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Awesome Authors (left menu): Welcome to our Fall feast of fantastic erotic fiction. A wet, aroused virgin trembles in the arms of the powerful man who’s claimed her. Old lovers reconnect after years apart to discover the flame burns hotter than ever. A master devises increasingly challenging tests for his eager sub. Christmas means more than milk and cookies when a horny young handyman offers his services to an older woman. Danger provides an edge to an anonymous gay hookup in a seedy biker bar. Summer may be over, but our awesome authors will  make you sweat. Enjoy!
~ Lisabet Sarai, ERWA Marketing and Editorial Associate

ERWA Authors (right menu): It's autumn, and here's a quick recipe for apple pie ... cinnamon! You can't overdo the cinnamon in an apple pie, or a pumpkin pie for that matter. Serve it hot and sizzling with a dollop of vanilla ice cream. The ice cream will melt into the cinnamon-apple syrup and become something not quite vanilla anymore. After all, we all start out vanilla. Eat it naked, so in case any of that sweet aphrodisiacal elixir spills off your chin you'll need someone to kiss it off. Be a slob; make a mess, lick it up. Can you tell we love the Fall? ERWA's scribes have baked up some tasty treats for you, plus a few Petit Mort selections to chill you on the eve of Halloween. So indulge in the season. Make it sweet.
R.E. Buckley, ERWA Editor-In-Chief

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ERWA Storytime

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The Mentor
by Huck Pilgrim

Upon the Shoals of . . .
by Robert Buckley

by Rose B. Thorny

Party Girl
by Big Ed Magusson


Looking for Work
by Huck Pilgrim


by Jacqui Greaves


One Night Stand
by Iris Perkins

La Petite Mort

by Robert Buckley

Shades of Night
by B.K. Bilicki


Go Read A Horror Story
by Ian D Smith

by R.E. Buckley

Stone Angels
by Ian D Smith

by R.E. Buckley


by Nikko Lee

by B.K. Bilicki

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