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Books in the Spotlight

By Emme Rollins
He's Big, Bad & Only Wants One Thing
Blood Courtesans: Reborn
By Michelle Fox
Blood Courtesans Series

Paws & Claws 4
Paws & Claws 4
99c Excite Spice
Shifter Boxed Set

 Swap Meets 1
Swap Meets V1
99c Excite Spice
Hotwife Boxed Set

By Piers Anthony

Sybian Club
The Sybian Club
By Selena Kitt

Mrs. Desario
Mrs. Desario & the Nanny Whore
By Penelope Street

Sometime Somewhere
Sometime, Somewhere
Brooke Adams

Wingless Fairy
The Wingless Fairy
Wynter O'Reilly

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Popular Erotic Books

Featuring new releases and enduring favorites

Our selection of novels and anthologies feature really good, really smart erotic fiction for people who want sexy no-holds-barred engrossing stories that will appeal to men and women looking for sophisticated, realistic sex—and lots of it.  Titles range from hardcore bondage and spankings to passionate love stories and all the lusty varieties in-between.

Anthologies: For a more extensive list of popular erotic short story collections, browse our Erotic Anthology pages.

Summer Heatr Excite Spice BundlesSummer Heat ~ Selena Kitt (Ed)
Excessica; ASIN: B01G41707E

Bring on the summer heat! This 14 BOOK Excite Spice MEGA Bundle brings you all the red-hot passion of summer in one great steamy collection. This sultry boxed set is guaranteed to make you break out into a wanton, feverish sweat of desire.

Inside you will find fourteen fiery fictional romps from some of the hottest authors in the genre. Over 220,000 words of torrid tales that will take you on a wild ride, page after page.

So treat yourself to a summer vacation in this sexy, seasonal anthology, bringing you the best of all things summer!

Available now at:

Valves and VixensValves & Vixens 3 - Nicole Gestalt

I invite you to take a trip into where steamships, clockwork and steampunk are king. Within these pages are stories that will take you beyond the reality as we know it. So join us and step into the world of Valves & Vixens. . .Titles include: “A Race and a Rescue” – Katherine Evans, “Washing Away” – S.S. Hampton Sr., “Green Spectacles and Rosy Cheeks” – Jean Roberta, “Daedalus and the Automaton” – P.R. Chase, “Adrift in a Sea of Stars” – Vivian Gwynn, “Flight and Fancy” – Parker Foye, “Falls the Shadow” – Kim Knox, “Ship with Me” – J. Hepburn.

Available at:


Plumbers and Other LoversPlumbers and Other Lovers ~ Spencer Dryden
Fireborn Publishing; ASIN: B01F1DY42U

Plumbers and Other Lovers is a collection of four short stories about skilled tradesmen who stumble into romantic encounters in the course of their everyday, blue-collar lives. There is a tale for each season, beginning in summer with "Summer Heat"; on to fall for "Love Above See Level"; into the cold of winter with "Then, One Frozen Christmas Eve"; and finally, spring's "The Accidental Gigolo". It's four seasons of love and lust among leaky pipes. You won't find alpha males, billionaire bad boys, or self-destructive egomaniacs among Spencer Dryden's leading men--just ordinary guys who are drawn into the orbit of some enticing women. When the lights are out, the heat is off, or the pipes are leaking, these are the kind of guys a woman wants to see at her door: real men with tools and talent--and some smoldering sexuality. There's humor, tenderness, and plenty of heat in these stories told from the tradesman's point of view. Dryden's breezy style makes for easy reading, something to pass the time while waiting for the plumber.

Available at:

Brand XBrand X ~ Daddy X
Excessica; ASIN: B01DONG9R2

Good things come in plain brown wrappers. Daddy has stenciled a big red “X” on the cover of his new collection to warn the reading public. Open this book only if you’re ready for X-rated excesses beyond the ordinary. The five tales Daddy has chosen for this volume are X-tra outrageous.

