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Inside the Erotic Mind

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Sexy Mainstream Movies
Your favorite sultry scenes?

On-Going Forums


Blasphemous Fantasies
Why are they so titillating?

Could You, Would You?
3 fantasies to try on

Forced Fantasies
Right or wrong?

Men's Fantasies
Men dare to reveal

Women's Fantasies
Women dare to share

Your Fantasy 3some


Masturbation Memories
First experiences

Private Moments Masturbation
The secret to happy monogamy?

Your Masturbation Aid
Books, videos, toys...?

Taking Care of Business
On the sly...or so you think

Oral Pleasures

Oral Sex for Her
Talk with your tongue

Oral Sex for Him
How to blow his mind

Swallow or Spit
What's a person to do?

The Taste of Cum
Yummy or icky?

Orgasmic Pleasures

Cum Shots
Cupid's liquid darts

Describe Your Orgasm
How Does it Feel? Don't be Shy...

Faking It
Why the deception?

Harnesses & Dildos...Oh My!
Pegging your partner

Oral Sex or Intercourse?
What is your preference

Remember Your Best Orgasm?
Tell us about it

Keeping Abreast..

Breasts & Nipples
Do they drive you wild?

Erotic Lactation
Your thoughts?

Male Nipple Play
Men, are you into it?

Relationship Woes

Browsing for Cupid
Online love or heartache?

Why Do People Cheat?
Is the grass really greener?

Younger/Older Relationships
It's complicated...or is it?

The Daily Grind

Horny at Work
What's a person to do...

Swing Clubs
What goes on at these places?

Describe Your Orgasm

How Does it Feel? Don't be Shy...

Need to do a little research?

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From SouthernDeepImpact
I'm a guy, so I'm describing a guy's orgasm.  The orgasm itself is really pretty short. There's a lot of build-up, and most often I'm pacing myself so as to last long enough for my partner to "get there" also. But there is definitely a "point of no return." Once I start to feel that electric tingle around the tip, there's no stopping it. Even if I stopped completely, I'd come in just a few moments - either in or out!

My orgasm intensity is very closely related to the time it takes to achieve it. The quicker the more intense. That means, for the absolute best orgasm for me, I have to get right to business right away. Needless to say, this doesn't do much for her. So if I want to do that, I usually opt for going down on her first - only then do I go in for mine.

I like doggie-style (nice view of the entire back and ass), or her on top (nice view of the breasts bouncing about) or if I'm on top, I like to be arching back a bit so I can see her whole body moving. Given all these things, the orgasm is a mind-blowing experience. But lacking these things, it can be a "ho-hum" experience. I've had partners who just wanted to get on and get it over with. And that's about what I get - over with.

And once it's over, I'm VERY sensitive. The best way I can describe it is if you have ever had an arm "go to sleep" and then when blood starts flowing again you get those "pins and needles" feelings? That's what my dick feels like in the moments right after an orgasm.

From Nervicula
The best orgasms I have are self- induced.  There is a heat that seems to build up from my very core that gets hotter as I continue to masturbate.  Once it physically gets to my head, I burst like a volcano in shaking high on the Richter scale.  And, although I am multi-orgasmic, I stop with the first one and am satisfied.

From Steve
As my orgasm approaches, I feel a stiffness/clogged sensation between the base of my penis and my scrotum. Then I feel a tingling on the underside of the tip. The tingling turns to throbbing, and than I kind of see stars like when you stub a toe, only it feels good, and at about the same time I start spurting.

If I'm with a partner, I clamp down really hard on her and push all the way in, and it's an overwhelming urge - she's keeping it all for sure. If it's gone on for a while, with myself or a partner, I spurt a lot of times.

Vocally, I am loud. There is a grunt/sob noise like I've been speared or something, like "ahhhh" more than "ohhhh", often timed with the spurts, and then it tapers off to heavy breathing. I don't say partner names or real words.

There is a tremendous feeling of relief, like I can more easily go do something else for a while without urges crowding my mind, and this is much greater if there is a partner involved than with masturbation.

From Anonymous
I love the guys descriptions so far; just reading through them was enough to make me excited. As for the women, I'm a bit envious of some of their descriptions; especially those who are able to achieve great orgasms while masturbating. For me, it can take a LONG time to make myself climax —approx. 45 mins at best—although with a vibrator (particularly one for clitoral stimulation) that time span is shorten to about 5 to 10 mins.

As I near orgasm there's a wonderfully achy feeling in my stomach that becomes more and more intense. My fingers (or vibrator) feel incredible as I rub them over my sensitive clit. Rubbing the moisture around and inside my sex causes the heat I'm feeling to get hotter until there's a strong sensation in the pit of my stomach. Soon I feel the spams of my inner walls and if I keep the stimulation on my clit it will induce a really pleasurable orgasm. It's like a really hot feeling flowing through me until it gathers and then bursts in a moment of complete rapture. My clit feels really good if I continue to rub it -- like electric current flowing through it. I gasp, my legs tense, my hips thrust upward, my back arches and I feel contractions as if trying to milk the come out of a twitching cock.

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