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Erotic Fantasy Chat with D.L. King

Chat log from special event held September 6, 2012


D. L. King has published dozens of erotic short stories and is the editor of several anthologies including Seductress: Erotic Tales of Immortal Desire (Oct release), The Sweetest Kiss: Ravishing Vampire Erotica, and the Independent Publisher's Award Gold Medalist, Carnal Machines: Steampunk Erotica. Read about D.L. King at

Session Start: Thu Sept 06 8PM 2012
Session Ident: #erachat

* dlking has joined #ERAChat

<Caitlain> The not entirely automated Caitlain welcomes dlking to #ERAChat.

<Caitlain> Hi dlking!

* Caitlain sets mode: +o dlking

<Rose> Welcome dlking!!

<dlking> Hi. I'm early. Just wanted to make sure everything would work right

<dlking> I'm going to come back in about 15 min

<kahtt> hi DL

<kahtt> np see you in a bit

<helenaS> Hey Di..

* WebChat553 has joined #ERAChat

<Caitlain> The not entirely automated Caitlain welcomes WebChat553 to #ERAChat.

<Caitlain> Hi WebChat553!

* Caitlain sets mode: +o WebChat553

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<Caitlain> Hi WebChat400!

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<Caitlain> Hi WebChat820!

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* DangerousBill has joined #ERAChat

<Caitlain> The not entirely automated Caitlain welcomes DangerousBill to #ERAChat.

<Caitlain> Hi DangerousBill!

* Caitlain sets mode: +o DangerousBill

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<Caitlain> The not entirely automated Caitlain welcomes KathleenTudor to #ERAChat.

<Caitlain> Hi KathleenTudor!

* Caitlain sets mode: +o KathleenTudor

<DangerousBill> Hello, almost-human Caitlain!!!

<KathleenTudor> Ahaha, Hi Bill! Anyone else here from AW?

<KathleenTudor> I see Beth...

<DangerousBill> AW = Absolute Write?

<KathleenTudor> Yes, it's Wildscribe

* GenevieveAsh has joined #ERAChat

<Caitlain> The not entirely automated Caitlain welcomes GenevieveAsh to #ERAChat.

<Caitlain> Hi GenevieveAsh!

<DangerousBill> Well, hello. Nice to see you.

* Caitlain sets mode: +o GenevieveAsh

<helenaS> :-)

* DaleChase has joined #ERAChat

<Caitlain> The not entirely automated Caitlain welcomes DaleChase to #ERAChat.

<Caitlain> Hi DaleChase!

* Caitlain sets mode: +o DaleChase

<DangerousBill> Someone better get some extra chairs.

* Bill has joined #ERAChat

<Caitlain> The not entirely automated Caitlain welcomes Bill to #ERAChat.

<Caitlain> Hi Bill!

<Bill> Hello

* Caitlain sets mode: +o Bill

<Bill> Hello everyone

<DaleChase> Hi Bill

<helenaS> Hey, Bill

06* Bill slaps Bill around a bit with a large fishbot

* Susana has joined #ERAChat

* dlking has joined #ERAChat

<KathleenTudor> Hi, DL :)

<JWheeler> Dale darlin'!!

<dlking> So now I'm back for real

<DangerousBill> Here she is. Hello, DL

* Caitlain sets mode: +oo dlking Susana

<dlking> Hi Guys!

<kahtt> wb

<Bill> Hello dl

<JWheeler> And Bill!!

<DaleChase> All here!

<JanineA> Hi DL

<Bill> Hey Mr. Wheeler :)

<helenaS> wb di

<dlking> Bill, jerry, Kahtt, Dale, Aanine (what time is it there???)

<dlking> That was Janine

<Rose> Holy Cow... look at the crowd

<Bill> 7pm here in St. Louis

<JWheeler> 6 p.m MST

* kahtt changes topic to 'Chat with the Pros: D.L. King'

<JanineA> 1 inthe morning

<DaleChase> 5 p.m. in San Francisco

<DangerousBill> PST, Arizona

<Caitlain> SEX-E-Neuf!

<JanineA> my eyes are rpopped open with matches!

<helenaS> 8 in Haliburton, ON

<dlking> Pretty late in England. Thanks so much for stopping by.

<Rose> I was just making Asian couscous salad for my hubs

<Rose> I'm going to be away all weekend and needs stuff to eat

* Susana sets mode: +v Susana

<Rose> Well, it's 8:00

<dlking> Hi All. So, what do we want to talk about--fantasy-wise?

<Rose> I'd just like to start by saying Welcome to DL King, our guest host

* Susana_ has joined #ERAChat

<Rose> And thanks to kahtt for being the moderator

<dlking> Thanks Rose! I'm so glad to be here.

* WebChat491 has joined #ERAChat

<dlking> Hi Kahtt!

* KathleenBradean has joined #ERAChat

* EASchechter has joined #erachat

<helenaS> hey Kathleen

<kahtt> hi DL

<dlking> Wow! What a cast of characters.

<JWheeler> Ms. Bradean!!

<kahtt> hi kathleen

* Caitlain sets mode: +ooo EASchechter KathleenBradean Susana_

* Caitlain sets mode: +o WebChat491

<KathleenBradean> SO many of my favorite people!

<Rose> Kahtt will run down the protocols for this chat, of which there are actually very few

* WebChat491 has quit IRC (Quit: Page closed)

* WebChat937 has joined #ERAChat

<Bill> Hi Kathleen

<dlking> I'm not sure how this is supposed to work. Do people want to ask questions or am I expected to do something else?

* sadeyquinn has joined #ERAChat

<EASchechter> HAving flashbacks to Furrymuck... Wow.

<Rose> And welcome to everyone who is here making this an absolutely fabulous chat so far

<kahtt> I'll post the few rules in a bit DLK

<dlking> OK, not sure I want to know what Furrymuck is...

<JanineA> lol

* WebChat937 has left #ERAChat

<KathleenBradean> DL - what cons or readings are you doing soon?

<EASchechter> One of the first online role playing games. WAY back in the day. Tell you later. ;-)

<DangerousBill> I can make some gueses and they'e all disgusting.

<dlking> LOL!

* GenevieveAsh has quit IRC (Quit: Page closed)

<dlking> OK, I just read at TES last night (a BDSM Org in NYC) and will be reading at Between the Covers tomorrow night and again on October 5--alson NYC

<Caitlain> We all live in the gutter with Bill...but some of us are looking up to the stars!

06* kahtt presents the rules

* WebChat876 has joined #ERAChat

<EASchechter> Yes, I am officially older than dirt. I did my online gaming on a VAX system.

