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From Darren
In the seconds leading up to climax, I begin to feel pressure building behind my testicles, turning into intense pleasure as it moves up and into my cock. My skin tingles, and with each stroke, the feeling moves closer and closer to the tip, causing me to grip tightly to something close by and grit my teeth. I like to take deep breaths and stroke slowly, prolonging the sensation of my semen filling my cock, dying to explode.

Every muscle tightens, I take one last big deep breath, and I bear down almost pushing the cum out of me. Sometimes I shout, grunt or groan if I'm alone, but I always tell my partner, "I'm coming! Fuck, I'm coming!" Everything goes blurry as I feel myself erupting powerfully. I sigh in relief, like the weight of the world has just been lifted from my genitals, and I lie there panting.

From Jim W
I somehow found this forum and find the lady's descriptions of orgasm frankly wonderful and varied, and I must admit I am surprised how well scripted the guy's experiences are; I'm turned on.

I grabbed penis, stroked it up and down (no surprise I bet); I briefly clutched my sack and felt the nuts within, but this is not a primary pleasure zone, and ex-girlfriend argued it was more of a "pain zone" instead—whatever... The strokes increased pace a couple minutes into the session; the area right below the head is emphasized—obviously my #1 pleasure center, also the rapid fist stimulates the bottom ridge of the penis head and sorta pushes it up—as this registers true penile pleasure. 

I suddenly reach that FAMOUS, FABULOUS point of no return, here by myself, I give an "undignified" grunt—with my ex, I would announce "I'm gonna come!", as I reflect, it appears this pleasurable state—focused in penis, lasts awhile, but in fact I discovered it only lasts a second or two—then I shoot my wad as the rope of cum lands faraway, 2nd and 3rd shots/contractions reflect penile pleasure, after this, as the pleasure fades (as well as volume of ejaculate) I instinctively pump that dick faster, as to milk out the remaining semen; but by now the intense orgasmic pleasure had since faded. 

I labeled my experience as "short and sweet"; I estimate approx. 6 seconds of orgasmic pleasure—ccentered in penis, and after 1 climax, the dick soon goes limp.

From Chris
Well, the answer to how an orgasm feels is simple fucking fantastic! For me it seems to start in the perinaeum, spread into my balls, and then it rips through my cock like a steam train. The feeling is one of an ever tightening coil in my pelvic area which reaches a point where it just has to spring back to normal.

It starts with a delicious tingling, then pulsating waves, then wild convulsive contractions which all work to whip me along a kind of roller coaster ride in my crotch. If I'm tensing other muscles (eg my leg muscles if I'm standing spread eagled getting my cocked suck by another guy) then those muscles also quiver and tremble and come along for the ride. The feelings are hot, tingling, lusty and manly.

The best part is when the first phase of the orgasm has begun and it's time to shoot a load. There's nothing like that feeling of getting rid of all that juice that has been churning around my balls for so long. And of course the intensest feelings are along the shaft of my cock - which feels likes it's being enveloped in the most fantastic tingling, throbbing and pulsating waves of release, bursting to exploding point.

While it doesn't always come naturally, I can give my whole body over to the convulsions and thrash and bounce my arse on the bed and in general flail my limbs around. Keeping the pumping going after the immediate orgasm and speeding up the tempo also maximizes and prolongs the experience, which can leave my whole body, anchored to my pumping fist at the cock, convulsing and writhing for quite some time. And when I really far gone I don't give a damn what the neighbours think as I pant and moan and groan. I expect it inspires them to get down to it themselves.

When I come with a cock up my arse the feelings seem to start deeper in the pit of my arse where my prostate is located. Being prodded by a nice fat cock spreads the area over which the orgasm takes place. It's like my insides, my lover's cock and my pelvis are as one and riding the ecstatic waves in unison.

The more foreplay and delayed gratification the better the finale. Sometimes I experience mini orgasms with only a little cum dribbling out. These are both pleasurable and very tortured as you do get some release and delicious teasing tingling and a few faint contractions, but you need to discipline yourself not to go the whole hog, not if you want to experience the ultimate orgasm still to come. Under these circumstances the experience is the most cock-centred - I feel like I'm all cock, wound up, hot, and bursting to explode. Not much else exists in the world at such a time!

And the final pleasure? The sticky mess - some guys find this a curse but I guess being gay I'm pretty cum friendly. I like not knowing where the cum will fly - on me, my face, my stomach, the sheets, the head board if I'm lucky, or my partner's chest or face if he's lucky. And I love to feel the spray of another guy's cum on me - it's all part of the rich delicious tapestry of the male orgasm.

Phew! I almost feel like I've just experienced a crotch burning orgasm just writing this.

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