Available at:

Almost Too BigAlmost Too Big ~ Scarlett Skyes

Who says the first time needs to be gentle? It certainly wasn't for the dozens of brats who were ravished hard and unprotected by the men of their houses in these stories!

Gathered together in one box set for the first time EVER, is the entire catalogue that made Scarlett Skyes the #1 ranked author in the genre. More than half a MILLION hot, forbidden and taboo words that will not only melt your Kindle, it'll probably set your house on fire too!

If you want to be taken along for the ride as beautiful little pouty princesses brace themselves against the headboard and push back just so their men can fit in, accept no substitute because nobody does it like Scarlett Skyes. Just like the men in these stories, this box set is... ALMOST TOO BIG!

Available at:

Best Fetish EroticaGiselle's Best Fetish Erotica ~ Giselle Renarde
Excessica; ASIN: B01ETNVCIW

From kinky costumes to sex dolls, Giselle’s got you covered!

In this spanking-new collection, find fourteen tales of discipline and bondage, dressing up and role play, voyeurism, public sex, food and toys and so much more! Award-winning author Giselle Renarde has written erotic fiction for hundreds of anthologies, and her work is anything but ordinary. Giselle’s Best Fetish Erotica includes quirky original stories and fantastic fan favourites to tickle unexplored regions of your sexual mind.

Surrender to temptation today!

Available at:

Erotic Novels: Do you like sexy, provocative novels? You're going to love these titles and more at our Erotic Novels pages.

Hearts and HandcuffsHearts & Handcuffs ~ Lisabet Sarai

Kink can be life-changing, cathartic, a spiritual experience. Sometimes, though, it’s just plain fun—particularly when your partner is someone special. Hearts & Handcuffs presents the lighter side of BDSM—the naughty joy to be found in exploring your pervy fantasies with someone whose desires complement your own—in six sizzling short stories that showcase Lisabet Sarai’s famously sexy prose.

In “Spank-o-gram”, a grumpy birthday boy receives an unexpected gift from his distant lover. “Wired” shows the extremes a woman will go to in order to get the attention of the man she wants. A neglected and frustrated slave turns the tables on her master in “Domestic Goddess”. In “Spank Me Again, Stranger”, a city gal learns how they celebrate birthdays out in ranch country. A case of mistaken identity leads to a dream come true in “Routine Maintenance”. The title tale “Hearts and Handcuffs” is a Valentine’s Day role playing romp, complete with costumes.

Open the cover, dive into Lisabet Sarai’s imagination—the ultimate aphrodisiac—and savor these gems of romantic kink.

Available at:

Neighbors Will TalkThe Neighbors Will Talk ~ Huck Pilgrim


Gloria Dean is dating Donnell, a small-town drug dealer. Because he is black, Gloria's family has ostracized her, making her vulnerable.

Rafia Saad is an immigrant, determined to fit in with her American friends. Her father insists she dress modestly and act chaste, like all good little Lebanese girls, but this only steels her resolve.

Veronica Smith is wealthy and spoiled, used to getting her way. Her family's wealth keeps her in a protective cocoon, but she has an uncanny knack for making trouble... and then getting off scot-free.

If you like shamefully hot stories of girls struggling to make sense of their sex powers, The Neighbors Will Talk is for you. It's a collection of connected stories from Carnal, the small town on the edge of desire. This summer a married man goes too far with his babysitter, a young woman can't stop cheating on her boyfriend, and another girl takes on an entire football team at an all-night party.

The Neighbors Will Talk is a fast-paced romp through taboo situations (including interracial sex, infidelity, public humiliation, and more).

This book is for adults only.

No cliffhanger ending.

All the girls come to a happy ending.

Available at:

TokyoTokyo: A Job With A View ~ Fionna Guillaume


After a brief but torrid affair with her boss, Cassidy finds herself out of a job. And unlikely to find another one in the entire state of California. With $300 in her bank account and nowhere else to turn, she eagerly accepts an interview with a mysterious company named A Job With A View. Soon she learns that this company specializes in short-term contracts abroad, for administrative assistants willing to accept other duties as well. Duties of the sexual kind.