<helenaS> eeps...slight emergency here...bbl...hopefully!

* WebChat820 has joined #ERAChat

<DangerousBill> I used an abacus

<EASchechter> And some of us only come up to feed...

<dlking> Helena!!! OMG

* WebChat876 has quit IRC (Quit: Page closed)

<Susana_> How to chat?

<kahtt> Rule # 1: Let the guest host know you have a question by typing a question mark (?)

<kahtt> Susana: something like that

* WebChat810 has joined #ERAChat

<dlking> Back to Kathleen's question: Will also be going to the next ERA con, right?

<Susana_> Is this only via print or via words?

* Caitlain sets mode: +oo sadeyquinn WebChat820

<Susana_> voice?

* Caitlain sets mode: +o WebChat810

<kahtt> Rule # 2: Please stick to questions, comments and share information related to the topic

<kahtt> and/or theme of the chat.

<dlking> I love you kahtt!

* sadeyquinn was kicked by WebChat810 (wibble)

<kahtt> And finally; Have Fun!

<dlking> It's suddenly gotten very quiet

* WebChat810 sets mode: +v WebChat810

* WebChat060 has joined #ERAChat

<kahtt> DLK: Please, you are making me blush

<Susana_> My question still stands, is the chat only via print?

* sadeyquinn_ has joined #ERAChat

<dlking> I don't understand your question @Susana

<KathleenTudor> Yes, Susana, there is no video chat

<WebChat810> Erzabet

<dlking> There is no voice chat and it is only online, right here

* helenaS has quit IRC (Ping timeout)

<DangerousBill> No voice.

<Susana_> I have never chatted. Does one only chat via print or can one actually be connected via conference call?

<dlking> No call, just type

<WebChat810> Ah, I just figured out how to talk on this thing! Hello from Erzabet. :)

<KathleenTudor> DL, how do you narrow down story selection once you've weeded out the "no"s

<EASchechter> No, this is all just via chat.

<DangerousBill> No it can be confusing to keep track of conversations, you get used to it

<bwylde> ok I'm back, kids r all tucked in.

* Caitlain sets mode: +oo sadeyquinn_ WebChat060

<dlking> @KathleenTudor, good question. It all comes down to theme and how well stories play with each other in a group.

<DangerousBill> ?

* WebChat228 has joined #ERAChat

* Kissa has joined #ERAChat

<Susana_> My question. Heresay, someone has mentioned that if Amazon published book in Kindle format and then you also publish via Smashwords, Amazon will drop you. Does anyone have experience doing both?

<WebChat810> @Erzabet has joined chat

<dlking> If I'm left with 30 good stories, I put them all out on the floor--yes, really, the floor and see which ones fit best

<dlking> It can sometimes take a while

<JWheeler> My anthologies are by invitation only, so I get very few stories I have to reject. The ones I don't take are usually because of

<JWheeler> space restrictions. Or the author's pissed me off - LOL.

* Caitlain sets mode: +oo Kissa WebChat228

<dlking> LOL

<WebChat228> <webchat228>@aisling

<Rose> LOL

<KathleenBradean> *remembers not to piss off Jerry*

<dlking> With an open call, I can get 100 or more stories

<EASchechter> Mental note... never piss off DL.

<WebChat810> @JWheeler-is there a submission list to be considered for your anthologies- Erzabet

<JanineA> I'm starting to suspect that the shorter your story, the easier it is to get it accepted. is that right DL?

<dlking> Ya got that right, Elizabeth

<DangerousBill> So 1 in 3 isn't bad odds.

<EASchechter> Yes, Mistress...

<dlking> Hi Janine, no, I wouldn't say that. I always note my word count min and max in my call for submissions.

<DangerousBill> Do you have a list of open calls?

<JWheeler> Erzabet - I do have a submission list - email me at, and we can talk offline.

<DangerousBill> ok

<WebChat810> Thanks! Erzabet

<JanineA> but do you end up saying, "Well, i can fit othis one big story or two small ones..."?

<KathleenTudor> (?) Is there any topic (other than the usual no-nos) that you are hesitant to accept, or that has to be exceptional for you to consider it? (For example, knife play or trans charachters, etc.)

<dlking> Sometimes I have to play with word count to satisfy the publisher, but if folks stay within my limits, they should all have equal possibilities

<JanineA> cool

06* kahtt D. L. King has published dozens of erotic short stories and is the editor of several anthologies including Seductress: Erotic Tales of Immortal Desire (Cleis Press, October 2012), The Sweetest Kiss: Ravishing Vampire Erotica, and the Independent Publisher's Award Gold Medalist, Carnal Machines: Steampunk Erotica.

<WebChat810> @ Erzabet-is there a BDSM topic that really seems hot right now or that you want to see more of?

<dlking> @Janine, sometimes I do. With Carnal Machines, all the stories were longer than usual, so there is a much shorter ToC.

* WebChat275 has joined #ERAChat

<sadeyquinn_> DL, What's the most difficult anthology you've put together? What made it challenging?

<Susana_> Still looking for answer re publishing Amazon and Smachwords and being dropped by Amazon, anyone have this experience?

<WebChat820> @Ariel Rosetti

* WebChat060 has quit IRC (Quit: Page closed)

<dlking> As for open calls, right now I don't have a call out. Hopefully that will change soon. Keep your eyes open. My calls always appear on the ERWA list

* Caitlain sets mode: +o WebChat275

<DangerousBill> Amazon wants 90 days exclusive for their select line. Or so I understand.

<EASchechter> Ah, cool. I want to work with you again.

<dlking> @sadeyquinn, that's an interesting question. I'm not sure what makes one anthology more difficult than another

<Susana_> With select line, can you use Smachwords also?

<WebChat810> @ Erzabet-I can't wait to read the Seductress antho. :)

<DangerousBill> One convo at a time.

<dlking> I think Carnal Machines might have been the most challenging--and the most rewarding. I often say that I received more intelligently written erotica than ever before

<KathleenTudor> Is there any topic (other than the usual no-nos) that you are hesitant to accept, or that has to be exceptional for you to consider it? (For example, knife play or trans charachters, etc.)

* WebChat426 has joined #ERAChat

<dlking> It was hard to choose the stories for CM because there were so many fantastic ones and word count was a problem. It takes a few more pages when you're world building

<bwylde> IS there a specific antho topic or theme you would really love to do that you haven;t done yet? If so which one or ones?

<sadeyquinn_> That makes a lot of sense, actually. I just submitted to a Zombie antho and empathize with the editor. :)

<EASchechter> Zombie erotica breaks my brain. How do you make that palatable?

