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Losing Your Virginity
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Swing Clubs
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Browsing for Cupid

Is it possible to find true love in cyber-space?

Is it possible to find true love in cyber space? Perhaps...

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senior friend finder

From Anonymous
My first thoughts on finding love in cyber-space were Ha Ha Ha, how desperate could these people be? In addition, My God what about the horror stories, they are everywhere. One day an online friend, from another state introduced me to a male chat room friend of hers. He was from the west coast. I hated the man! He was obnoxious, self-centered, and a whiner. However, she was attached to him; and she asked me to keep an eye open on him when she was not in the chat rooms. I was in a generous mood, so I agreed. I would go to the same chat room he was in and ignore him when he talked to me. However, after watching and reporting to my friend, I began to think that he was not so bad after all. I found myself having long conversations with him. Turning on the computer and looking for him in the chat rooms. We soon became a pair in the chat rooms, always together. 

After about 6 months, he asked for my phone number, I was really hesitant, but thought, he’s on the west coast and you're on the east coat, what harm could it cause. He was not the same person in the chat room that he was on the phone. He was a sweet caring man. He flew to the east coast for us to meet. He stayed for 9 days; it was the best 9 days of my life up to that point. On the morning he was flying back to the west, he said "I’m coming back to the east coast to live, either with my family (he has family member here in the east), or with you, "I prefer it to be with you. But I am coming back" 

Four months later he returned, moved in with me, we married two months after that. We are very much in love and have been happily married for four years. Beware women, and men, it can happen to you.

From Anonymous
I was skeptical. Out of amusement, I place a *discreet* ad on a philanderer site, not expecting too much, just maybe some commiseration. What I found was the love of my life, living less than a half hour away. Was this fate? You bet your booty it was. I thank God every day for him finding me. We are best friends and complement each other perfectly.

From Sacred
At first, I too was skeptical. But before I tell my story here is my profile, 30, single and celibate mother of two. I haven’t had a intimate relationship for over 3 years. Met a man online that happen to fit the physical description of the man that I prayed for. He took me by storm; I was not prepared to be wooed by this man. In fact, he is 13 years my senior and I am madly in love with him. I met him online about 4 months ago and I desperately want to meet him. Yet, he continues to prolong our visit although he is in love with me also. Last night, he finally revealed to me why he won’t. He has a live in girlfriend; not to mention the fact that she has 2 children that are not his. I asked if he loved her and he said "not since I met you." 

Keep in mind that I am far south and he is on the east coast. I totally restructured my business so that I may relocate to be with him. Now I wonder if I will be able to do that considering the girlfriend element. I am so far gone, I will not let go, I love him. I explained to him how lonely I am, here with out him. Still he is putting off meeting for now. He has turned on all of my sensual senses. Yet, when he is not able to get online or call me, I have no one to communicate with. He is quiet possessive and tries to control the elements of me from the computer and the phone. Yet I don’t see this as a problem, I just feel that he has a little jealousy. But so do most lovers. I desperately long for him.

From Shelly
I met my fiancé on the internet. So, yes, I do believe that you can find love in cyberspace. Even though we live 3000 miles apart, we have managed to fly to see each other several times, and we talk on the phone 2-3 hours every day. Although the sex is incredible, it's his mind that attracted me from the first. We spoke on Messenger and on the phone for a couple of months before we met. And when we met, wow, we were instantly attracted. 

I was surprisingly comfortable when I first met him because we had been talking and sharing our thoughts and feelings for a while, and this strengthened the intensity of our attraction. What was so nice was the fact that the physical aspect was not an issue at first. We didn't have cybersex before we met; we concentrated on getting to know each other on a cerebral level. We hinted around as to our desires and fantasies, but we waited until we physically met to explore things further.

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