Cassidy accepts - not like she has much choice - and finds herself in Tokyo, Japan. There, she discovers the beauty of a city both ancient and modern, futuristic and traditional. Through it all she begins to understand the gift that has been offered to her... and how she can pay it back.

With all the spice of contemporary erotica and the rich description of travelogue. Tokyo: A Job With A View is a sexy trip to Japan's inimitable capital.

Available at:

Love, Truth & ConsequencesLove, Truth and Consequences ~ Taisha Demay

New York CPA Holland Taylor wants revenge against her boss, Decimal Accounting Services CEO Carter Preston, a man she has loved since the day she laid eyes on him in the lobby of his company. But all that changes when she overhears him saying some unflattering things about her to another executive. Devastated Holland vows to teach him a lesson he will never forget. Wil her plan work or will it turn into something more than she bargained for? Fall into the pages of Love, Truth and Consequences and let Author Taisha Demay how you what happens when you try to play a game you're not ready for.

Available at:

Another Day in ParadiseAnother Day in Paradise ~ Larry Archer

Monica is a mid-western girl, who moves to Las Vegas to pursue her dreams of being a chorus girl. Like many others, who came before her, she finds fame and fortune a difficult goal to achieve. By accident, she meets a fellow dancer who gets her a job serving as eye candy and escorting the mayor around town, to help keep her afloat.

Her girlfriend, Porsche, turns out to have a wild side and quickly Monica is thrown into the clutches of two swingers, and their girlfriends for a sex filled romp that will keep you titillated page after page. This is a hard-core story with a plot that leads you down the road of Monica's seduction in exquisite detail. You'll be amazed as to how quickly, she comes over to the Dark Side.

Another Day in Paradise is another in Larry Archer's humorous looks at the life of swingers and the misadventures they lead. This 40,000 word novella is chock full of explicit descriptions of hot-hot action, with an HEA ending as only Larry can portray.

Warnings: This story is completely bareback and includes straight sex, swingers, girl-on-girl, group, oral, anal, and facial scenes on virtually every page.

Available at:

AnonymousAnonymous ~ Giselle Renarde

What kind of wife dreams of watching her husband with another man?

A wife like Hannah.

For years, she and Nathaniel have fantasized about bringing a third into the bedroom. But what if it doesn’t work out? Could spell disaster for everyone involved.

That’s why Hannah and Nathaniel need a hired hand. Someone… anonymous.

Will a night of ménage with a mystery man satisfy their desires? Or will Hannah become so obsessed with discovering the true identity of Mr. Anonymous that she doesn’t even realize her husband is falling for someone much closer to home?

Available at:

Sensual Romance: The following titles are romances of bone-melting passion, and enduring love. Browse our list of best sellers in the Sensual Romance pages.

Not SorryNot Sorry ~ Jordan Monroe

Kat is a woman in her late thirties, living in one of the many wealthy suburbs of Washington, DC. She and her husband, Steven, found out that she is infertile and have thus not been intimate for a year. She has tried everything to entice him, but he is utterly uninterested in her advances. Frustrated, Kat finds a young military man, Sean, eager to please her as often as she likes. Kat is uninterested in anything beyond the physical, but is Sean of that same mindset?

Available at:

TrustTrust ~ PJ Adams

Never trust a man who says, "Trust me."
As soon as I saw him, I knew I was in too deep. He's a gentleman criminal. A cold-blooded villain. Half the city's terrified of him and the other's on his payroll. Now his sights are set on me... but I can’t let him have me, no matter how much I'm drawn to him. I can’t let myself fall.

I came to London to put things right, not lose my heart to a dangerous crimelord. He says he won't hurt me... but how can I trust a man like him?

I'm in the thick of the biggest gang war London's ever seen: Russian mobsters on one side of me, crooked police on the other. Then she appears and changes everything. She makes me feel things I’ve never felt before and can’t allow myself to feel now. But already she’s closer to me than anyone has ever been... and I'm starting to suspect she has a secret that could destroy us both.