* WebChat820 has quit IRC (Quit: Page closed)

<dlking> @KathleenTudor, I wouldn't say that I'm hesitant to accept any topic. My publisher might be, though. I publish what I like--what speaks to me--turns me on. If something turns me off, even if it might turn someone else on, I don't publish it. After all, it's my book!

<JWheeler> (?)

<WebChat810> @Erzabet-I just turned in one to a zombie antho too. It worked. :) Waiting to hear still...

<JWheeler> Something has been bothering me - I posted about it on FB yesterday, and that is that Erotica awards are now not going to be part of the Lammy ceremony. Relegated to a slide show with the other four categories who are no longer included, we are, as Ruth Sternglatz put it, at the kiddie table. Is this upsetting to anyone but me?

<dlking> My publisher actually cut MY story from Sweetest Kiss. They thought it was a snuff story and too dark. Of course vampires often kill their victims...

* Bill has quit IRC (Ping timeout)

<KathleenBradean> although you might mentin that Cleis likes a positive ending

<dlking> I can't understand zombie erotica. I don't think that's a topic I would ever choose for an anthology

<KathleenTudor> LOL

<DaleChase> I'm upset over the Lammy snub to erotica

* WebChat426 has quit IRC (Ping timeout)

<bwylde> Jwheeler - What? No erotica category? Are you sure? I swear i just saw it listed on the new guidelines for this year for both Gay and Lesbian.

<dlking> @JWheeler what

<JanineA> Zombies are trendy. They even made it into the new dr who

<dlking> what's your question?

<WebChat810> @ Erzabet-I made the zombie the girl who had a medical condition -she ate the serial killer at the end when he tried to kill her. Insert kinky sex in middle. :)

<KathleenTudor> There's still an award, they're just not presenting it on stage because the ceremony was getting too long.

<WebChat228> The Lammy snut bothers me a great deal.

<KathleenBradean> Jerry - I saw that and was annoyed too (re:Lammys)

<JWheeler> The category is still there, but the award won't be included in the ceremony. Erotica winners will get theirs in the mail.

<dlking> I love The Walking Dead and I love Dr Who, but neither of those are erotic. Just sayin'

<DangerousBill> zombies might be trendy, but they smell bad and no one wants to have sex with them.

<EASchechter> Oh, so erotica is now like the technical OScars -- at the main ceremony they announce they previously awarded such and such.

<WebChat810> @ Erzabet- my zombie chick took a shower and did her hair. lol.

<DaleChase> Erotica Lammy in the mail? Suppoe it will arrive with the IPPY that has never showed up.

<DangerousBill> What does Lammy stand for?

<JWheeler> It smacks of mainstreaming to me--they're neutering us.

<dlking> @DaleChase Oh, my fucking god, you have no idea how upset I am! I have very high hopes for The Harder She Comes

<dlking> Akkk Got to catch up!

<KathleenTudor> DL, How do anthologies work for Cleis? Do you select your own topic and pitch it to the publisher, or do they come to you and ask you to put together a particular theme?

<sadeyquinn_> um, my zombies ate advanced sciencey foods to regenerate tissue and keep lookin' sexy... hence my empathy with 'world building' erotica...

<WebChat228> JWheeler, I agree

<KathleenBradean> Lammy = Lambda Literary Awards for LGBTQ works

<bwylde> DL - Ok I wondered why when i read that book "sweetest Kiss" you didn;t have a story in the book.

<EASchechter> The Ippy award never showed up????

<DangerousBill> The whole thing about zombies is that they're dead and parts fall off. Anything else is like a vampire without teeth who likes broccoli.

<dlking> @DangerousBill: Lambda Literary Award

<DangerousBill> Thansk

<DaleChase> You got that right. I didn't attend the ceremony as it's in NY and I'm in Calif and money is a factor. Website said it would be mailed. Yeah, right.

<Kissa> @dlking I can't believe Cleis cut your story, wrong

<sadeyquinn_> DL - do you find your work is easier as time goes by? Or does it become harder, with new authors popping up and submitting awesome (or not so awesome) stuff?

<WebChat810> @Erzabet- Bill that is hilarious. :)

* sacchigreen has joined #ERAChat

<dlking> @Kathleen Tudor. Yes, I pitch an idea to them and they decide to go with it, or not.

<JWheeler> This gives me serious pause, especially when my publisher won't pay my Lammy entry fee AND won't send copies of the book. I have to do both at my own cost. I think I'll still enter my book this year, but it'll cost me about $75 bucks all told

<bwylde> Wow I can;t believe that about the LAmmy's. Kind of makes attending useless if you final and won;t even be presented your award at the ceremony. Like the book is less then GLBT centered because it has hot sex? WTF!!!

<dlking> @Kissa: LOL thanks

<DaleChase> Any idea how to contact the IPPY folks and ask about the award? Their website has no contact info.

* Hunter has joined #ERAChat

<EASchechter> @Dale Facebook?

* Caitlain sets mode: +oo Hunter sacchigreen

<dlking> @sadeyquinn: I think it's always the same. I'm always thrilled when I come across some awesome new writer I've never heard of before! There will always be great stuff submitted along with the crap

<sacchigreen> It's not just erotica, though. Drama and LGBT Studies are in the same boat. My theory is that it's based on how few nominations some categories have been getting. The Lesbian Erotica category last year very nearly didn't have enough nominees to qualify.

* Hunter has quit IRC (Quit: Page closed)

* LAntoniou has joined #ERAChat

<dlking> @JWheeler: yes, but a Lammy is so worth it. I'm still so angry that we're being treated like second class citizens, though

<dlking> @bwylde: Hi! Yes, Unless they change their minds, I won't go--and I was so looking forward to it this year

<JWheeler> Dale, the IPPYs have a FB page - you might try to post on there.

<DangerousBill> I still maintain that being outsiders is what makes erotica a good place for new writers. I don't mind

<DaleChase> Now why didn't I think of that.

<dlking> @Dale I have the address for the guy who runs it. Please write me off list and I'll let you know what to do.

* Caitlain sets mode: +o LAntoniou

<sacchigreen> Di, as I said, I don't think it was a matter of being second class, unless Drama is looked down on, too. Last year the only way they got enough lesbian erotica entries was by searching out more--and two of them were mine.

<DaleChase> Thanks Dl. Will do.

<dlking> @Sacchi: Always positive!

* Hunter has joined #ERAChat

<bwylde> I wonder if they got a ton of entries if they would change their minds? Overwhelm them with a ton of well written HOT smut? Ugh I so wanted to go too if something I was in finaled.

