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Sexy in Eyeglasses

Are you a sucker for spectacles?

sexy in glassesMy wife got a new pair of eyeglasses recently. And since she's as nearsighted as a proofreader, she wears her glasses constantly. Like right out of the shower, rushing around, getting ready for work, naked as the day she was born except for the glasses. I was surprised at how enticing this made her.

No, I don't have an eyeglass fetish. The last time I experienced a hormonal surge like this she was wearing socksójust socks.

Anyway, despite the fact I hadn't gotten to bed until nearly 4 a.m. I was wide awake, and pestered her mercilessly. I'm talking serious pestering, like pinning her to the bed until she gave in and agreed to a quickie. One problem, she insisted on taking her glasses off because she was afraid she'd break them. After all, they cost nearly $300, she said. I made a face, and she accused me of being screwy.

So, what is it about an otherwise naked body adorned solely by eyeglasses, anyone want to share a similar experience?    —Bob

You may need glasses after viewing these sites:†

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Michelle7-Erotica is home to a breathtaking collection of fine art erotica, featuring sexually charged works from the world's greatest erotica photographers. Galleries include vintage erotic photos, provocative nudes, fetish photography, creative sexual imagery of couples, homo and lesbian portfolios, and so much more. Michelle7-Erotica is truly fine erotic art—at its very hottest.


From Hank
Greetings. It seems there are other guys who really like the look of a fine looking woman wearing glasses for reading, like the gold or silver half-round or half-square and a beaded neck chain as well which gives the lady a very feminine look. Is it possible that a woman knowing her guy really likes her glasses would want to do other things with them?

From Pete (Florida)
Geeze, I have felt this way a long time about women in glasses and I am so glad I found this website, because I used to think I was weird.

It is true that Dorothy Parker (a well known writer back in the twenties who was also a socialite) said men never make passes at girls who wear glasses but I have seen a number of styles from back then and they don't do much at all as many styles could be worn by a man or woman and most were wire frames anyways and frankly I get the gist that as long as one could see better that was the only intention.

However when plastic came around the (first closest thing was bakelite, a strong black substance  for insulating electrical parts) well that changed things in the  eyewear world and one style I recall was the Bausch&Lombes "Reeves" which were plastic brown of varying shades and in a rectangular style for women. I am telling you those were "FREAKIN HOT" on women.

So what I am saying is that "Men do make passes at girls who wear glasses" because there are so many new materials to make glasses from. And YES the silver or gold rectangular or oval or 1/2 rounds are very nice on woman. I have been going out with a lady some twenty yrs older, she is in mid sixties. I made it my job to always make sure her 1/2 glasses are clean. She likes that a lot and she has 'em danglin from a nice string of beads which to me is very feminine.

Well one day I got talking and I told her that at times I am very much aroused seeing her in her gold 1/2 rounds or her silver or gold ovals. So I made up a game of role play and she is a librarian. To make a long story short, she had her glasses by the halfs down under with her sexy beads round my organ as the baldwin was in the parlour and she sat there on the bed wearing a pair of gold rectangular style looking over the tops of'em telling me to blow my jism all over the pair she was touching me with. I am now hooked and I love it.

From JCR
I'm a huge fan of sex in specs!  My current lady wears them all the time (she reads almost constantly in her job), and can be very expressive with them.  She also sometimes enjoys looking very closely at her own handiwork when she's using her hand on my pussy, which I find sexy anyway, but especially so when that super-intense gaze is concentrated through her eyeglasses. 

I actually associate it more with powerful characteristics (experience, intellect, professionalism) than vulnerability - but each to their own! There seem to be many ways for a gorgeous person in glasses to be gorgeous...

From Anonymous (England)
Oh, yes, a woman's glasses definitely do something for me, if she's attractive in the first place.  They add that certain je ne sais quoi

There's this woman called Bernadette who checks out groceries at my local supermarket, and who caught my eye ages ago.  If she's on duty, I always stand in her checkout line.

Anyway, Bernadette sometimes wears glasses (I guess she wears contacts the rest of the time), and this makes her look extra fuckable, to my filthy little mind.  I've had quite a few fantasies that involve Bernie doing naughty things to my body while wearing nothing but her glasses and, maybe, some classy black lingerie.  If I don't kiss/caress/grope/lick her body just right, she threatens to remove her glasses.

Ladies, if you wear glasses, keep 'em on, even if you remove everything else you're wearing.  They add so much to your appearance.

From Ramona
Hi there, I am 66 yrs old and I met this guy who has a real love for the "older lady"  as it turns out he is very much turned on by my glasses, bifocals really in nice frames. He gets so aroused and I love it when he kisses me on, yes, my glasses, loves to lick those 1/2 moons and when I touch him down there I can always get those "sexy halfmoons covered in that pearl colored bugjuice. He calls everything bugjuice!

He says it is not just the glasses but the lady wearin' them that really matters, the bifocals  just bring out that nice serious side. Sometimes I wear the gold 1/2 round style of reading glasses hung by beads and those too are a real turn-on. I tell you ladies being older an wearing glasses be it bifocals or 1/2 glasses to some guyz this can really be a turn on.

My man likes to have me play ring toss with a pair of my glasses and beads, to toss them so they land around his erect hog. He is a biker. Anyways, ladies this is gr8 4 foreplay. Take care and keep those 1/2 moons sparklin'.

From Mike G
I met this very nice older woman and her glasses turn me on big time. When french kissing she lets me kiss her glasses and I get so aroused, then I get to lick 'em and clean 'em.

I am going to get her to mess with 1/2 glasses like halfround and rectangular style as they look granny-ish. They all have a string of beads to them so as to hang across her lovely breasts, very feminine and a real turn on!

From G.G.
I wear glasses, as did my husband.  Early in our relationship I recall a time when he took off his glasses for some reason and to my surprise I was instantly turned on because (I realized) I had come to associate him sans glasses with sex.

My current partner also wears glasses, and for reasons I can't really explain, I love the moment after we've begun kissing when we have to pause to remove our glasses so they won't be in the way.  I guess you could think of that gesture as symbolic of a sexual threshold being crossed.  It's so sweet and practical yet strangely erotic at the same time.  And of course there's something to be said for the whole glasses-wearing-intellectual thing (which suits us and adds to the sexiness, I think -- we are tweedy academics, after all); the brain is ultimately the sexiest organ. 

From Galileo
I've been a glasses fetishist as long as I can remember and I've analyzed it in depth because I thought I was weird. Now I know I'm not alone I'm as normal as the rest of the weird world.

For me there are two things which really turn me on. A girl wearing really strong glasses is revealing her vulnerability she is helpless without them. The frames and strong lenses draw my attention to her face and eyes, but the same frames and strong lenses stop me seeing what her eyes really look like. She is tantalizing, veiled and secretive.  I long to remove her glasses and reveal the real woman, see her face naked.

When the glasses come off her face changes, if she is very nearsighted her eyes grow in size but have an extremely sexy unfocussed look. She is in my power, I have her glasses. But the power turn on is contradicted by the vulnerability, she can't function, she needs my protection. Usually it is sex with the glasses off, the role of the glasses was in the foreplay and sometimes the glasses stay on until the end.

I also get turned on (again) when the act is over and she is searching for her glasses, groping along the bedside table or floor trying to find them. So then we end up doing it all over again.

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