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Definitely not work place viewing!

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From San Francisco Femme
My favorite thing for work is nipple play so I'm usually wearing nipple clamps, or the nipple vibrator that looks like a necklace, and I keep a small bottle of culinary peppermint oil in my purse to heighten my nipple sensitivity.  On occasion I've worn a butt plug or vibrator but I really prefer anal beads to both of those.  The last lover I had said he could tell by the sound of my voice what I wanted when I'd call and ask what he wanted for dinner that night... my favorite response from him was always "You, just you." and that could keep me going all day at work.

From Anonymous
An early lover could come by squeezing her thighs tightly together -- only woman I've known who could do such a thing (tremendously exciting thing to observe her doing while I was holding her shudder body in my arms). She worked in a small office and would occasionally go to the bathroom and "help herself" during that method. A kinky creature, indeed. She even told me that once or twice she had done it just sitting at her desk!

From Jack
I worked in one office for about 5 years where it seemed like all the women were very attractive and most of the time wore revealing clothes. Found out after a while that the manager (a man) planned it that way. The women who were cooperative would move up the ladder and get pay raises early. It was about 75% women in the department. The janitor was always finding condoms that were hidden after they were used. I personally caught women giving blow jobs a few times. Almost all these women were married.

From Chris
Years ago I had a subordinate who one afternoon while we were alone in the workroom, put her arm around my waist.  Naturally I did the same.  She placed her hand on my chest and looked up at me and asked, "How long do you need to know someone before you have sex with them?"  She then lowered her hand to my rapidly hardening cock.  I put my free hand on her breast and asked her what she had in mind.  "I want to have sex with you" was her reply. She then lowered herself to her knees and opened my zipper so she could blow me.  Although I knew it was a bad idea, I never could say no to her many requests for sex in the oddest places at work.

From Louis Vega
Love the topic.  Everywhere I've worked there has always seemed to be some innocent flirtation with female co-workers that occasionally reached the edge but never crossed the line.  My current job has another one of these situations.  This one stays on the edge all the time.  For years the flirtation was innocent and somewhat unintended, but playfully tossed aside.  Of late, the flirtation has escalated. 

During an after work group outing myself and a flirtatious woman in the office ended up being the last two there.  The flirtation escalated further than it had and playful touching commenced as well as stares and comments going toward what it would be like.  We have raised the bar with the flirtation since and both have agreed we enjoy it and continue regularly and discreetly.  A recent text indicated I was bad, but she liked it.  I responded she was bad, but I liked it.  Body parts have not been revealed, but I often wonder if that is where this is headed. 

The attention the office flirtation provides fills the gap for now of what is missing at home.

From Byron
I worked with a lady that liked to tease me with rubbing against me her tits and would flash me shots of her panties when she would wear dresses. There were a few times I know she removed her bra before coming into my office and would bend over with her low cut blouse and I could see her tits. She also enjoyed unbuttoning her blouse an extra button or two, and give me a nice shot of her tits. One time she did this and her tit came out of her shirt and she just sat there as I stared at it. She really didn't realize it had fallen out, but when I mentioned her tit was out, she tucked it back in and asked how I liked it. I told her I was going to have to go beat off now. She volunteered to do it for me, but it didn't happen.

She gave her two week notice and had a few tricks up her sleeve before leaving. One was to come into my office wearing a dress. She sat with her legs open and had no panties on. It was a nice site and I did go in the bathroom and release a stream of cum. She would come into my office and give me plenty of titty shots. I took her to lunch to thank her for the good work she did and for the little sexual shows. She admitted she had fun teasing me and liked to see me enjoy her playfulness. She asked me if I had ever masturbated thinking of her and I admitted I had. She told me she liked to masturbate thinking of me looking up her dress and at her tits.

From Kat
I have a few things that made me happy to be in work. I could sit at my desk and practice my kegal exercises and come. I was unhappy when someone came up to my desk to talk. I didn't want to lose my concentration.