<dlking> Hi Laura!

<JWheeler> Yeah, the Lammy is worth it, but I still feel second class. And there were MANY entries in the Gay Erotica category last year.

* Caitlain sets mode: +o Hunter

* NobilisReed has joined #ERAChat

* Aisling has joined #ERAChat

* WebChat085 has joined #ERAChat

<LAntoniou> Hey, DL! *wave*

<sacchigreen> Not always positive; I'm at least as paranoid about erotica being dissed as any other writer/editor.

* WebChat680 has joined #ERAChat

* WebChat680 has quit IRC (Quit: Page closed)

<KathleenBradean> It really is too bad there isn't an award for genre erotica

<dlking> @Sacchi: Yeah, I know. I keep hoping they'll change their mind but I don't want to say anything, in case they decide I'm being a pain and shut me out...

* Adrienne has joined #ERAChat

<sacchigreen> Jerry, that's true about gay erotica. I dunno. Maybe they didin't think they could do it for lesbian but not gay--and it sure would have been even more of a flaming mess.

<NobilisReed> Epic Author Award has genre erotica categories.

<dlking> We've gone far afield from the topic. I'm not complaining, but I think ERWA publishes the transcript, so--back to fantasy!

<EASchechter> Passionate Ink, in the RWA, had published and unpublished erotica awards.

<bwylde> Nobilis - they lump all the erotica pairings together though, GLBTQ and straight erotica and i have to say that I don;t know of a GLBT book that has won the erotica category yet over a het book

<KathleenBradean> I can't deal with EPIC anymore. Too much ugly history.

* WebChat228 has quit IRC (Ping timeout)

<dlking> Aaand now we're back to silence again...

<bwylde> too true Kathleen

<EASchechter> I gave up on EPIC a while back, too.

<DangerousBill> Back to fantasy, you said.

<sadeyquinn_> DL: What would be the topic of your ideal next antho?

<KathleenBradean> Did you answer the quesiton about an anthology topic you'd love to do?

<sadeyquinn_> whoa

<dlking> Does anyone think we need another vampire anthology? Because I love vampires and would love to do another one. Just sayin'

* WebChat085 has quit IRC (Ping timeout)

<NobilisReed> Hahaha

<sadeyquinn_> :) Vampires are great.

* Caitlain sets mode: +ooo Adrienne Aisling NobilisReed

* Susana_ has quit IRC (Quit: Page closed)

<KathleenBradean> *long groan*

<WebChat810> I love vampires

<KathleenTudor> Doesn't matter as long as Cleis thinks we do

<sacchigreen> The speculative fiction category at the Lammies has certainly gotten big enough that it ought to be split into gay and lesbian.

<NobilisReed> I just wrote my first vampire erotica story...

<EASchechter> Can you turn the vampire on their ears, though? Make them different?

* Susana has quit IRC (Quit: Page closed)

<Kissa> vamp anthologies are always good

<dlking> @Nobillis. I'd like to read it.

<WebChat810> Succubi and incubi are good too

<bwylde> I love vamps, have a whole bookcase full of it but have yet to be able to write a vamp story, I always worry about finding a new twist on an old theme

<dlking> I don't think Cleis is up for another vampire book from me just now

<NobilisReed> Darn it... she who must be obeyed is asking for a grocery store run... later folks...

<EASchechter> Bye!

<NobilisReed> DL: It has been submitted to COming Together: In Vein, so with luck...

<dlking> The next one might be something very different. But not fantasy

<DangerousBill> Everyone's vamps are different. No one knows what a real vampire is like anymore.

<JWheeler> In my collection I have a novella about vampires that feast on talent instead of music - planning a novel with the same characters.

<NobilisReed> Anyways...

<WebChat810> Working on a vamp story now that plays on weight watchers type theme

<dlking> Bye Elizabeth

* NobilisReed has quit IRC (Quit: Time to go...)

<JanineA> How about angels as a topic? I'm thinking fallen ones, naturally ;-)

06* kahtt waves hi to Adrienne

<JWheeler> talent instead of blood, I meant to to say.

<EASchechter> Oh, I'm not leaving. I was saying bye to Nobilis.

<EASchechter> Music vampires. There are perfume vampires in Japan, I think.

<sadeyquinn_> angels and demons...

<dlking> @DB: I know. It was better when we all knew the difference between a real vampire and a fake one...

<dlking> @JW: sounds very cool

<KathleenBradean> THat was a gerat story, Jerry. I remember it in your last collection.

<bwylde> ohhh sadyquinn I love the demon idea

<DangerousBill> One of my favorite stories was about a kind of vampire that feeds on orgasms, except she'll induce them until the victim dies. Now THAT's a vampire I can appreciate.

<WebChat810> What about a dark carnival theme?

<EASchechter> Okay, I want to know more about the Weight Watchers vampires.

<Adrienne> ?

<dlking> @810, Vampires that eat fat? That would rock, if it were true

<JanineA> Dark carnival? Nice one!

<KathleenTudor> Why only fantasy? Do you ever plan to work on a contemporary erotica anthology?

<sacchigreen> I'd really love to do an historical erotica anthology, possibly including fantasy, but no chance. Mitzi Szereto's idea for Thrones of Desire was brilliant, though, and I wrote for it. Based in tone on Game of Thrones.

<JWheeler> Thanks, Kathleen - I loved those characters. They'll be back for a sequel!

<bwylde> If there is a fat sucking vamp I want to schedule a visit please!!!!!

<DangerousBill> Jenny Craig, vampire!!!

<sadeyquinn_> @bwylde... ew

<dlking> Ooh, I like dark carnival!

<WebChat810> LOL. Well, I am working on my first book length work that has vampires helping mortal women lose weight by their stamina and also using weight watchers type diet

<JWheeler> Rob Rosen has a call out for historical erotica - it's on the Lammy website.

<sadeyquinn_> :)

<EASchechter> Ditto! I've been on a damned plateau for a year!

<dlking> You all realize, of course, that writers steal everything, right? All this is fair game. I'm just warning you

<KathleenBradean> Something like the Night Circus? Or Something Wicked This Way COmes?

<JanineA> lmao!

<WebChat810> Kathleen-it could be either. :)

<sadeyquinn_> @DLKing, but every idea will be different, depending on who writes it

<Hunter> What is LAMMY?

<Kissa> funny, DL I was thinking the same thing

<sadeyquinn_> Just look at the bible.

<bwylde> LOL someone will grab the diet vamp idea I'll bet

<Kissa> I'm sure Beth

<KathleenBradean> @Hunter - Lammy is Lambda Literary

<KathleenTudor> reposting since it got buried in the chatter: Why only fantasy? Do you ever plan to work on a contemporary erotica anthology?

