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From ERWA Authors

Short Stories

by B.K. Bilicki

Dance for Me
by Adrea Kore

An Embarrassing Conversation
by Delores Swallows

Lovers Past and Present
by Daily Hollow

by Big Ed Magusson

Softening Him Up
by Daddy X

Spy v Spy
by Daddy X

Under my Cape
by Adrea Kore


The Affair
by Jacqui Greaves

Flashers & Poetry

The Commuter
by R.E. Buckley

The Old Swing
by Damian Bloodstone

So Scared
by Ian D Smith

Best Enjoyed Hard
Poetry by Adrea Kore

Free Ebooks

Naughty Bits: Technology for Authors
by Lisabet Sarai

A Slip of the Lip Anthology
by Remittance Girl (Ed)
Winter Erotica Gallery

Gallery stories are written by the authors of ERWA email list. If you want to improve your writing skills, network with authors, receive the latest calls for submissions—all you have to do is join. It's easy and free, like the spirits here at ERWA.

Wintertime ... long nights, snow angels, hot showers to ward off the chill, burrowing under the blankets. We can't understand why winter makes some folks so sad, especially if you can find someone to share the aforementioned with. We want to help you take the chill off too, with a supply of sizzling tales that ought to see you through to spring. Some are serious, some are silly, and our flashers aren't any more than two hundred words, but they all crackle like a new log on the fire. Enjoy the season.

Editor-In-Chief: R.E. Buckley
Fiction Editors: Rose B Thorny & Daddy X
Flasher Editor: Ian Smith

Artwork © Remittance Girl

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