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Sexy Mainstream Movies
Your favorite sultry scenes?

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Blasphemous Fantasies
Why are they so titillating?

Could You, Would You?
3 fantasies to try on

Forced Fantasies
Right or wrong?

Men's Fantasies
Men dare to reveal

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Women dare to share

Your Fantasy 3some


Masturbation Memories
First experiences

Private Moments Masturbation
The secret to happy monogamy?

Your Masturbation Aid
Books, videos, toys...?

Taking Care of Business
On the sly...or so you think

Oral Pleasures

Oral Sex for Her
Talk with your tongue

Oral Sex for Him
How to blow his mind

Swallow or Spit
What's a person to do?

The Taste of Cum
Yummy or icky?

Orgasmic Pleasures

Cum Shots
Cupid's liquid darts

Describe Your Orgasm
How Does it Feel? Don't be Shy...

Faking It
Why the deception?

Harnesses & Dildos...Oh My!
Pegging your partner

Oral Sex or Intercourse?
What is your preference

Remember Your Best Orgasm?
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Keeping Abreast..

Breasts & Nipples
Do they drive you wild?

Erotic Lactation
Your thoughts?

Male Nipple Play
Men, are you into it?

Relationship Woes

Browsing for Cupid
Online love or heartache?

Why Do People Cheat?
Is the grass really greener?

Younger/Older Relationships
It's complicated...or is it?

The Daily Grind

Horny at Work
What's a person to do...

Swing Clubs
What goes on at these places?

Describe Your Orgasm

How Does it Feel? Don't be Shy...

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From Sue
Chrissy, I think you're average. [see Chrissy's entry below] I've worked in a local sex shop in Manhattan for 10 years, and in various forums, classes, and gathering we've hosted over the years  women often agree that all that moaning, groaning, tossing, and such stuff tend to mimic porn rather then reality. In other words, women 'learn' to make their orgasms visible and audio (so to speak) so their partners get the picture. Many of women claimed they do the visual audio thing with a partner, but when they masturbate in private, that's hardly if ever the case. 

Of course this is all from a relatively small cross section of women, however it does ring true. It is unfortunately that women like yourself think your orgasms are weaker, less intense then other women's. The bottom line is that you have orgasms (many women don't), and the point should be that you enjoy them, and not how they compare to other women's orgasms. 

From Chrissy
I think my orgasms are weaker than most those of most women. If I'm masturbating, or if I'm being fucked, the 'sweet sex feeling' will quickly rise, maybe in 5 to 10 seconds, and then will be very intense for just a few seconds - I'll have a couple of vaginal contractions and kinda say 'ohhh' and then it's over.

I used to watch my friend have an orgasm when we masturbated together, and she would moan and moan for maybe fifteen seconds as she came, and be quite worn out when she was finished. She would close her eyes and her face would be all contorted as she went through the orgasm - me, I don't even close my eyes.

Sometimes, when my husband is fucking me, it's hard for him to believe that I've come, as I don't even close my eyes as I orgasm, I just go 'uhhh' as he's pounding into me, and he can't feel my contractions, but I have to assure him that yes, I have had an orgasm. He, on the other hand, closes his eyes tight and screams as the semen pours out of his penis as he orgasms. I wish I could have orgasms that are real intense. Oh, well.

From Lyndon
As I near my climax I can feel the heat traveling from my cock to the rest of my body. I am nearing that point of no return. Then the contractions are slowing starting and escalating quickly. As I squirt this causes my whole body to convulse. I allow myself to groan and make any sound I want since it seems to help to just let it all come out. My eyes will literally roll back into my head.

From Ann
The low end is a sort of genital sneeze and it's over in seconds. It's the sort of thing that works great to deal with stress/congestion, but it's not terribly memorable.

The really good ones, though, start with this moment of suspended panic. It's like a fire about two seconds before it really takes, where everything is glowing just a bit more, or a very large, dangerous cat about to spring. It really is a bit frightening because it feels like I'm not going to survive it. Then I simply lose it. The contractions take over my whole body and I'll often grab for my partner as a sort of anchor, something to hang on to until the storm blows over because that's what it feels like. For a while, and it can seem like a long while, I'm not entirely myself. Coming down from it is almost as intense in its own way, sometimes enough to make me cry. I also get aftershocks, which feel like my nervous system is just firing randomly, a bit like electrical shocks in my groin. Sometimes I'm just worn out afterward and sometimes I can come again on the tail of it, not quite as long but almost as intense. They are inevitably the result of simultaneous penetration and clitoral stimulation, which can be oral sex with a few fingers inside or some form of clitoral attention while fucking. I like the latter best, but the former has much to recommend it. I also have to be mentally locked onto something that seriously turns me on. With the really strong ones, especially the double ones, I'll fall asleep afterward before he does. They leave me peaceful and happy, but drained.

Most orgasms fall somewhere in between.

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