<Hunter> tysm Kathleen

<WebChat810> no stealing my weight watchers...

<LAntoniou> I'm taking notes. (Grin)

<EASchechter> LOL

<WebChat810> :)

<sadeyquinn_> Me too. muwahhaha

<WebChat810> Dark carnival antho fair game-

* WebChat464 has joined #ERAChat

<sacchigreen> Jerry, I'll check out Rob's antho. I'm not averse to doing m/m (in strictly fictional terms,) and I suppose it sells better.

<Kissa> I wrote a short about a vamp that steals sexual energy, already published though

<bwylde> The next vamp anthology will be ll skinny dieting vamps looking to fall off the wagon with fat victims. LMAO

<Hunter> lol

<EASchechter> Dark Carnival sounds fun. One I've been thinking about playing with a Faerie Brothel.

<JWheeler> Sacchi, he's great to work with as a writer - he's been in a couple of my anthos.

<Kissa> hahahaha @bwylde

<WebChat810> Faerie!

<KathleenBradean> Hmm. How historical? I have a vamp story set during the siege of Serjevo

<dlking> @KathleenTudor. I don't only do fantasy. Acutally, I do more contemporary erotica than fantasy. I also write and edit contemporary lesbian erotica. My main area is FemDom and I have an FemDom anthology due out in March. It will be amazing.

<EASchechter> Just tossing it around. No idea what to DO with it, since I've no inclination to do an anthology.

<DangerousBill> DLK--glad to hear that

<JWheeler> KathleenB, I think he stops at Woodstock.

<KathleenTudor> I subbed to that one; I had forgotten. Your bio for the chat just mentions fantasy. Whoops!

<KathleenBradean> damn

<LAntoniou> Hey, I think I am in that book, DL.

<bwylde> IS this another femdom like in the series that you already have out?

<dlking> @Kissa, that's very like the stuff I chose for the Seductress anthology. It's succubus erotica

06* kahtt to change your nickname type /nick name

<JanineA> "Tossing it around" ... is that only rude in UK English then? ;-)

<bwylde> opps nebver mind I was thinking a whole femdom novel of just you not the antho

<LAntoniou> I love the idea of a fantasy/paranormal brothel shared world.

* WebChat6 has joined #ERAChat

<EASchechter> Umm... oops. ;-)

<dlking> Hey, Laura, I think you are!!!

<KathleenBradean> Beth edited a shared world with a BDSM club

<dlking> @Beth, no, it's an anthology. You subbed to it, remember?

<bwylde> I so want to see more BDSM anthos!!! yum

* Caitlain sets mode: +oo WebChat6 WebChat464

<JWheeler> Okay, folks - my dogs need to be walked. Thanks for the input everyone!! See you all later.

<WebChat810> BDSM antho-yes! I love those

* sloth has joined #ERAChat

<bwylde> LOL yeah my brain is still on sleep deprived mode

<sacchigreen> Circlet Press does fantasy/paranormal/sf erotica, with terrific anthos, but mostly e-books.

<dlking> @Janine, it must only be rude in UK English becuase I have no idea why it's rude...

<JanineA> "to toss" = "to masturbate"

<dlking> @LAntoniou. That sounds like a fun theme

<WebChat810> dang I can't get this thing to change my web thing to a name.

<DaleChase> Interesting exchanges. Thanks, DL. I must sign off now.

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01sloth is * Webchat

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01sloth End of /WHOIS list.

<Adrienne> I'm sorry I'm coming in late, and perhaps this has already been asked. If so please ignore: As editor, DL, what are the big no-nos - what should authors avoid doing, what annoys editors?

<Kissa> BDSM is always a good theme

* Caitlain sets mode: +o sloth

<bwylde> KAthleen (I;d love to do another in that world if i could find a better publisher to do it with)

<dlking> @KathleenBradean: I adored Broadly Bound from Beth. I'm in the first one and I think the book rocks even though no one knows about it!

* JWheeler has quit IRC (Quit: Page closed)

<Kissa> @ Adrienne - coming in late hahaha sorry I couldn't resist

<bwylde> LOL thanks DL your story is fucking HOT in that book

<KathleenBradean> I do love my gnederqueer character in Broadly Bound

* WebChat6 has quit IRC (Ping timeout)

<dlking> @Dale, write to me and I'll help with the IPPY thing

<Kissa> @bWylde that book isn't available anymore though is it?

<bwylde> KAthleen (I wanted to be the ballerina) Yum

<bwylde> yes it is and a sequel to it

<Kissa> oh I thought that was one that wasn't being sold, sorry

* sloth has quit IRC (Quit: Page closed)

<dlking> @Adrienne: I'm a stickler for formatting. If I say I want something formatted a certain way, I'm not kidding. I also am a stickler about word count. I can't publish a 7000 word story. I print every story and edit on the copy. The formatting makes that easier

<dlking> If I say I don't like a certain type of story, or am not interested in a certain fetish, it's a very good possibility that if you send me one, I won't publish it.

<Kissa> @Adrienne, good question

<bwylde> Wow you print them out to do the editing?

<dlking> Otherwise, I'm up for most anything. Earlier I said that if it's well written and turns me on, I'm happy!

<WebChat810> Does it make a difference if you send the story in early or not?

<DangerousBill> Some can't edit on a screen. I can't.

<bwylde> WOW I can;t imagine not editing on my comp

<Kissa> 810 another great ?- I wonder that myself

<KathleenTudor> Me either, Beth.

<dlking> @Beth, yes, I print out each submission

<bwylde> but I can;t write on it so I guess we all have our quirks

<sacchigreen> Not my question, but I hate antho submissions where the author is "writing down" to the level she/he thinks is appropriate for erotica.

<WebChat810> Thanks. I have turned in two stories-on the last day and have not heard, so I wondered if it hurt me to be last so to speak.

* realily has joined #ERAChat

<realily> hi

* Caitlain sets mode: +o realily

<sacchigreen> Hi Ily.

<bwylde> Sacchi- what do you mean? Like dumbing the story down because there is sex in it?

<dlking> @810, not at all. Early is fine. I don't start reading until after the call has ended, though. I don't accept on a rolling basis. I want to read everything and not give someone an edge bacuse they had something set aside that fit the call over someone who wrote specifically to the call

* Willsin has joined #ERAChat

<Kissa> @sacchigreen what do you mean by 'writing down'?

<realily> Hi Sacchi :)

<DangerousBill> Writing down. Isn

<EASchechter> Dumbing down? Because all erotica is just like what you find in Hustler?

