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Spicy Sex!
Altoids, schnopps, chili?

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Spice up Your Sex Life

Spicy SexI've got an odd question that I can't try for myself. It came out in the never-ending Clinton/Monica scandal that she would suck on Altoids mints before going down on him. Apparently it gives an interesting sensation when giving head. That it works is fact, not rumor. I wonder if the same sensations would be experienced from eating spicy food before performing oral sex. Have any of you experimented with various foods or spices during oral sex? Did your partner like the effect?   —Beth

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From Bob
Interesting suggestions, my favorite is peppermint oil. Comes in a bottle used for baking. Remove the lid, seal it with a fingertip, turn the bottle and replace the cap. Then enjoy the touch on a nipple, a clit, head of a cock and it lasts a long time both the sensation and the taste. Love to drive my woman crazy with this easy simple pleasure. The sensation lingers and lingers, the tingle takes quite a while to go away. And that's a very good thing. Bet you can beat your Listerine strip count. 

From Mgcady
Ladies, try rubbing a slice of fresh peeled ginger against your clit. Wow.  Gentle, but powerful. Not sure what it would do to guys. 

From Dohdoh
My wife mentioned the Altoids to me and I wanted to see if it was true....uuumm yes!! I tried it on my wife first as I was going down on her and she was loving it. She moved her hips really well. Then she decided to return the favor and I have to say that was something I have not experienced before. I think when I shot it was the most and had more force than usual, that is what she said. I think we plan on using this more.

From Chloe
I'm sitting on a towel trying to concentrate on something other than the burning sensation caused by Vicks VapoRub in my vagina. In one word-OUCH. Not for the faint hearted.

[Do not fool around with, or let anyone talk you into using Vicks VapoRub on or in your vagina. It's painful and can cause negative long term effects.]

From Meri
Okay, you guys, I'm pretty liberal and willing to try almost anything in bed, but Vick's Vaporub? NO WAY! I had a boyfriend put Icy/Hot on his knee and then hop on me, forgetting to wash it off his hand. His dominant hand, and of course the one that slid three fingers into me less than five minutes later. NOT a good experience--that night, or for the following twelve hours of intense burning. Definitely one not to try! The Altoids thing or any type of peppermint-based product (edible, please!), can be a pretty good stimulant, though. Careful!

From Epiphany S.
I'm totally down for the whole menthol-oral sex revolution....but Vicks Vaporub!? come on now....I can't imagine letting anyone put that in, on or near my vagina. I can barely stand it on my chest. Damn that. My rule of thumb is 'if it can't go in your mouth, it shouldn't go on your vagina.'

From Dave
I can attest that Altoids bring a nice bit of zest to the act. Everyones sensitivities vary, so start with one and work your way up as needed. For me, two Altoids during the act was too distracting, but different, yes! I reciprocated on her with one, and she really enjoyed it. I pop one in my mouth and we kiss passionately, she knows what's coming. I work my way down her body, not too teasingly, but not a direct path either. I start in gently while the mint is still strong on my breath but for the most part entirely dissolved. Using my tongue and lips, I work her labia while breathing through my mouth to provide an indescribable warming chill. By using only one, my mouth is not too over-powered that; her flavor is nicely garnished. Her arousal is nearly instantaneous, her reaction unmistakable. At her coaxing, I work my way back up and we kiss passionately again, sharing the blend of flavors. All in all, a great time for us both!

From Anonymous
I just discovered this site today, and oh, my goodness I am addicted. After reading the spicy sex section, I was determined to try the Altoid but could only find peppermint gum, so I just finished furiously masturbating with peppermint gum in my fingers. It was incredible.  I have just found an incredible new pleasure that will entertain me, myself and I. My pussy thanks you.

From Buggee
One of my guy friends told me that you should be careful in cutting chilli peppers, because after he did even if he washed his hands, it hurt him when he went to I don`t think it`s advisable to have something spicy near your genitals. They also did some prank on another guy, put some Habanero (spiciest chilli) on the top of his penis while he sleeps and he cried for hours and suffered for that.

I tried eating my girl while eating a minty candy. I guess she likes it, but it`s also good for me because it makes the taste even better. I suggest you should try that.

From Alyssa
My boyfriend is South American, so he eats lots of spicy foods. While this can feel really great, BEWARE! Spicy foods affect your conjunctive tissue (that is, the tender pink skin like that of your eyes, lips, and genitals) Think of the pain you get from touching your eyes after touching a hot pepper... only DOWN THERE. I would recommend the spicy food idea in moderation only.

From Tarrick
The tricky part about using spices is that if something starts to burn too much, YOU CAN'T STOP IT! Chemical blisters on genitalia can kinda kill the mood -- to say nothing of the trip to the emergency room if the too hot stuff gets inside.

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