From the moment I saw her I knew I needed her, naked and moaning under me, but I can’t afford to give in to that need. Can’t afford to care.

Too many lives depend on it, including hers.

Trust: A steamy, edge-of-the-seat romantic suspense thriller from the author of Winner Takes All and Black Widow.

This is a standalone steamy romantic suspense novel with no cliffhanger and an HEA.

Available at:

Frannie and the Private DickJulia 07 ~ Delores Swallows

Julia receives an invitation to attend a Retirement Ball for an ex-lecturer and decides to attend, even though she won’t know any of the other attendees. Once there, she meets two charming young men who both vie for her affections, each trying to persuade her to choose him over the other. But as the night progresses, she realises her choice doesn’t have to be a simple either-or decision…

Available at:

Gay Fiction: Like hot gay stories? We have an excellent selection of the very best at our Gay Fiction pages.

The WoodwoseThe Woodwose by Nicolette deSada
February 2016; ASIN: B01BYK2QYC

A young man living alone in the woods sees a set of cloven-hooved prints in the snow leading up to his barn. Thinking it's food, he prepares his rifle, but doesn't know what awaits him within the shadows of the barn.

Available at:

Stroke RateStroke Rate by L.M. Somerton
Pride Publishing, February 2016; ISBN-10: 1786518678

Lucien Thorne likes to be in control, but the boy he wants to own may take some convincing.

Gorgeous but shy, Benedict Astor does his best to keep a low profile at the rowing club where he works. However, unbeknown to Benedict, he has attracted the attention of Lucien Thorne, rowing aristocracy, an Olympic medalist and a lord.

Whilst looking for a new rowing partner, Lucien believes he has found what he needs in Ben. He pushes him to his limits on the water and it becomes clear that rowing with the pretty young man is not his only interest. Ben is attracted to Lucien but confused about his feelings. Lucien is demanding, arrogant and dominant—which Benedict responds to even though he feels he should resist.

Fighting emotions he doesn’t understand, Ben has to contend with the bullying rowing club president and a humiliating auction of promises.

Lucien recognizes Ben’s hidden submissive streak and makes his own need for control very clear. He bids for Ben’s time, then forces Ben to admit to his own desire to test the ground between them.

When the deeds to the boat club are gambled away, Lucien and Ben must work together to save it. Will their growing love survive the pressure, Ben’s uncertainty and Lucien’s desire to own him completely?

Available at:

UnquietUnquiet by Melanie Hansen
Dreamspinner Press, January 2016; ISBN: 1943576521

A Resilient Love Story

Loren Smith has been in love with Eliot Devlin almost his entire life. During their turbulent childhood and teen years, Loren didn’t always understand Eliot, and sometimes he could be a challenge, but Eliot was the only one to ever truly ease Loren’s deep loneliness and accept him. When Eliot’s increasingly erratic and self-destructive behavior culminates in a suicide attempt at seventeen, Loren is devastated.

Upon meeting again by chance nine years later, Loren is enjoying a successful career as a police officer while Eliot’s life has been a constant struggle for stability. In and out of mental hospitals, with a rap sheet a mile long, he continues to be buffeted by the twin storms of mania and depression. Loren’s love and protectiveness for Eliot are deeply ingrained in him, however, and their feelings for each other are quickly rekindled.

Loren has issues of his own he’s dealing with, and trying to understand and cope with Eliot’s bipolar disorder isn’t easy. They believe they’re meant to be, and Eliot brings a fulfillment to Loren’s life that no one else will ever match. But as they both come to realize, love by itself can’t cure all.

Available at:

Creampuffs by habu
Excessica Publishing; ISBN: 1627781242

Gym Boys: Gay Erotic Stories by Shane Allison (Ed)A heaping plate of both sweet and savory confection from a master of the gay male short story. Romance is "the thing" of this thirty-story anthology on man finding his man, the complex made simple, bitter becoming sweet, problems solved, dreams coming true, and otherwise sooner or later happy endings despite many a varied and painful journey to that satisfactory outcome.