<DangerousBill> mistake ignore

<bwylde> ok thats what i thought.

<WebChat810> Thanks! What a relief. :) About killed myself with that last one. 10,000 + words

* WebChat986 has joined #ERAChat

<sacchigreen> Beth, I mean like flinging around cliches like frisbees. Of course the onky way I can tell that they're writing down is if I see better work by them elsewhere, but that has happened.

<bwylde> 10k for an antho sub? wow!

<dlking> @Sacchi, I would never publish something written "down to the level of erotica readers" How pretencious

<WebChat810> Do any of you plot line or just write as it comes to you?

<WebChat810> Yes, I know. It was tough. The one I am working on now is about 6000.

<Adrienne> I understand that publishers have the last word, is that correct? And how does that effect your job as editor - do you have to have extra stories on hand just in case?

<Kissa> @Webchat810- there are editors that do read as they come in though. I spent 2 days formatting once and was rejected 15 min after submission because they were full, not all editors are like DL (unfortunately)

<dlking> I can't ever accept a 10k story for an anthology. no one else would get in

* ilygoyanes has joined #ERAChat

* JudeMason has joined #ERAChat

<EASchechter> @Webchat810 I plot out if it is a longer piece (over 10K).Short pieces are pantsed.

<dlking> @Adrienne: some publishers have the last word and others rely completely on the editor. Cleis Press has the last word

<bwylde> thats what i meant when I typed the 10K wow thing, unless it was a novella call like with the BDSm thing I can;t imagine a full antho would have room for a 10k story or even a 6k really

<WebChat810> It was so long. Not sure how many stories they are going to need.

<Kissa> there are some anthologies that have only 3-4 authors, I would think that is where the 10K would fit in?

<dlking> I say again: AAAK Got to catch up!

<sacchigreen> Adrienne, you have to play it by ear, but I do sometimes keep extra stories on hand just in case. It depends on my reading of what the publisher wants.

<WebChat810> The 10k was the Milk and Cookies BDSM antho

<bwylde> kissa thats what i meant, like a 4 or 5 author antho where is story is like novella length

<KathleenTudor> Yes, Storm Moon likes them 10K or above.

<sadeyquinn_> signing out. @dlking, thanks for having us here. @ERWA, thanks for hosting. @everyone, thanks for the interesting conversation and have a nice evening!

<WebChat810> Yep. It was a Storm Moom

<Kissa> not a lot of variety with that length though

<WebChat810> Moon. gah!

<LAntoniou> Heh; I accepted an 8000+ story for an antho. But I'm weird that way.

* sadeyquinn_ has quit IRC (Quit: Page closed)

<ilygoyanes> @bwylde how long were the stories in your Bound anthos?

<bwylde> lol LA

<dlking> @Kissa, thanks! By the way, just so you know. You will always get an acknowledgement from me. If you don't hear back after submitting, please query because I probably didn't get it.

<KathleenBradean> @LAntoniou - and other ways ;)

<EASchechter> and we are very thankful for it, Laura!

* JudeMason has quit IRC (Quit: Page closed)

<Kissa> I got a 9K word story in a Zane anthology but she let me submit a revision after waiting for a year

<bwylde> we had 5 authors in each antho so the stories werew about 8-10k each

* realily has quit IRC (Ping timeout)

<dlking> @sadeyquinn: 'nite

* WebChat986 has quit IRC (Quit: Page closed)

<dlking> @Laura, yes, you are

<DamianB> @DLKing: So, you also edit the stories for the anthos? Do you ever get great stories that just have too much editing to be done?

<Kissa> @dlking, I've had that happen too, not from you, but I waited 8 months to find out my submission was never received, I always ask for confirmation now

<WebChat810> I will probably try and do some short pieces for the uber contest.

* NikHavert has joined #ERAChat

* Caitlain sets mode: +oo NikHavert Willsin

<bwylde> oh that would suck, waiting and then finding out they never even got it

* NikHavert changes topic to ''

* Caitlain sets mode: +o ilygoyanes

<Kissa> it did suck big time since they'd already chosen the stories

<WebChat810> I have gotten confirmations on both-just waiting

<Kissa> good luck 810

* Caitlain sets mode: -o NikHavert

<WebChat810> Thanks. I am not good at waiting-trying to focus on next piece and just keep swimming as they say. And studying up on BDSM fun

<KathleenBradean> One editor accepted my story, sat on it over a year and a half, then told me that it no longer fit her theme. *outraged scream*

<bwylde> I think the waiting is the worst part of it all

<dlking> @DamianB; yes I do. If the story is really great, I will take the time. Sometimes I worry that I'm going to piss off an author by covering his/her story in red, but if I really like something, I want to make it the best it can be.

<WebChat810> That is awful Kathleen

<Kissa> @KathleenBradean, those are the worst!

<EASchechter> I had one editor accept a story, I signed the contract, they did the editing, and then cut me last minute... and NEVER TOLD ME. So I was doing promo for a book I wasn't even in.

<Aisling> Kathleen, *screaming with you*

<WebChat810> Oh wow

<KathleenBradean> No, the worst was the guy who accepted my story and I found out it he'd dropped it AFTER he let me do major promo for it.

<Kissa> @EASchechter okay that is even worse!

<WebChat810> Ugh!!!

<Adrienne> I assume word count is much more important for print than ebook, giving editors more leeway. DL, have you edited for e-publishers? And if so, how was the experience as compared to print?

<Aisling> Kathleen, I'd be more than screaming

<sacchigreen> Editors should always respond, but some don't. Feel free to poke them by a couple of months after the deadline.

<dlking> @Kathleen: I remember that very well!

<NikHavert> Hello, all.

<KathleenBradean> So do I. Talk about humiliating.

<kahtt> hi NH

<WebChat810> Who has had something published by Evernight?

<Kissa> What I hate is no response at all, ever. When you expect to wait a year for an answer, and then don't get one, your story has been sitting for a year and a half

<NikHavert> I concur with Kissa. Even a negative response is better than none.

<dlking> I have edited for epbulishers. I find it's very similar, at least for me. Unfortunately, the money is much smaller and I spend the same amount of time and effort on an e anthology as on a print anthology, so it doesn't make me a happy camper

* Caitlain changes topic to 'Publishing anthologies with DLKing'

<WebChat810> I agree. I want to know what to do better.

<Kissa> Does anyone do rolling readings? My question is do you still wait until the deadline or after to notify acceptances?

<NikHavert> I don't even know what a rolling reading is.

