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Foreskin: Hot or Not?

What is your preference

Gentlemen, there is a part of most of us that has been missing since birth. (No, girls, not the brain). The foreskin. Shortly after birth the male baby's penis actually looks like a tiny cannoli, with the tip of the fresh penis nestled unsuspectingly in a cuddly wrap of loose fleshly cover, known as the foreskin. Then when we young lads are just getting our bearings, there is a brief swish of the surgeon's blade and about a quarter inch or so of the foreskin is removed in a process chillingly entitled circumcision. Has my circumcised tribunal been missing something all these years (I mean besides regular, wild passionate intense sex), because of the foreskin snipped and tossed in one of those hospital '"medical waste bags?"

Tell us: Do you prefer cut or uncut cocks? Why or why not? Is there any difference in oral sex? Or intercourse?

For a charming potpourri of penises...

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From Amy
I am in favor of circumcision for males because of less chance of spreading STD's and its healthy for the men also. I have never had sex with an uncut guy and most likely wont. Its also more attractive than uncut. I am 57 years old and still very sexually active and dated many guys but will pass on the ones with a "hangover!"

From Anonymous
I was brought up in California and most of the guys were cut so I was happy my ex-husband was cut, great sex. When I was younger I didn't like having sex with some men who were uncut until I had a serious relationship with someone who was uncut and wow, then I realized how much better "natural" sex can be plus you don't need lube. I also got educated about how later in life men who are uncut are less likely to have erectile dysfunction (I guess because they retain more sensitivity?) so when my grandsons were born, my daughter and I did a lot of research and decided not to circumcise them. (I did circumcise my son) If they want to get cut later, they can.

I think as far as enjoying sex, its doesn't matter, either way is good. But I get really turned on pulling back the foreskin to expose the head of the cock and giving head to someone whose not circumcised, I like the feeling of the extra skin against my lips. One reason I posted here is to discourage men from getting cut to please their girlfriend because I known someone who did that and then she broke up with him and I thought he was really misguided, but I couldn't say anything to him at the time. We are born the way we are for a reason, maybe nature knows best. I also found a place online where men were trying to regrow their foreskin so they must be really serious about thinking it would benefit them.

From Anon
I'm in the US, so most of the men I've been with have been cut.  But I've had one uncut boyfriend.  Sex was really good with him and the foreskin was fun to play with using my fingers and tongue.  He seemed to enjoy it too. I actually prefer uncut after that, but it's not as common here.

From Max
I'm a cut man who lived in Germany for many years and had been with many European women.  Every woman I slept with loved my uncut cock.  They all preferred it over a uncut man. I personally wish that I had a choice in the matter of my circumcision.

From Clarissa
If baby girls had part of their clitoral prepuces routinely excised at birth, leaving their sensitive clitorises permanently exposed for the rest of their lives, for religious reasons, for cosmetic conformity, or to pad the ob/gyn's bill, I wonder if anyone would be asking - Clitoral hoods, hot or not?

From Carol
I separated from my husband for a short period. He's circumcised and has a great cock that I've always enjoyed sucking. While apart I had two sexual partners, both uncut, and I did not enjoy sucking their cocks one iota! Probably more to do with being married to hubby for twenty years or more (and being used to his cock almost exclusively) but sucking on uncut cock and jerking off uncut cock was very unappealing with too much lose flesh, although I admit that both uncut cocks in either my pussy or anus was an experience really no different to hubby's cut cock.

From Anonymous
I am an uncut teenager. When I shower after gym in communal showers, some guys look at me with astonishment when I retract foreskin to wash and soap glans and all the penis. Once when doing so I got a very hard erection, and to the surprise of two guys which were making jokes about the whole thing they didn't understand how come the foreskin disappear. They don't know how an uncut penis works, since they are all cut. My doctor has explained to me that a foreskin has many thousands of nerve endings, adding sensitivity to the penis, more pleasure during sexual intercourse, and making masturbation much easier. Sex with my girlfriend is fantastic, and blowjobs are wonderful. She enjoys both very much.

From Elenor
It is an interesting debate but surely cut v uncut is less important than the quality of lovemaking, just as I insist length is an overplayed issue. It's what he does in turning me on with erotic foreplay, just as important as actual penetration, and it's what I do with my mouth, tongue and teeth to bring his cock to readiness. 

Maybe a cut cock is a smooth suck, but I also enjoy the very first suck of a layer or two of foreskin and the hidden erotic tastes lying in the folds. And cut v uncut in penetration? If I'm very wet then it doesn't matter a hoot, just as long as the foreplay has taken me higher and made me ready for a great fuck, and ecstatic climax.

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