Available at:


Lesbian Fiction: Interested in lesbian erotica? Check out the extensive list of titles on our Lesbian Fiction pages.

Dead Man's Curves Kindle Edition by Valerie BrundageGirls Only: The Complete Series by Selena Kitt
Excessica Publishing

Selena Kitt's *Girls Only*--where the girls get naughty together, but it feels oh, so good!

These stories contain hot panty-melting girl-on-girl action!

Included in this collection: New Year's Resolution, Sybian Sorority, The Hairdresser, Pajama Party, Moms' Night Out, Girl Scout Trip, Pool Party, First Time, College Days, Stay

Available at:

Summer Passion by M. J. WilliamzBombshells and Butches: Best Lesbian Erotica
Cleis Press, February 2016

What are lesbians longing for? In Kathleen Warnock's spectacular parade of lesbian sex, women find love and lust in the most unexpected places — kitchens, cars, dance clubs, dungeons, and even a flowerbed. Femmes, baby dykes, bulldaggers, diesel dykes, studs, AGs, biker dykes, lipstick lesbians, and andros alike explore the heights of lust and the depths of desire in this breathtakingly sexy book.

Editor Kathleen Warnock and her partner-in-crime, guest editor Lea DeLaria, have concocted one of the sexiest books to ever hit print. Featuring work from some of the best-known erotic writers, as well as the debuts of startling new talent, Bombshells and Butches welcomes back some familiar faces, including Stella Sandberg. Her story, “Manchester, 2000," follows the European adventures of two studs on a long ride. Perennial fave Betty Blue returns with “The Garden of Earthly Delights,” an encounter between a fire spirit and a lost boi on the celestial plane. Cheyenne Blue’s “A Story About Sarah" travels to the Antipodes, telling the story of a life-long love between a rancher’s daughter and a half-Aboriginal woman. Whatever you are looking for, you'll find between the covers of Butches and Bombshells.

Available at:

Best Lesbian Erotica of the Year Vol 1 by Sacchi Green (Ed)Best Lesbian Erotica of the Year Vol 1 by Sacchi Green (Ed)
Cleis Press, February 2016; ISBN: 1627781544

Cleis Press' most lauded editor, Sacchi Green assumes the helm of one the most-heralded and best-selling series, Best Lesbian Erotica. This match made in book publishing heaven is also a fan fave whose readers range from 18 to 80 and who can't get enough of the Lambda Award–winning Sacchi Green's scorching hot stories of lesbian sex. From lust-at-first sight quickies to long-time companions, this voracious volume is the stuff of every woman's fantasy. With secret desires, coming-out, and coming-of-age stories and deeper explorations of what Green describes as "the fiercer shores of sex," Best Lesbian Erotica, Volume 1 aims to please and leave you satisfied.

Available February 9, 2016 at:

Adult Movies: Hey, what's this Adult Movie stuff doing on a book page? You know what they say: A porn flick is worth a thousand orgasms, so treat your visual beast within by browsing through our Best In Adult Movies section.

Babysitting the BaumgartnersBabysitting the Baumgartners
Cast: Anikka Albrite, ick Blue, Sara Luvv, A.J. Applegate
Director: Kay Brandt
Studio: Adam & Eve

Based on the Bestselling Novel by Selena Kitt

Veronica (Sara Luvv) has been the Baumgartners’ babysitter for three years, now, and now that she’s graduated the nice couple (Mick Blue, Anikka Albrite) invite her to the beach for a week for their vacation! Veronica has always suspected them of being open-minded, but on this trip she learns just how sexually uninhibited her employers are! Under their tutelage Veronica – who was almost a virgin – quickly learns the limits of her own pleasure! From masturbating in the shower while watching them make love to indulging in a lesbian fantasy about “Mrs. B”, Veronica takes one step after another into a new life of uninhibited sex with this handsome lusty couple! By the end of the movie, she’s a regular third in their shenanigans, finally blossomed into the sexually-precocious woman she’s hidden inside! Outstanding adaptation of Selena Kitt’s best-selling erotic novel!

Babysitting the Baumgartners is available at:

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