<NikHavert> (Says the guy now feeling awkward)

<KathleenTudor> @Kissa Some people do rolling readings. DL said she doesn't

<WebChat810> :)

<dlking> I recently did a spanking anthology for Ravenous Romance: Spankalicious. I think the book is great! I doubt I'll ever see any more money from it, though

<sacchigreen> I know of a case where a story was printed in a book without the author knowing it had been accepted, or signing a contract. She sent it to me later, and I accepted it, but discovered in the nick of time (because of a review by Jean Roberta on Erotica revealed) that it had already been published. Big surprise to the author.

<Kissa> accepting stories on a rolling basis is what I meant

<ilygoyanes> @dlking I'm assuming the advance is what is smaller? don't the royalties make up for it? [re: ebook v. print]

<Kissa> @sacchigreen doesn't surprise me, but I hate it for that author

<DangerousBill> Nik: Rolling means readings subs as they come in, not waiting until after deadline.

<bwylde> oh wow sacchi tht is awful, some of you have some real horror stories, guess it's just a hazard of the job

<dlking> @Kissa and Nik Yes, that's beyond rude. I always get back to everyone. Unfortunately, with Seductress, I missed an author. Acutally, it speaks to what I was talking about earlier. She asked about her submission after the book was already completed. I never received her submission.

* Caitlain sets mode: +o NikHavert

<dlking> @Ily: the advance was tiny and I don't think it's getting a bazillion sales

<Kissa> @dlking the payment to authors was small also wasn't it?

<KathleenBradean> How do you pitch an antholgoy to a publisher?

<EASchechter> good question!

<NikHavert> Low and inside, I'd imagine. ;)

<KathleenTudor> @Kissa Yes, Ravenous usually pays $25 for antho stories

<EASchechter> *snerk*

<KathleenBradean> @NikHavert *snort*

<ilygoyanes> lol @nikhavert

<dlking> Yes, Kissa, it was, but I couldn't do anything about it. It was the best I could get

<bwylde> 25 is okay as long as you get to retain rights and can send it elsewhere and they don;t hold it for years

<bwylde> I will never do another charity antho where the publisher holds rights forever

<Kissa> I remember thinking what a great idea for an anthology and then saw the money and that it was ebook, hard to get good stories that way I would imagine

<Kissa> @bwylde good advice

<DamianB> @ DLKing: Just what do you consider the fantasy topics? (I get different things from different people on this subject, some Paranormal others true Fantasy.)

<dlking> @KathleenBradean: You come up with an idea and send it to the publisher or the publicist. It' works best if they already know you, or your work. I was very lucky with Cleis Press. I'd been thinking about pitching an antho idea to them and they approached me first

<Kissa> @dlking they recognized talent

<dlking> @ kissa, yes, but I did get some awesome stories for that book. I'm really very proud of it and the cover rocks

<NikHavert> Now I want to put together a baseball erotica anthology.

<KathleenBradean> your steampunk anthology was a leap for them though. didn't you have to convince them there was interest?

<KathleenTudor> I do anthos for Circlet press and was just hired as an editor for Riptide. Hoping to approach Cleis next, but I've nervy about it.

<EASchechter> I think Cecilia Tan has a baseball erotica something, actually.

<dlking> @Damian: I don't really think about whether something is fantasy, or not. Really, I just decide I want to do a book about vampires or succubi or steampunk and pitch the idea.

<dlking> I wanted to do a werewolf book for a long time, but couldn't get anyone to accept the pitch

<DangerousBill> Baseball erotica? Unfortunately, they almost make me play shortstop.

<WebChat810> DL is there a way to contact you to be notified of the next antho call?

<bwylde> Spankalicious was your second spanking antho right? Spank came out first?

<dlking> @Nik. That sounds very cool. Talk to Cecilia Tan

<sacchigreen> Sorry, my alter-ego has to go revise my intro to the year's-best-lesbian speculative fiction antho I'm co-editing for Lethe Press. Speaking of fantasy. Bye now!

<Adrienne> Riptide! What a great publisher, Good for you, Kathleen.

<NikHavert> @DangerousBill I claim "Double Header" for a story title.

<kahtt> later sacchi

<bwylde> Sports erotica is fun. I never considered it until recently but it's hot!

<Aisling> Bye Sacchi!

<dlking> @KathleenB I had to write a convincing pitch but then they loved the idea. They

<NikHavert> @dlking I will do that. Thanks.

<Hunter> baseball erotica...luv it!

<DangerousBill> Designated Hitter for the BDSM section.

<dlking> They've been very pleased with that book from the start

<ilygoyanes> I agree

<Hunter> switch hitter...

<NikHavert> @DangerousBill Ha!

<NikHavert> See? The titles never end.

<dlking> By Sacchi. Thanks for coming

<ilygoyanes> bye Sacchi

<NikHavert> Ciao, Sacchi.

<Hunter> bye

<KathleenTudor> Bye Sacchi

<Kissa> froze for a moment @dlking, yes the cover is amazing, haven't read the stories but glad you found a lot of good ones

<dlking> Ily Goyanes just edited a lesbian sports antho. It's great

<WebChat810> I had the sports antho on my blog. :)

<dlking> Just who is 810???

<bwylde> bye sacchi

<dlking> LOL

<EASchechter> Erzabet?

<LAntoniou> I did an antho called Sportsmen, lol

<WebChat810> Hi DL-Erzabet Bishop. :)

<dlking> Tell us about it Laura!

<dlking> What was the sport?

<WebChat810> I can;t get this danged thing to change the name. First time on-sorry. -Erzabet

<dlking> Hi Erzabet

* sacchigreen has quit IRC (Ping timeout)

<WebChat810> Hi! *waves*

<LAntoniou> it was all gay male sports stories....from softball to polo and cricket and basketball

<dlking> Laura, I read an excerpt from my story in your antho last night at TES. They loved it

<ilygoyanes> Hi Erzabet -- thanks for mentioning Girls Who Score on your blog :)

<Hunter> take one for the team

<KathleenTudor> I think I should go attend to my family. Thank you so much for the chat, DL!

<Hunter> bye Kathleen

<WebChat810> You are so welcome. It was my pleasure. :)

<dlking> By Kathleen Tudor

<ilygoyanes> bye

<WebChat810> Bye Kathleen.

<kahtt> night

<EASchechter> I'd love to see someone do SOMETHING on what goes on behind the scenes at the X-Games. Those folks are CRAZY adrenaline junkies -- the sex must be amazing.

