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Just wondering ... I see a lot of comments here from folks who are single and say they masturbate for a particular reason: No partner to share sex with. So what does that say for a person like myself, who is married and has been for 18 years and who has continued to masturbate (with a lovely purple, jelly vibrator, thankyouverymuch) throughout that time. I LOVE sex with my hubby, but I like my "alone" time as well. I never considered myself a perv for this practice, but wonder if there is a weirdness there for a person who masturbates who does have a partner.  —Raquel

If God had intended us not to masturbate, He would have made our arms shorter.   —George Carlin

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From Toni
I started to masturbate in high school and enjoyed being in my room alone to learn what felt good to me. When I went to college, that first year I was in a dorm room I shared with one other girl. My masturbation also took a vacation for awhile since it seemed like I was never alone when I had the urge to masturbate.

One night I woke up and could hear some sounds from my roommates bed. I thought she was having a dream of some sort, but then realized it was more like moaning and I noticed she was moving in her bed in a humping motion. I realized she was masturbating and I just laid in bed listening and glancing over to see what was happening. I reached down and started to rub my pussy and felt how wet my panties were. I moved my hand under my panties and stroked myself for awhile. Then I heard a last little whimper out of my roommate and knew she must have finished. I stopped myself because I didn't want her to know I had been awake or for her to think of me masturbating. I still wanted to keep my masturbation private.

After this, I noticed many more times that she would masturbate and I enjoyed listening and watching what I could each time. It really turned me on and I would play with myself each time, but never could take myself all the way to orgasm. I was just too self conscious and couldn't relax and concentrate enough to get me all the way to orgasm. One night my roommate had masturbated and it had really turned me on. Later that night I masturbated some more and finally had an orgasm.

One night we were talking before bed and she mentioned she heard me masturbating and was glad to know I did it. She talked about masturbation and what worked well for her. I just listened and didn't say much. I also found out that she masturbated 3 or 4 times a week. As we were going to sleep, I heard her masturbating and this time I sat up a little to watch. I could she her hand movements on her tits and another hand down between her legs. I also started to rub my pussy and this time I didn't care if she knew. It added to my excitement to know she might be watching or listening to me the way I was her.

Then another time we were talking about technique and she offered to show me. I had never seen another girl masturbate, but was excited to see. She gave me a demonstration. She invited me to show her what I liked and for some reason I didn't mind showing her. To be fingering myself in front of another woman was so exciting to me. We ended up some nights masturbating together and in front of each other. It was so much fun to watch.

It has opened me up to masturbate in front of boyfriends which they have enjoyed. I also enjoy watching some of them masturbate for me.

From Steve
While in college, I dated a girl for about a year and a half. She had very little sexual experience and so our physical relationship took some time to develop, but mutual masturbation became a major part of our relationship.

The physical part started slowly, with kissing being about the only thing we did for months. Eventually we moved on and with titty play and some dry humping. It was 8 months before I was able to slip my hand down her pants and feel her pussy. She was very hesitant to return much hand play back to me. Basically she really wasn't sure how or what to do. But she eventually did start to handle my cock. She really wasn't very good, but still, having her stroke my cock was still nice.

One night she asked me to show her what felt good. I gave her a little show and then she took over for awhile. It did improve her technique and she later admitted she enjoyed watching. I would give her a show every once in awhile which she enjoyed. Then one night she asked me to take myself all the way. Now I didn't mind doing this for her, but said she had to then give me a show if I did this. She watched as I stroked my cock all the way and ejaculated. It really was fun to do this for her.

It was a week later that masturbation came up again. But I reminded her of the agreement. She was hesitant since she really hadn't done much masturbation. She had been taught that it was wrong. To get things started, gave her a brief show and then moved over to her. I slowly removed her pants and started to rub her pussy over her panties. Then removed her panties and fingered her for awhile. She was enjoying it and I moved her hand down and moved her hand onto her pussy. I worked her hand for her and then told her to take over which she did. As I watched her I started to stroke my hard cock with her looking on. This seemed to excite her even more and gave her encouragement to continue. Watching her move her hand over her clit and to insert fingers in her vagina was so hot. That night I again took myself all the way and shot cum all over. After I finished she also stopped but hadn't reached an orgasm. But it wasn't bad for her first time.

This became a big part of our physical relationship. When we got together we would enjoy working on each other with our hands, but also sit back and watch each other as we masturbated. Watching her have an orgasm in front of me was great. She liked the ones I gave her but also had some great ones all on her own.

From Debbie
One night my husband had called to say he was working late. I was disappointed since I was hoping to have some sex that night with him. So I made myself busy and later that night, I decided to have a shower and go to bed. After getting out of the shower, I laid on the bed and started to use my hands on myself. First I started to rub my tits and especially the nipples. I enjoyed how they got nice and firm and the feeling to touching them and the excitement I felt. Before long my hand had moved down and I was stroking my labia and gently brushing over my clit. It felt so nice and I just needed to keep going. I inserted a finger and then two. Then I heard the door open and there was my husband entering the room.

