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Men's Sexual Fantasies

From those that dare to share

The stuff sexual fantasies are made of:

Michelle7-Erotica is home to a breathtaking collection of fine art erotica, featuring sexually charged works from the world's greatest erotica photographers. Galleries include vintage erotic photos, provocative nudes, fetish photography, creative sexual imagery of couples, homo and lesbian portfolios, and so much more. Michelle7-Erotica is truly fine erotic art—at its very hottest.

Wasteland is a darkly elegant, exotic site, moody and mysterious and so fully loaded with erotic BDSM content that it is impossible to cover it all. Watch thousands of hours of bondage and fetish films and pictures. Enjoy live BDSM video chat, an active fetish community and so much more.


From Zach
I used to have these fantasies about having sex with girls and food coming out of their orifices. for example, I fantasized about fucking this big ass woman in the ass and when I pulled out my dick had peanut butter all over it. Another fantasy I had involved fucking a shop teacher and after I fucked her my dick was covered in spaghetti sauce. That would be her way of 'cumming" all over my dick. Thoughts of fuckin' big booty in the ass and being rewarded with a dick smothered in chocolate pudding, caramel frosting, honey, syrup, yogurt, mashed potatoes, peach slices, grape jelly, oatmeal. It was only 12 selected women I would have these fantasies about, no one knew about these fantasies though, I kept them hidden but they were excellent in my eyes.

From Anonymous
I want to share my wife with another man. I want my wife and I to be his personal sluts. We both wear kinky lingerie, garter belts, stockings, thongs, heels, etc. We take our time and pleasure our stud. He fucks us both, in our asses, mouth and her pussy. When he comes in our mouths, we spend a long time sharing the huge load of cum before we both swallow. To me, this is the ultimate fantasy.

From Kent
We are both bisexual so our fantasy involves finding a chick who recently had a kid and having a 3-way with her.  She'd breast feed us until we emptied her huge, supple boobs.  Then we'd each have a turn fucking her until we pass out.  We'd sleep in the same bed together and suck her tits while she sleeps.  Nothing like sex and then a midnight snack.

From Micheal
I had a dream I was fucking my tall brunette supervisor Michelle in the ass inside a piggly wiggly supermarket. The pig voice over sang "I want you to do your shopping up my ass." Michelle said as I stood behind her with my dick up her ass, "he's a doin the do in my door number two" she said happily. Someone saw me buttfucking Michelle and called the cops. I was not going to pull my jeans up until I plastered Michelle's ass with hot creamy cum "gosh your ass is tight" I groaned. Michelle stood there gettin her ass humped. I saw two cops pull up in front of the store "don't pull it out yet" Michelle ordered "keep fucking me up the ass." I just kept workin cock up Michelle's asshole, her ass gripped my knob "I'm gonna blow" I groaned "I'm gonna bust all over your ass." Before the cops made it to us I pulled out and let off a nut all over Michelle's lovely behind. "Geez" I groaned holding my limp cock, "all over your ass" Michelle looked back at me and smiled "I forgot what I came in here for now," she said, licking her lips.

From Johnny
I would love to be at a party where the women wear Hoop Skirts, like they wore in the old South. I would slip under the hoops and delight some lady by eating her and fingering her to orgasm. Then slip from one to another. The Ladies would have to keep a straight face as if nothing was going on, while everything was coming off under the dress. 

From Garry
I'm a 42 year old married black male. My fantasy is a 6 foot high platform (my height) with a lineup of two dozen naked women. Women of all colors, ages ranging from 19 to 40, some shaved, some lightly hairy. Their knees are up, feet flat, legs wide apart. I go up and down the lineup looking at, smelling, tasting, fingering and tongue-fucking their pussies and assholes. It's like a live version of Joani Blanks book Femalia.

From Anonymous
Mine has several variations: I want to be sucked off by a milking machine while I lay motionless on my bed. I want to see how long after orgasm I can stand to be milked again. I hope I can last until the second orgasm comes…and beyond! I wonder if I could be drawn to orgasm so many times I lose count, and wonder if it would literally bring me to tears. Alternately, I want a Fleshlight duct-taped onto the blade of a sawzall mounted vertically on a heavy tripod - blazing away on me vertically while, you guessed it, I lay motionless on my bed. I would also like to be prevented from turning it off.

From Anonymous
My fantasy is to be only six inches tall, and live in Jennifer Aniston's panties...and sometimes in Jennifer Aniston. That has to be the sweetest 'tang on the planet.