<Adrienne> Girls Who Score: Hot Lesbian Erotica. Ily, nice cover! Currently on ERWA's Featured Titles page, receiving lots of hits

* KathleenTudor has quit IRC (Quit: Page closed)

<bwylde> Whoooo on Girls WHo Score

<ilygoyanes> Thank you Adrienne!

<dlking> Yay Ily!

<ilygoyanes> XD

<ilygoyanes> I'm very proud

<Caitlain> Those of you bearing the brand of WebchatXXX: Type the following on a clear line without quotations and strike the enter key, "/nick your-chosen-name"

<WebChat810> Yes-congrats. Wish I could have come to the party in Miami. :)

<EASchechter> You should be!

<ilygoyanes> It was great although I drank too much free alcohol :/

<dlking> I like free alcohol!

<bwylde> Dl did Scuba diving for that right?

<dlking> I'm drinking Port right now

<KathleenBradean> sounds like the closing party at Saints and Sinners

* Willsin has left #ERAChat

<bwylde> oh alcohol gets me in trouble and I can get in mischief enough when sober

<WebChat810> Ok. I did that. nada

<dlking> @Beth. Yes, I know...

<ilygoyanes> lol Beth,,,me too

<bwylde> lol hey the paddle needing trying out

* WebChat810 is now known as Erzabet

* WebChat762 has joined #ERAChat

<Erzabet> I did it!!! woo!

<ilygoyanes> Cheers, DL!

<dlking> Erzabet. That sucks. You'll get it eventually

<KathleenBradean> yay!

<Erzabet> Got it

* Caitlain sets mode: +o WebChat762

<Adrienne> DL's Seductress: Erotic Tales of Immortal Desire has an amazing cover (yes, I love book cover art) will feature in the Nov edition. Be sure to check it out.

<ilygoyanes> Woohoo!

<dlking> Whoo Hoo Erzabet!!!

<Erzabet> *strikes forehead on table*

<DangerousBill> The guard is bringing my meds. I have to sign off now. Gnite.

<Erzabet> Can't wait to read Seductress. My big story I just sent in was about a lust demon. :)

<dlking> Thanks Adrienne. Glad you like the cover. I love Cleis covers! I can't wait to see what they come up with for Under Her Thumb, my femdom book due out in March. I saw some mock ups and they were really hot

<DamianB> night

<Erzabet> Goodnight Bill. :)

<dlking> 'nite Bill!

<EASchechter> The CM cover is one of my favorites.

* DangerousBill has quit IRC (Quit: Page closed)

<bwylde> ok my little man with the broken arm needs me. DL as soon as I hear about DC I will let you know. I want to see that new toy!

<dlking> Yes, the CM cover is currently my favorite too. I really love that cover.

* Kissa has quit IRC (Ping timeout)

<ilygoyanes> Under Her Thumb sounds hottttt

<dlking> As you may, or may not know, I never have any say on the cover.

<Erzabet> Yes it does. I can't wait to review it on the blog!!

<bwylde> night everyone

<dlking> Let me know and I will send you a copy for review!

<KathleenBradean> I think I have a story in that one.

<EASchechter> Gnite, BEth. Hope he feels better.

<Erzabet> I just did a BDSM blog hop with Cleis books as the giveaway. :) Good exposure.

<DamianB> G'night

<dlking> 'nite Beth!

<bwylde> thanks EA

<Aisling> Nite, Beth!

<Erzabet> DL I will write you on facebook. :)

<bwylde> been a rough summer, two twins and two broken left arms

<dlking> @Kathleen Bradean, yes, you do! It's a funny one

<EASchechter> Kathleen, didn't you have Red Countess in CM? I don't have it iin front of me.

<dlking> Thanks Erzabet

<dlking> Beth, I swear!

<JanineA> I'm turning into a pumpkin - thanks DL for hosting and all the info! Nighty night!

<KathleenBradean> @EASchenchter - yes, the Lair of the Red Countess was mine.

<Erzabet> Under Her Thumb sounds great too. Must have that one on the blog too.

<dlking> Yes, that's Kathleen's CM Story

* bwylde has quit IRC (Quit: Page closed)

<EASchechter> Hah! I remembered!

* JanineA has quit IRC (Quit: Page closed)

<dlking> Oh, I thought you were talking about Under Her Thumb. If you want CM, let me know and I'll send you one of those!

<Erzabet> Yes to both. :)

<KathleenBradean> I keep expecting someone to mention that she was obviosly a white Russian, not a red, but maybe only I notice such things

<NikHavert> The Girl Fever anthology cover was adorable - two ladies in a bubble bath. Win!

<dlking> Ooh, good night Janine even though you're not here to see it.

<EASchechter> snicker...

<Adrienne> I'm off folks, son and grandson are done with the dishes (hey, I cooked!) , waiting to listen to President Obama speech.

<ilygoyanes> Goodnight!

<Erzabet> Oh. Forgot that was tonight. Have chicken in oven and corn on stove...

* Kissa has joined #ERAChat

<Aisling> 'Night!

<Erzabet> Goodnight Adrienne

<dlking> I think of her as red because of her scary, evil ways. I believe I said to you, when I first read the story, that she was obviously a white Russian

<Kissa> who kicked me? haha

<Erzabet> :)

<Adrienne> Oh, before I go, I want to thank DL for supporting ERWA with this live chat. Now I'm off.

<dlking> Thanks for dropping by Adrienne and asking such pertinent questions and thanks for having me!

<Erzabet> yes-awesome event.

<KathleenBradean> @dlking one of us said it, but after the first bottle of wine, who said it gets a bit fuzzy in the memory

<Rose> Night Adrienne

<Erzabet> I love ERWA. You guys are so supportive of new authors.

<Kissa> Thank you Adrienne and dlking

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<Aisling> Agree!

<dlking> @Kathleen: LOLOLOL! True

* WebChat762 has quit IRC (Ping timeout)

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<Erzabet> do any of you guys plot out your work or do it as it comes?

<Erzabet> *no pun intended!*

<DamianB> I for one love the ERWA. Learned more here than I ever did reading "how to write" books.

<dlking> Actually, I think I'm going to take my leave as well. I haven't eaten yet and it's 9:30! Good night everyone (who's left) and thanks so much for coming. This was fun!

<Erzabet> Yes.

<EASchechter> I plot longer works. I pants short ones. Short, to me, is anything under 10K

* WebChat275 has quit IRC (Quit: Page closed)

<Erzabet> Thanks.

<DamianB> Thanks for being here.

<Aisling> I may jot a few notes, but otherwise, I just write from the hip, as it were.

<Erzabet> Thanks DL. Goodnight

<EASchechter> Gnite, DL!

* dlking has left #ERAChat

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