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Swing Clubs
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Oral Sex For Her: Cunnilingus

Talking with your tongue

For serious oral entertainment:

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I Feel Myslef

From Marilyn
I got my inexperienced boyfriend a book about how to give oral sex. He's done things that I'd never felt before. I have to say what I've liked the most is that he will rub right under my clit. I never knew that would feel so good. I prefer to start out by being "tickled" which means light kisses and feather light touches all around my snatch. I want to be teased a bit, and he's got that down pretty well now. He starts with long, slow licks. By the time he gets to my clit, it's like a relief. 

After the warm up time, he inserts two fingers. I am very particular about how he can move them. I like slow twisting or g-spot flicks, but I hate the in and out like fucking. It doesn't feel as good as real sex. I need more subtle movement. I like a little ass play, but he's a little funny about that so I don't push it. I've though about surprising him with latex "doctor" gloves, though. Otherwise, he is very open to my suggestions. I have a thing for being tongue-fucked, and he'll do that for me. We have done 69, but then I get caught up in licking him and can't concentrate on what  

I have to say that I'm lucky. My boyfriend is very persistent, and he's said that he will give me oral anytime I want because he thinks it's so sexy. He's a very giving man, and he likes to make me happy. (Don't worry; I love to return the favor!)

From ZT
[ZT is from South Africa] Most of women think that they don't love oral sex and that's not the truth but they are ashamed of their private parts. I normally wished that I could find a man that will give me the experience and that day comes and I was so happy. I met this wonderful man and he gave me oral sex, it was my first time of oral. He opened my legs with passion that makes me want more of him inside me. The way he licked and tickle my clit, it makes me scream and I was so ashamed when I fucked his mouth. It is a very amazing experience, I love it more than penetration. It makes me to realise that I can marry a man with no penis provided he knows how to eat me.

From Anonymous
When I was married, I hated oral sex, because my ex wasn't gentle and never complimentary. So now I'm with a new guy. One morning he started coffee and came back to bed under the sheets at my feet and went right for my clit. Before I had a chance to recoil from old memories, his tongue was at work all around. The ideal moves, the perfect pressure. Wow is an understatement. Now I want cunnilingus every time. Another day, I knelt over his face and lowered myself down. He described it as watching a beautiful rose opening up for him. That made me really wet. After circling my hips on him, his chin and cheeks were glistening. He told me he had only heard of a wet face but hadn't gotten one until now. My heart pounds thinking of more...

From Kendra
I am close to 40 years old and have never had an orgasm by intercourse. However, when given oral sex, I have quite intense orgasms. I love the younger guys because they want to please me and are usually very good at giving me the most wonderful orgasms. I'm quite sure that men can always please women this way, with cunnilingus.

From David
I'm a guy that absolutely LOVES performing oral sex. Yes I love the taste and smell but, as one poster suggested, it's more than that. Not a lot of women orgasm from only intercourse unless they add some clitoral stimulation. So part of my love of going down on a woman is that I know she will have an orgasm. As one person commented it's also about the control I have. The woman is laying there vulnerable, exposed, and at my mercy. If I stop the woman will beg for more, if I want to prolong things I know to avoid the clit until I'm ready for her to orgasm, and if I want her to orgasm again and again I've got that control by simply using my mouth. Don't get me wrong though because, for me, it's more than the control issue it's that I love a woman who will expose themselves like that so they too have a lot of power.

The key to good oral though is that the guy must listen. Women don't be afraid to talk to your man and tell  him what feels good. Guys if she's not talking to you about what she likes then ask her. Some women like to be licked lightly while some enjoy it rough. Some like direct stimulation of the clit some are too sensitive. Once you find that rhythm though that she likes and she's grinding herself against your face because she's so into it, there's nothing like it. And when she orgasms and your face becomes slick from her wetness, there's nothing better.

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