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Titles are linked to our favorite adult movie sites where you can buy, rent, download-to-own, or watch VOD. We recommend the following sites for adult entertainment:

Men In Black: A Hardcore ParodyMen In Black: A Hardcore Parody
Cast: jessica drake, Alektra Blue, India Summer, Brandy Anniston, Randy Spears Xander Corvus
Director: Brad Armstrong
Studio: Wicked Pictures

Brad Armstrong’s parody of the ’90s super-hit is sheer entertainment. Script, acting, direction, sex performance and — crucially — makeup and special effects combine for a superb example of couples-friendly porn. Randy Spears and Ethan Hunt take the Tommy Lee Jones-Will Smith roles of Kay and Jay, U.S. agents in charge of investigating space aliens. The thread of a story-line involves them tracking down the disappearance of earth girls somewhere into space. To solve the mystery it’s necessary for Jay to undergo an electronic sex change. He’s turned into the delectable Misty Stone, who does a killer masturbation with her new pussy.

There is lots of funny stuff with the bizarre-looking aliens, plus a quartet of talking Peckerhead puppets, and Kaylani Lei gets to have three tits. Tommy Pistol, with a freakishly enlarged head, nose and ears, has his way with Isis Taylor. The hottest sex scene would be the anal between Alektra Blue as a dominatrix and Xander Corvus as a submissive with an extra head. The movie ends with an orgy with the MiB guys and the abducted women, along with Jessica Drake as a “Vaginarian.” The humor is sparked and driven by Spears’ dryly comic performance. Easily one of the best XXX releases of 2012. —Jared Rutter, XBIZ Editors Choice

Men In Black: A Hardcore Parody is available at:

Dark Knight XXX: A Porn ParodyDark Knight XXX: A Porn Parody
Cast: Giovanni Francesco, Aiden Ashley, Andy San Dimas, Brendon Miller
Director: Axel Braun
Studio: Vivid Entertainment

Director Axel Braun’s “Dark Knight XXX” sets the bar for adult parody filmmaking for a variety of reasons, including its inspired make-up and wardrobe, visually engaging and fun set design and formidable acting and performing talent. However, most impressive is Braun’s ability to present a parody that is faithful to its source while bringing fresh ideas to the table and never — not once — forgetting that it’s still a porno.

Directing from a script he co-wrote with Mark Logan, Braun covers a lot of the groundwork laid in Christopher Nolan’s “Dark Knight” trilogy with a taut, satisfying story that allows for creative and bold sex scenes guaranteed to get comic-geeks and cos-play enthusiasts off for years on end.

“Dark Knight XXX” finds Bruce Wayne (Giovanni Francesco) living in self-imposed exile away from Gotham City in a cabin high up in the snow-crested mountains. He regrets his Batman alter ego, believing it has led to the rise of more dangerous, bloodthirsty criminals eager to destroy all he holds dear. Unfortunately, Wayne’s plans to brood in peace are disrupted when Catwoman (Aiden Ashley) informs him that a terrorist by the name of Bane (Derrick Pierce) has taken his ex-fiancée, Kathy Kane (Andy San Dimas), hostage. Wayne has no choice but to return to Gotham as the caped crusader.

While the film’s CGI and fight sequences leave a lot to be desired, the acting performances are the best to be found in adult. Francesco as Wayne/Batman emotes torment and sorrow (and does a pretty good job of mimicking the Dark Knight’s barking tone). Brendon Miller does a remarkable job of channeling the late Heath Ledger’s Joker, madcap mayhem and all. His onscreen partner Penny Pax also shines as Batgirl Barbara Gordon, Commissioner Gordon’s daughter.

Miller and Pax also share the film’s kinkiest and hottest scene, in which the Joker ass-fucks Batgirl while her father, imprisoned in a cage, helplessly watches nearby. Batgirl hopes that The Joker will show mercy and release them in exchange for submitting to his deviant desires, but is instead rewarded with a bullet to the spine. A three-way with Bane, Catwoman and Kathy Kane is also rewind-worthy.

