorny

La Petite Mort Flashers

Lending a Hand
by Rose B. Thorny

How Submissive
by Daddy X

Anything Evil
by Ian D Smith

Fiction by ERWA Bloggers

Halloween In The Castro
by Donna George Storey

Renfield's Lament
by Lisabet Sarai

by C. Sanchez-Garcia

Three Times Lucky
by Remittance Girl

Last Tango in Paris, Texas
by M. Christian

Eddie's All-night Diner
by K D Grace

A Curious Case
by Jean Roberta

Sleep Well, My Love
by Elizabeth Black

are you going to kiss me?
by Ashley R Lister

Free Ebooks

Naughty Bits: Technology for Authors
by Lisabet Sarai

A Slip of the Lip Anthology
by Remittance Girl (Ed)
La Petite Mort

What's that sending a shiver up your back, and making the hairs on your neck stand on end? A skilled and playful lover, or ... something else? It's that time of year again when we thrill to a gust of wind on a dark night and the skittering of dry leaves chasing us up the street. Do we dare look back to makes sure it's just leaves? Human beings like to be frightened; and when those scares are erotic, well, that brings us to a whole other definition of tricks and treats. Our skilled scribes have penned a plethora of creepy, sexy tales, including a few delicious morsels called Flashers to fill out our Halloween bag of sweets. Hide under your covers and curl up with a nice, devilish tale, and pay no attention to that commotion under your bed.

R.E. Buckley, Sr. Editor
Rose B. Thorny, Daddy X, Storytime Editors
Ian Smith, Flasher Editor

The Fall Edition gallery showcases stories by some of the talented contributors to the ERWA Blog. Month after month, these authors serve up provocative non-fiction posts on writing, publishing, sex and society. This month you get to read some of their sizzling fiction.

In keeping with a Fall theme, Donna George Storey offers a rowdy tale of costumed excess on the uninhibited streets of San Francisco. My own BDSM story, haunted by a pair of cruelly beautiful vampires and their devoted slave, also fits the the season. C. Sanchez-Garcia’s astounding imagination conjures arousal out of the most unlikely scenarios. Remittance Girl explores the poison of erotic jealousy, while M.Christian offers a frenzy of lesbian lust. K.D. Grace serves up a tasty mix of voyeurism and exhibitionism in an all-night diner. Jean Roberta’s gender-bending tale demonstrates the limitations of labels, and Elizabeth Blackwell’s story of homoerotic desire in the exotic orient will stimulate more than just your lust for travel. Finally, Ashley Lister’s contribution offers a welcome bit of humor – as well as some wisdom – in this season of forbidden magic and dark urges.

~ Lisabet Sarai, Guest Editor

Artwork © Remittance Girl

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