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Why Do People Cheat?
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Younger/Older Relationships
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The Daily Grind

Horny at Work
What's a person to do...

Swing Clubs
What goes on at these places?

Sexy in Eyeglasses

Are you a sucker for spectacles?

You may need glasses after viewing these sites:�

Adult DVD Empire is a one-stop-shop for all your movie and sex toy needs. Under one virtual roof you'll find the latest in adult movies that you can buy, rent, download-to-own, or watch VOD. And, there's a good selection of sex toys—better than popcorn! For ERWA adult movie recommendations, read the Best in Adult Movies.

Wasteland is a darkly elegant, exotic site, moody and mysterious and so fully loaded with erotic BDSM content that it is impossible to cover it all. Watch thousands of hours of bondage and fetish films and pictures. Enjoy live BDSM video chat, an active fetish community and so much more.

From Yuzrey
Girls with glasses...absoooolutely sexy and yummy especially with the exec. suit..most of em' are kinky gals hiding under the intelligent looks..oooo yeaa

From Vicki
Amazing! I've worn glasses for all my period in my current job (nearly five years) and I change my old glasses for new and a work colleague makes a pass at me. My husband couldn't believe it either but did admit that my new 'look' is a very attractive one with cheeks, eye shadow and mascara etc now very visible. 

From Glasses Are Sexy
It's the intellectual look - irresistible! I remember I was looking at photos of a topless model I like when I found a few shots of her wearing glasses and reading a book. Even though it was obviously just a cookery book, the glasses made her look like she was reading French love poetry. Yummy!

From Anonymous
Another dude that has a thing for cute women in glasses. Don't know why, but it really turns me on! Unfortunately, never had the pleasure of having a girlfriend who wears them, but am hoping to change that soon! No, you all aren't alone in this, but for those who think it's a turn-off, I just say "More for us, then!"

From Dal
I had my first girlfriend when I was in 1st to 3rd grade. We passionately kissed for long periods and promised to marry when we were old enough. I loved her then and kept her dear to my heart for years. She was one year older and in one grade ahead of me. She was a beautiful blonde girl, the smartest in school (was valedictorian in both high school and college through masters degree and never made anything other than As). She wore glasses. Since that time, I have always had a special spot in my heart for sexy women with glasses. If I see a lady with glasses and barefooted, I nearly come.

From Joan
I changed my glasses a few months back, from heavy brown rimmed to ovoid shaped lenses without frames. Hubby was wowed and said it gave my face a totally different look, he could now see my eyes in 'context' that is eyebrows, forehead and cheeks. 

Even better, my business partner (we run an antiquarian bookshop) was bowled over and actually made a pass at me (he's achingly good looking and almost half my age to boot, I'm 58) and I thought, 'God, these glasses must make me look sexy, this is the first time he's shown any interest in me other than the business and books!' I was, of course, very careful to remove my new specs when we engaged in very athletic and enjoyable sex a few evenings later!

From Jill
Ok, I was a girl with glasses, about a million years ago, back in the late 70s. I wore glasses from age 6. I'm 47 now, and when I was about 22 or 23, I had a boyfriend who was way more experienced in sex than myself. He was my first real boyfriend and my first real sex partner. He taught me a lot of what I know concerning 'the deed', as we used to cal it back then.

After about six months of dating, we got into oral sex, and I liked it from the start, both giving and getting it. One night, as we went to bed, I was putting my glasses on the nightstand like I always did, when he asked me to put them back on my face. I did, and soon I was sucking his dick like crazy. He was standing up and looking down at me, I was on my knees on the floor. 

He said he got really turned on watching me suck him off with my glasses on, and when he ejaculated, he pulled his dick out of my mouth and squirted all over my face, especially my glasses. Even though my eyes were protected, I still squeezed (squoze?) them shut tightly, and when he was done, we both laughed at his artwork. He took off my glasses, they were sticky and coated with is load, and there was an outline of cum circling where they had been on my face.

We did the "glass-glaze" about once a week from then on, and it was always fun to see where his juice would land. He was actually aiming for the lenses each time, but he didn't always hit them. It became a fun and funny game for us, and I really liked not getting cum in my eyes (yes, guys, it stings, for your information).

I miss him, he was a lot of fun.

From Poley
What a wonderful thread, wonderful read. For most of my life I have had a fetish about women's glasses. Years ago I used to "borrow" them from women on the other quiet, and wear them for a while and then magically have them anonymously "returned" much to their delight. 

Lately I have been going to the second-hand stores and mining for beautiful women's glasses at knockdown prices; but even more exciting I have found an Internet site that sells the highest quality frames from optical stores that are a year out of fashion; and thus knocked down at 10% of the price, 500 to 50 dollars. 

Recently I took a beautiful pair of Kristian Dior all red glasses and decided to wear them with my reading prescription constantly for a month I was astonished how a few people noted that they were women's glasses and several comments I received were complementary. 

From Anonymous
Yeah - women in glasses can be very sexy and a turn on. Especially good is the secretary / student / waitress look - white blouse, above the knee black skirt, black framed spectacles. Inspires a desire to have her kneel before me as I stimulate myself to come on those glasses.

Then if she wants to feel guilty about behaving like a slut maybe 'punishment' by spanking is in order - while she kneels on all fours, lifts her skirt and lowers tight white panties - still wearing those sexy glasses of course.

From Matt
Librarian and teacher fantasies aside, girls with glasses are freakin hot. It’s great to see those sexy eyes focusing their desire through glasses. The stigma that intelligence comes behind the glasses is also a turn on. If she is educated and driven then she knows what she wants, and if it’s me… then all the better. I would like to see, especially in our monotone mainstream, more girls with glasses.

From Beau
Glasses on a woman really turn me on, but I don't associate them with professionalism, power, or intelligence. Rather, I think I associate them with vulnerability. I think the glasses are an endearing quirk... like acne (which also turns me on).

From Hamishjed
Hi Ladies I have never understood why men don't find a lady in glasses attractive, I adore the look of a lady wearing glasses, especially high plus glasses, those lovely big eyes magnified by the strong lens I find A WOW! I don't wear glasses myself, but would definitely date a lady wearing glasses. Ladies be proud of your glasses. 

From Rhiana
Here's a slightly unsexy explanation; glasses frame the eyes forcing one's attention to the wearer's face. Yes, glasses are a prop, something extra to remove. And they do provide an aura of mystery. But I think the main reason glasses are sexy is that they simultaneously conceal and frame the most expressive organs of the body—the eyes.

From Tsopkc
Glasses are sexy because it's just one more item to take off on the way to great sex! Why do I think it's sexy? Because when a lady allows a man to take off her glasses it signals to me that she has submitted (and trusts) herself to me with all of her soul. That is a trust anyone would be a complete fool to violate!

From TreSart
Hmmm...let's see. I have a pair of reading glasses and babydoll loves them on me. She wears contacts, but I like it when she wears her glasses too. Must be cuz she's a teacher and I like to stay after class.

I think with me...I love it when she just has a towel around her. Knowing what's waiting for me underneath. I also love it when she has the smell of garlic on her hands. Shit, now I'm horny. Thanks a lot Bob!

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