“The Dark Knight XXX” was produced months before the release of Nolan’s “The Dark Knight Rises,” the third and final film in the Warner Bros. franchise, leaving Braun blind to that film’s storyline. But fear not, Braun and Logan leave their take on the Dark knight legend open ended for more sequels to come. —XBIZ Editors Choice

Dark Knight XXX: A Porn Parody is available at:

Dallas XXX: A Parody, Adult DVDDallas XXX: A Parody
Cast: India Summer, Bobbi Starr, Alexis Ford, Brooklyn Lee
Director: David Lord
Studio: Adam & Eve Pictures

Aficionados of the long-running series will respond to this one best. The parody element is kind of hit and miss. Sometimes the show’s campy excesses are really nailed but at other times — as in the long dialogue scenes that set up the “plot” — it seems like just an attempt at drama that doesn’t quite get there. The only overt gag is having Miss Ellie played by a man.

Still, the movie is well shot and the cast is quite good. Alexis Ford is perfect for horny Lucy and looks fetching in two sex scenes. Bobbi Starr is a hoot as neurotic nymphomaniac Sue Ellen. She seems to be having loads of fun and her scene with the “tall handsome cowboy” (Michael Vegas) she picks up in a bar is the best in the movie. The sex in general, as in most parodies, is somewhat by the numbers.

Eric Masterson is a bit small-scaled for the villainous J.R. Ewing, more like a mean petty crook than a wicked wheeler-dealer. But James Deen’s self-righteous Bobby Ewing is spot-on and even funny. And there are several good non-sex cameos. It ends with J.R. being shot, setting up a possible “Who Killed J.R.?” sequel.
Jared Rutter, XBIZ Editors Choice

Dallas XXX: A Parody is available at:

Avengers XXX, adult dvdAvengers XXX
Cast: Brooklyn Lee, Eric Masterson, Jenna Presley, Lexington Steele, Phoenix Marie
Director: Axel Braun
Studio: Vivid

Another excellent Axel Braun adventure from Vivid Superheroes. Hitting the street after the release of the smash hit movie, it’s really a parody of the comics the film was based on. Director Braun roped in a fine cast to play the avenging heroes — they’re out to get The Hulk (Jordan Lane, non-sex).

There’s Brooklyn Lee as Black Widow, Danni Cole as Scarlet Witch, Lexi Swallow as Miss Marvel. Team leader is Nick Fury, incarnated by Lexington Steele. Brendon Miller overacts hilariously as Thor and gets to fuck former WWF star Chyna, as She-Hulk, whose sturdy bod is painted green. Spider-man tries to join the gang but at first they won’t let him. Xander Corvus reprises his role as Spidey and trades barbs with Dale DaBone as Iron Man Tony Stark. When he fucks Miss Marvel she tells him, “You have an image problem.”

There’s only about 16 minutes of story, but it’s all great fun. The rest is sex, and the sex is good. Steele, an imposing screen presence, has the only anal scene, with Phoenix Marie. “The Avengers” somehow wind up at the Arctic Circle where they find Capt. America embedded in ice. Obviously, the story doesn’t stop here.
Jared Rutter, XBIZ Editors Choice

Avengers XXX is available at:

Real Housewives Of South Beach adult dvdReal Housewives of South Beach
Cast: Joslyn James, Valerie Fox, Jewel Jensen, Emanuelle London
Director: Dana Dane
Studio: Pleasure Dynasty Films

Pleasure Dynasty is proving to be a formidable force in the parody market. The Florida-based upstart has already impressed with its hot and clever takes on Martin Scorsees's Taxi Driver and Antonie Fuqua's Training Day. Now it's ready to spoof reality TV. The target: The Real Housewives of Miama. The Bravo reality series about rich trophy housewives and bitchy business women living in Miami, is rich for parody and gets a proper send-up from director Dana Dane, working from a very funny script by Dick Chibbles.

