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Inside the Erotic Mind

This Edition's Hot Topic

Sexy Mainstream Movies
Your favorite sultry scenes?

On-Going Forums


Blasphemous Fantasies
Why are they so titillating?

Could You, Would You?
3 fantasies to try on

Forced Fantasies
Right or wrong?

Men's Fantasies
Men dare to reveal

Women's Fantasies
Women dare to share

Your Fantasy 3some


Masturbation Memories
First experiences

Private Moments Masturbation
The secret to happy monogamy?

Your Masturbation Aid
Books, videos, toys...?

Taking Care of Business
On the sly...or so you think

Oral Pleasures

Oral Sex for Her
Talk with your tongue

Oral Sex for Him
How to blow his mind

Swallow or Spit
What's a person to do?

The Taste of Cum
Yummy or icky?

Orgasmic Pleasures

Cum Shots
Cupid's liquid darts

Describe Your Orgasm
How Does it Feel? Don't be Shy...

Faking It
Why the deception?

Harnesses & Dildos...Oh My!
Pegging your partner

Oral Sex or Intercourse?
What is your preference

Remember Your Best Orgasm?
Tell us about it

Keeping Abreast..

Breasts & Nipples
Do they drive you wild?

Erotic Lactation
Your thoughts?

Male Nipple Play
Men, are you into it?

Relationship Woes

Browsing for Cupid
Online love or heartache?

Why Do People Cheat?
Is the grass really greener?

Younger/Older Relationships
It's complicated...or is it?

The Daily Grind

Horny at Work
What's a person to do...

Swing Clubs
What goes on at these places?

Remember Your Best Orgasm?

Tell us about it

Experience great orgasms here...

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From Kelly
Just recently, my boyfriend and I had a ridiculous night of hot monkey sex. After 10 years together, we are more likely to have 'short-cut sex' rather than the long nights of endless sex that brought us together. On this night, I was happy to experience an orgasm with cunnilingus and then intercourse. During the after sex cuddling, he rubbed his hand over my body and ended up with his hand between my legs. With me on my stomach, I began humping his hand, making his finger stroke my clit with each movement.

I felt the orgasm building, but there was an extra pause between the time my mind said I was climaxing, and the time the orgasm actually hit. It was enough time for me to worry that I had lost the orgasm. That extra second or two helped produce an incredibly intense orgasm with a hang time I have never experienced before. Happy Dance!

From Janice
I clearly remember my most amazing orgasm, over the top mind boggling orgasm. It happened when my husband put his shaving brush (the old fashion type, short fat wooden handle with soft brush top) in me. First he teased my pussy with the brush, then worked the handle inside me. He talked on about how it looked, and that was hugely arousing also. The feel of that just slightly too wide handle was incredible. Yes, I remember every detail, even to this day. I touched my clit with my vibrator and shot right off into space - so intense was that orgasm!

Yes we tried many times to repeat the experience, using various items and such. And yes they were orgasmic. But never like that first time. It was a one in a lifetime orgasm.

From San Francisco Femme
I've never had an orgasm with a man as good as I've had on my own.  One time I spied my next door neighbors having sex in their dining room and began fingering myself until I reached a truly thundering climax.  My clit and labia have never felt that huge or dripped that much since and I felt like I'd had a secret threesome.  It was such a turn on I've used it in my masturbation fantasies ever since.  It was amazing yet I wanted more.  I cleared the dining table, lay down on the table with my pussy nearest my boyfriend's seat, and greeted him when he walked in the door.  He promptly sat down and began eating my pussy, sucking my clit, licking my pussy lips, fingering my anus and when we couldn't stand it anymore he jackhammered my pussy until we both came.  Still, as pleasurable as it was, I was remembering fingering myself and having my secret threesome with the neighbors.

From Anon
I was about 32 years old, and Jamie was 21.  After supper we smoked a couple of joints and made out heavily.  Her body was perfect - that of a Greek goddess.  My mouth wandered all over her, and soon my face was buried in musky, furry paradise.

At last she pulled me up over her, and her soft thighs spread generously.  She was soaking wet, and although her vagina gripped my full length snugly, I slipped easily into her.  The joints we had smoked now were taking full effect, and every sensation was magnified ten fold.  After a few minutes inside Jamie the delicious, maddening ache of sexual sensation spread from my cock into my entire being.  For a moment time stood still.  Then I began to whimper helplessly with pleasure as my semen exploded.  Release was total.  It felt like I was ejaculating a pint into her.  Finally the pulsations waned, and I collapsed, exhausted and still whimpering, on top of her beautiful, womanly body.

From Jimmy
I was driving on a long trip and stopped at a rest stop.  I encountered my first glory-hole.  I was really nervous as the guy next to me was encouraging me to put my dick in the hole.  When I felt his lips on my dick, my knees buckled.  It felt so good.  When I came, I felt my cock push out at least six squirts of hot gooey cum down his throat.  I let a loud cry. As I left a couple of guys were laughing and smiling.  I think they knew what happened.  My orgasm was so intense - I still remember it to this day.

From Franco
I have had several great orgasms in my life, and they were great for different reasons. But one orgasm that stands out is one that was really fantastic. Yes of course it gave me a lot pleasure, but what made this one so great was the circumstances. I was sharing a hotel room with a female friend, each with our own bed. And during the night, there I was, masturbating and having an orgasm with her only a short distance away. I don't know if she knew what I was doing, but just knowing that she might be watching and hearing, wow, that made me so horny and made my dick explode with such pleasure.

From KL
There's probably a handful of orgasms that could be called "best", but this one is very memorable to me. After being away from home for almost 2 weeks, I was ready to explode--and my wife was very horny, too. I was on top and in her pussy for less than 10 seconds when she came. Of course, I couldn't contain myself and began shooting my load into her. I didn't count the spasms I had, but noted that when I thought I was almost finished squirting, my wife's pussy began contracting much stronger than usual (which is not very strong to begin with). I felt this incredible surge in my groin and felt several more spasms--almost like 2 back to back orgasms--as a result of her pussy squeezing around my cock. She asked if I was alright because I groaned and grunted much more than usual and was totally out of breath when I finally stopped. 

The very slippery feeling with all that cum in and around her pussy felt so fucking good to both of us. She loves it when I stay inside of her and continue to stroke in and out after I cum. It usually makes her come a second and maybe a third time. Awesome!

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