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Age and Sex

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age and sexHas sex changed for you with the changing of years?  I'm an older person and I know my own sexual feelings have evolved with age.  I'm sure others have experienced changes in their sex life as they get older too. I'd like to hear what men and women have to say about how sex has changed for them with the changing of the years.  —Anonymous

You're never too old...

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Perfect Match

From Songbirds
I laugh at what everyone is worried about. I'm 71, my lover is 79 and we have regular love-making sessions. Not maybe the way we did it 30 years ago but, oh man, it's delicious not having to be selfconcious, but to be liberated and playful, without shame and with lots of laughter is just wonderful. Go for it love and love-making has no age restriction.

From Emma
Age comes to us all. Our time here is very finite. I think that accepting sexuality in our bodies as we age is something that creeps up on us. We have to accept it like sagging skin or age spots. Before you know it, it's here.

I once saw an erotic photograph exhibit at a gallery about the aged. These were large photographic prints of men and women in their 60s and beyond in erotic poses.

Lots of nodding approval and furrowed brows but everyone was a bit over-earnest the praise. It was uncomfortable. I mean, I hope I am sexually active when I reach that age. It will not make a difference in the grand scheme of things, of course.

From Goldie
Of course it is better as we age!! We are more experienced, skilled, less fearful and certainly more adventurous. I can do things now that I never thought I would as a young person. The problem is finding that person who awakens desire. More often than not, a toy far exceeds what most can give at this age.

From Anonymous
Has sex changed for me over the years?  In a word, yes.  It went from occasional, when I was married, to non-existent, now that I'm not.  At first, I missed it, a lot.  But then I was also perimenopausal at that time and my libido was in total overdrive.  But I'm not the sort of person to go out and have flings, or one night stands, just to satisfy the physical urges.  I did try it.  I didn't like it, and I especially didn't like the way I felt afterward.  At first, I thought I'd go crazy, but a very good friend told me to be patient, it would pass.  That friend was right.  When it got too bad, self-pleasure worked to relieve the tension.  Then self-pleasuring became a sort of sedative when I had trouble sleeping.

But even that waned.  Now my energy and interest go in other pursuits. Now that I'm older, I'm no longer willing to settle for less than what I want. But then, that's just me.  Your mileage will vary.

From Trixie
Anyone who thinks sex is the province of the young has got it all wrong. In the 50,60 and older age bracket we know what we want and we know how to express our needs. For the first time in my life I know the joys of lovemaking with an uncircumcised male - a man of infinite talent who meets my every need. No 20-30-40 year old bloke would have a clue!

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