The Real Housewives of South Beach introduces us to six very wealthy and very crafty women. Christy (Bebe Mends), for example, is in real estate ... sort of. She describes herself as a "self-made woman" and "successful house keeper." She explains, "After five divorces, I've kept every house." Having acquired her fortune, Christy has no need for men, but does keep a staff of male servants around for entertaining company, such as her BFF Marysol (Joslyn James), who samples the black butler (Jack Fantasy) during a visit.

Even better than the real thing! —Guy Smith XBIZ Premiere

Real Housewives Of South Beach is available at:

Spider-Man XXX: A Porn Parody Spider-Man XXX: A Porn Parody
Cast: Peter O'Tool, Xander Corvus, Capri Anderson, Ash Hollywood, Brooklyn Lee
Director: Axel Braun
Studio: Vivid Entertainment

2012 AVN Award Winner for
Best cinematography
Best parody - drama

Casual fans of the Spider-Man franchise might not have intimate knowledge of the characters named and portrayed in this parody, but that won't stop them from enjoying everything from the storyline to the hot sex scenes.

Drawing heavily on the comics for source material, Spider-Man XXX pits the webhead, played remarkably well by Xander Corvus, against Electro (Dick Delaware), who has teamed up with The Kingpin (Peter O'Tool) to wreak havoc on the city. Die-hard comic fans will love the inclusion of not only Mary Jane (Capri Anderson), but also Peter Parker/Spider-Man's first girlfriend, Gwen Stacy (Ash Hollywood), and even another crimefighter, The Black Widow (Brooklyn Lee).

The story is solid enough to keep the audience interested throughout the entire movie, but the sex scenes, some of which are a geek's wet dream brought to life, are what they are really looking for.

The one nod director and comic fan Axel Braun makes toward the movie versions of Spider-Man is the upside-down kiss: In his version, it's a 20-minute upside-down blowjob. (Major kudos to Corvus for being able to pull that scene off.)

And while the blowjob scene is worthy of attention, to see Corvus in costume fucking Brooklyn Lee from behind before flipping her over to give her a proper railing that has her begging for more and climbing on top for some anal is the highlight for us.

Braun does a great job of bringing comic book heroes to the XXX screen without insulting die-hard or even casual fans. And thankfully he was smart enough to throw in some plot points that leave us breathlessly awaiting a sequel. What's more, an original XXX comic book is included with the DVD that will appeal to the avid fan of Spider-Man comics. —Sherri L. Shaulis, AVN Editors Choice

Spider-Man XXX: A Porn Parody is available at:

Star Wars XXX: A Porn ParodyStar Wars XXX: A Porn Parody
Cast: Aiden Ashley, Kimberly Kane, Kris Slater, Kylie Ireland, Lexington Steele, Marcus London
Director: Axel Braun
Studio: Vivid

2013 AVN Winner for Best Screen play (Parody), Best supporting Actor (Tom Bryon), Best Art Direction, Best Director (Axel Braun), Best Selling Title of 2012

As with any great porn parody the quality of the sex is as high as the parody. With 6 sex scenes you get a lot of fuck for your buck and a good variety of sex scenes which fit into the narrative and delicious detours. The sex here is top notch and Vivid hasn't softened it down at all with a solid amount of anal action. The best of the scenes are the orgy in Mos Eisley's Cantina and the Wookie Sex Scene.

Casting in Star Wars XXX is a maasive part of why it works so well: Allie Haze is fantastic as Lei, Tom Byron is amazing as Obie Wan, Rocco Reed a great Han Solo and Seth Gamble is a ringer for Like Skywalker. The only role which didn't work was Chi Ch LaRue as C3PO, but with so many amazing performances it's hard to complain about one role.

Star Wars XXX: A Porn Parody has it all. As a parody of Star Wars it's fun and silly, as a porn there's enough great sex to enjoy and watch over and over, with production values that are more than top notch. Ultimately this is a Star Wars Fanboy wet dream, a porn fan's treat and a porn parody fan's penultima flick. This film plays out scenarios I'm sure even the most rabid fans have never quite imagined. This is a great adult film, a super parody and clearly an XCritic Pick. — Christopher Thorne

Star Wars XXX is available at:

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