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Sexy Mainstream Movies

What are your favorite sultry scenes?

Porn movies In my opinion, not nearly as hot as some mainstream movies with mind-blowing sex scenes. My favorite sex scene is in the thriller Sea of Love in which Ellen Barkin pins Al Pacino up against a wall and he's helpless and melting and she keeps on teasing him and rubbing herself against him. I don't know if anyone's seen this film but that scene is so darn hot it makes steam come out of my ears. Would love to hear others favorite sex scenes in Hollywood movies. —Emma

When sexy mainstream is not naughty enough...

GameLink's Plot Based Adult Movies - Looking for something to watch with your partner, or just bored with wall to wall sex? These Plot Based Adult Movies are as close as you'll get to a big budget Hollywood Movie with Hardcore Hot Sex. Whatever peaks your interest, these Plot Based Adult Movies are sure to please.

Bright Desire brings sensual pleasures back into porn with a focus on the positive aspects of sex: Intimacy, passion, pleasure, and fun — important features of sex that you rarely get in mainstream porn. Bright Desire includes all orientations — it's for women, for men, for everyone who enjoys sexual pleasure.

From Delores
A film that I haven't seen for a long time, but still sticks in my mind for containing a good sex scene is Angel Heart. Mickey Rourke and Lisa Bonet were the 'fuckers' in the scene, where the rain pouring outside turned to blood running down the walls on the inside. Set in sexy New Orleans, I just remember this scene as hot. I actually own the DVD and intend giving it another viewing tonight.

I honestly can't remember a lot of the details now, but I remember thinking how much sexier it was than 9 1/2 Weeks (the sexiest bit of which for me was where Kim diddled herself to the Eurhythmics song 'This City Never Sleeps').

From Lisabet Sarai
Ah, one of my favorite topics! People have already mentioned some of my favorites: Secretary, Bound and the scene in A History of Violence. Another that comes to mind is Girl with a Pearl Earring, a movie with zero sex. When Vermeer is attaching the famous earring (his wife's) to Griet's earlobe, the sexual tension is so strong it will make you squirm. Another favorite moment came up in Skyfall. Xavier Bardem (the villain) has Daniel Craig (Bond) bound and is toying with him in classic James Bond fashion. Bardem threatens to rape him and says, "Who knows, you might like it. There's a first time for everything." Craig looks him straight in the eye and says, "How do you know it's my first time." I swear, I cream every time I rerun that snippet!

From Daddy X
In general, I don’t remember specific scenes in movies. Rather a general sense of how the film made me feel.
But for now, I’ll take this straight to Secretary with Maggie Gyllenhall and James Spader. Wheee!

Funny-- his name was E. Edward GREY. E.L. James must have known that.

When his intentions become clear to her, her quizzical/suggestive/interested expressions are quite convincing. I remember getting flushed while watching. I will add that I didn’t know anything about the film before seeing it. A complete surprise, which is actually my favorite way to approach any movie.

From Ian
One scene which immediately comes to mind is from Innocent Blood, a John Landis film which combined vampire horror, comedy and romance. Vampire Anne Paraillaud, who had chosen to only feed from nasty criminals, is on the run from one who she wasn't able to kill properly with undercover cop Anthony LaPaglia. He knows what she is and what she's capable of, so is kinda nervous when things develop and she's interested in a bit of nookie. To placate him, she cuffs her hands behind her back, kneels on the bed and leans forward, in what is clearly an invitation to a bit of doggy-style... The handcuffs don't last much longer than the cop's resistance.

From Daily
Angelina Jolie and that blonde chick from Lost. They were involved in a scene in the movie Gia that would give the dead a hard-on. It started with Jolie doing a nude photo shoot inside a cage. The lady from lost, a make-up artist, was then asked to participate. Moments later, they're both naked and doing very seductive poses. Later the two hot women meet at Jolie's apartment, where they engage in very explicit lesbian sex. IMHO this is the hottest sex scene in cinema history.

From Larry
To me, Gina Gershon and Jennifer Tilly's girl-on-girl nude scene in Bound (1996) is one of the hottest scenes especially considering it was not a porn movie.

From Pat
Unfaithful, with Richard Gere and Diane Lane had the most riveting sex scene I've ever seen. Lane, who has become fascinated by a gorgeous young man she met by accident on the street, succumbs to his charms in a scene that is so intensely charged with "I shoudn't but I want to" that I've never forgotten it. The way Lane's belly quivers as his fingers trail downwards just makes me breathless.

From Jacqui
The movie Like Water for Chocolate . Tita is the youngest daughter in a traditional Mexican family and is forbidden to marry. Her duty is to care for her mother until the day the mother dies. She is forbidden from marrying Pedro the boy she loves. From then on every meal she prepares becomes infused with emotions that play out for those who eat her meals.

The heat and passion she infuses into a meal for her love causes her sister Gertrudis to become overcome with lust. Gertrudis attempts to cool down by taking a shower but only succeeds in setting the wooden shower box alight. She then runs naked across the desert where she is scooped up and carried off by a passing revolutionary soldier. The cinematography is extraordinary and the story beautiful.

From J.T.
The scene in Body Double where Craig Wasson's character is acting in a porn movie to track down Melanie Griffith.  The scene is set in a sex club, to the music of "Relax" by Frankie Goes To Hollywood.  The scene is also reminiscent of the original "Relax" video which was released only in the UK.  Very hot and exotic.  I wish real porn movies made such good use of music.

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