From Marty
I have the reoccuring fantasy my wife and I traveling with another middle aged couple when we find ourselves forced to stop for a severe storm and we take shelter in a motel but there is only one room available with a king size bed. We agree to take it and each couple takes a side of the bed. My lady and I are awfully horny and begin to play around while they sleep she climbs on top of me quietly under the covers and as she rides soft moans come from her...and at the same time I feel the hand of her best friend around my balls and her husband continues to sleep. My wife starts to come while her best friend pulls and stroke my balls...I take my free hand and find her friend's vagina and I strok it till we all come and my wife begins to pee on me as she often does after a strong orgasm, which finally awakens the sleeping husband. My wife apologizes feigns embarrassment and we call for clean sheets.

From Cobi
I fantasize that my wife is an exhibitionist, and enjoys displaying her full-breasted naked body to strangers, and in public. I often fantasize that she likes to masturbate in front of them.

From Anonymous
My fantasy is to have her naked over my lap. As she squirms and tries to look back to see what I'm doing I use my left hand to spread her cheeks open. I stare down at her anus...a perfect, dark, and very tight rosebud. In my right hand I hold a clean, ripe, yellow banana. I would lube the banana with my saliva and then push it against her anus. She groans in slight discomfort as I twist the banana to work it deeper but she never asks me to stop. I'd fuck her with it until she was sweaty, limp, and exhausted, and no longer has even the strength to cry out. (the banana is quite filthy by this time). Then I'd push it in until only the brown stem was poking out of her and I'd leave it there while I spank her until her bottom turns red, she's sobbing, and she looses control of herself and urinates all over the two of us.

From Vinayak
I often dream of getting married with a widow who has recently delivered a baby. As her baby is nursing, her breasts are full of milk. She is tall, slightly fat & sexy. I enjoy sucking  her big breasts. As her thighs are soft & larger than mine, I enjoy sex with her. Sometimes she forgets to feed her baby, her breasts swell with milk. She calls me for immediate help. I suck both of her breasts & empty them. Thereafter both of get aroused & have sex, both of us feel being on cloud nine .

From Steve
My fantasy is to have one of my female friends arrange for me to worship one of her friends. She gets me naked ties my hands behind my back, and then blindfolds me. I have no idea which one of her friends is there with us. Perhaps it's someone I know, or maybe it is not. I would taste her pussy, and eat her ass and play with her tits ... basically, whatever her friend wanted. If she would allow it, I would love to jerk off for her. After her friend is fully satisfied, she would leave, and I would never know for sure who I had eaten and been humiliated in front of. Every time I was with my friend in public, I'd be wondering which one of her friends knew me so well.

From Anonymous
In my fantasy, the bible college has a strict code of conduct with arcane punishments proscribed for each infraction of the rules at the discretion of the school's mistress. Humiliation is often a part of the correction. Bare bottom punishment. Wearing only a sweater and black lace stretched low over her hips, Ashley hooks her thumbs into the sides of her panties and pulls them down, to reveal her upside down triangle of chestnut brown hair between rounded thighs. Spontaneously, I jump up from my chair and kneel in front of the girl for a closer look. Unable to resist temptation, I gently place kisses across her mound of hair, smelling a strong odor of urine mixed with musk. Forgetting decorum, Ashley tightens her buttocks, trying to point her clitoris up to my hungry mouth.

As the ashamed girl is positioned over a large chair I have my first look at Ashley's bare bottom. With her feet separated ever so slightly, I'm surprised to see a small brown hole. I didn't know girls' assholes were brown too. At the conclusion of the 10 strokes, Ashley is told to thank us for her correction, to dress and leave. I imagine that later in the day, each of us who were involved in today's correction, individually found a quiet place to relieve the tension of the experience.

From Louis Vega
My fantasy involves me with three women.  The women are all lying on their back completely naked.  I begin by eating the pussy of the woman in the middle.  At the same time I am finger fucking one of the other women and using a vibrator on the other.  The woman on either side of the woman I am eating is sucking the nipples of that woman.  This process continues until each woman comes and each woman has been in every position.  After each of them come, they take turns sucking and fucking my cock.  Then each of the women put on a strap on and take turns fucking me in the ass. If this fantasy ever happens I will be a happy man!

From Dave
My biggest fantasy is so weird. I imagine I come home to find my wife passed out drunk. While she is passed out, I make love to her over and over, doing it exactly the way I like to, without worrying about her and how she feels. After that, I have anal sex with her, very hard and rough, almost violent. I do everything I want to her for hours. She wakes up and never realizes I did anything.

From Razer
I've always fantasized about having a woman completely tied up in a sexually accessible way and suspended from a single rope. She's comfortable, secure in her cocoon, but completely open and accessible. I twist, turn and swing her, using all her orifices as I please.

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