I date a man in my office and we would go down the fire escape waiting to find just the right spot. But my favorite is with this same man I would go into his office and sit under his desk. No one could see me. I either gave him a hand job or a blow job. I loved it especially when someone came in his office. He had great control!

From Blondeddd
I get so horny at work when my boss comes by to look at my cleavage.  He does it everyday around 3pm.  I started wearing low necked tops showing my cleavage and bras that had a place for the nipple to poke out.  Right before he comes by I twist my nipples so they would be nice and hard.  I pull my top down so he can get a good look. He is married and wants to suck on my big tits so bad. 

Little does he know after he leaves I go in the bathroom and rub my wet clit till I come 3 or 4 times.  I wonder if he goes in the men's room and yanks on his cock.  I would love to have him come all over my breasts.

From Anonymous
I used to work in the Facilities part of major company. We had pinhole cameras in any office that was going to remain empty for more than a few days (construction on the floor, etc.) just to keep an eye on what went on. We also had a body guard/chauffer for the CEO get caught—let's say "taking care of business" out behind one of the buildings. Too bad he didn't realize that on the other side of the fence was a residential community and from the second story bedroom window there was a clear view...

From Rose
There are always possibilities. Mostly it requires the desire for adventure, a bit of a reckless attitude, and careful planning. Don't bother asking me how I know this.

Oh, there's even more of an adrenaline rush when you can pull it off during business hours.

From Malcolm
Vol, you wicked old thing! [see Vol's entry below] Actually, I'm just envious. I never got any kind of sexual satisfaction in the workplace, not even when working in a dark dome with a female astronomer!

From Vol
Hell, work was where I got my best sexual satisfaction, bent over a desk, on the carpet, in the ladies' room ... After business hours, of course.

Well, I'm not saying nothing went on during business hours, but it was generally of the groping and stolen-kiss variety. We thought we were fooling everybody. Hah!

And Rose, you are dead right about the adrenaline rush.

From Christian
I've done my fair share of work adventure in the evening. We started off stealing kisses and slyly holding hands but then we moved on to full-on making out. It was soo awesome and I will always treasure those moments. People thought this guy and I was dating but we were just making out...

From Lunargirl
I am a paralegal in a large law firm and I masturbate at work, at least once a week and often more. Usually I do it on my "coffee break;" instead of going to the break room for another cup of java I go to the restroom, lock myself in a stall and gently and quietly stroke my clit until I come. I do have to be very quiet, which isn't easy for me, but I have even done this when other women have been in the restroom with me, and as far as I know, no one is the wiser. At least no one has ever said anything to me. (Who knows, maybe they do the same thing?) I know for a fact that men masturbate at work on a regular basis; my husband says at his office a few guys sometimes leave the, uh, evidence behind (ewwww...clean up after yourselves, please!!!!)

Why do I do it? Sometimes I'm horny, thinking about my hubby and what we'll be doing to each other later, or what we did the night before. Sometimes I'm thinking about a celebrity crush or a particularly handsome new associate in our office. (Hey I'm married, not dead!) But other times it's just boredom, or I'm stressed out over a deadline, or my boss is being a jerk, and I need a release. It's no different as far as I'm concerned than going out for a smoke, getting a candy bar from the vending machine, having an extra cup of coffee, or hitting the bottle of scotch you keep in the bottom drawer of your desk (yes one of the lawyers I work for actually does this.) And frankly, it's probably healthier than any of the above!

I can't say that I have ever had any sexual experiences at work that involved another person, not that there haven't been opportunities. But I am happily married and have a great sex life with my hubby so frankly, I'm not interested. I've also seen firsthand what being stupid about sex at work can do. Another lawyer at my firm lost his job when one of the senior partners caught him in the file room, banging an 18-year-old file clerk. If you are going to get it on at the office, at least be discreet about it.

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