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Awesome Authors (left menu):
The Erotica Readers & Writers Association welcomes the new beginnings of spring with half a dozen Awesome Authors for you to enjoy. We have some New York Times and USA Today bestselling authors sharing thier talent with you this season. From BDSM to sexy sci-fi, orgasmic opera to original sin, magic to lesbian love, there's something for everyone from our Awesome Authors this quarter.
~ Lisabet Sarai, ERWA Marketing and Editorial Associate

ERWA Authors (right menu): Spring has sprung! It's time to start planting your seedlings and get ready for a thorough spring cleaning. This is the season of renewal and beginnings, second chances and transformation. ERWA's authors have offered us a little bit of everything this season, from poetry to flashers, quickies to stories. So open the windows and settle in for something new this spring!
R.E. Buckley, ERWA Editor-In-Chief

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ERWA Storytime

Short Stories

new The Right Man
by Sam Thorne

Unjust Rewards
by Delores Swallows


new Fertile
by Bob Buckley

God or the Devil
by Shiloh

Stanley's Resolve
by Daddy X

new Unassailable
by Corbin A. Grace


by Ian D. Smith

new Fuck Me Hot
by Ian D. Smith

new Giving Up Is Hard To Do
by Mairead Devereux

Just One More Thing
by Sam Thorne

Managing Her Estate
by Ian D. Smith

Scene Setting
by Ian D. Smith

new The Results
by Lucee Lovett

Worth It
by Ian D. Smith


Devil's Food
by Selena Kitt

My Lost Weekend
by SC

by Daddy X

The Spanking
by Ginger Segreti


I Want to Straddle Your Head
by Iris Perkins

by Iris Perkins

Lap Organ
by Daddy X

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