He had come home and I hadn't heard him come into the house. I guess I was just enjoying my pleasure too much. I was embarrassed having been caught masturbating, but my husband suggested I continue and he would like to watch. I was so turned on at this time that it felt exciting to continue with him watching. So I started again and before long he was rubbing his cock hidden beneath his pants. It wasn't long before he removed his pants, shirt, and underwear and stood there with a nice hard cock which he took in his hand and started to stroke it. I had two fingers in me and was rubbing my clit with my other hand. He was watching me and I was fixated on him. I brought myself to climax and finally relaxed. About this time, he said he was about to cum. I asked him to cum on my breasts. I just wanted to watch him cum up close and feel his cum on my breasts. He started to squirt and I felt the first stream shoot on my, and then another and as he drained the last little bit onto my tits.

I couldn't believe how fun it was to masturbate in front of each other and we decided to keep this as a part of our sexual enjoyment for each other.

From Martin
We just returned from a last vacation to Lake Mead for the holiday. One afternoon we were relaxing on the boat and enjoying some sun. My wife was laying on the back of the boat topless with just a nice small bikini bottom on below. I moved in with my finger and gently started to stroke her pussy on top of her bikini bottom. Before long a small wet spot started to form on her bottom and she was gently moving her hips with each stroke. My finger slipped under the small piece of material and she was nice and wet. Her little tuff of hair which forms her landing strip was nice and trimmed and then my finger found her wet labia lips.

She reached down and moved the material to the side exposing her glistening wet pussy. I gently inserted a finger and she just let out a small moan. Eventually two fingers were in her and she was rocking with the motion of my fingers. This continued for awhile and I pulled my fingers out and reached to the side and untied her bottoms and pulled them off. As I was standing there admiring her wet pussy, she reached down and started to rub her clit in small gently circles with her finger.

I pushed my swimsuit to the floor and my cock was nice and hard watching her move her fingers to her pussy and spreading her labia. Just as I reached down and grasped my cock, she opened her eyes and she smiled. I started to stoke my cock with my hand as she watched and she inserted two finger in herself. As I continued to stroke harder and faster on my cock, her pace quickened also. She let out a long loud moan as she had a hard orgasm. When she opened her eyes again, I was standing over her close to my own orgasm. She could tell I was ready to come and she told me to shoot my cum on her pussy. As it ejaculated out, it shot on her legs and across her pussy. I pumped all the cum out and let it drop on her pussy. She had white cum spread across her landing strip, down her labia and on her legs.

We had a nice long kiss after than and laid back down with weak legs and a smile on our face. We had given each other a very erotic show, stimulated ourselves to a nice hard orgasm, and appreciated that we are now comfortable enough with each other to do this.

From Anon
The other day we actually ended our love making session with mutual masturbation. It was so much fun and so different for both of us. We started out on the bed and slipped down on her and started to give her some nice oral. Slowly kissing and licking her labia. Then parting her labia with my tongue and going inside. I could taste her juices flowing and she was moaning with pleasure.

I raised up and moved up top. Gently kissing each breast and making my way to her nipples. They were nice hard protruding buttons that were just begging to be licked and sucked. She continued moaning as I took my time on her nice hard nipples.

With a little movement forward, my hard cock reached her nice wet pussy. It slide in with very little effort and I pumped away. It was such a nice rhythm, but I could feel myself getting too close to the point of release, but we weren't ready for that point. I slowed way down and took a short rest with my cock resting in her pussy. This continued on for awhile with some pumping and then stopping, then more pumping.

I finally pulled out and she looked at my hard erect cock and told me to stroke myself. I was more than glad to reach down and start stroking my cock. Running my hand over the head and then down the shaft to the base, then returning up the shaft. I reach down and move her hand to her pussy and she starts to finger her clit with small circles. Then moves her finger down her labia and splits it in half. Before long she has two finger in her and her moans match the movement of her fingers. This sight is too much for me and I announce I'm going to come. I move in and shot cum all over her stomach. She reaches up and spreads the cum on her fingers and then goes back to her pussy. Before long she shivers and pumps her hips and has a nice long orgasm herself. We lay back on the bed hardly able to move after two huge orgasms.

Mutual masturbation is such an erotic way to visually please each other.

From Anonymous
I have masturbated as long as I can remember.  I can remember not being more than five and dry humping the edge of a chair until I would come.  This early interest in sex led me to my first sexual encounters which was with another girl.  I would lay on a bed with my feet hanging over the edge.  Then she would straddle my crotch, and put her pussy right on top of mine.  She would stay upright but we would pull on each other to create pressure as she slowly rotated her hips in small circles, grinding our wet pussies together.  We started doing this fully clothed but then decided it would feel better if we were naked. 

Some of the best times occurred when we would hump each other at sleep-overs, other girls not more than a few feet away from our pleasure.  This continued over the next several years, as we would perform strip shows for each other before assuming the position, and feel our naked, wet pussies slowly grind together in unison until our clits met and we both orgasmed.  I only wish we knew enough to have used our fingers to fuck each other's tight, wet cunts.

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